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Do You Know the Difference Between an Evil Spirit and a Demon?

Updated on September 15, 2014

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Poltergeists, Evil Spirits, and Demons—Do You Know the Difference?

Most people believe that an evil spirit and a demon are the same, but this is not true. Even more people don't know what a poltergeist is. Please join me on this article as I shed some light on these differences.

First of all, I would like to state that if you find yourself being haunted by something, the best place to start is by getting in contact with a medium and asking them to come out to where the haunting is taking place. That way, you know exactly what you are dealing with. Mediums have the ability to communicate with spirits of the dead, so they will be able to determine what you have. After a medium has visited the area in question, they can tell you the origin of the problem and what steps you need to take to get rid it.

Mediums can be found online. When you do your search, make sure it is a medium, not a clairvoyant or a psychic. A psychic medium is a good choice as well, the important part being that the professional is a medium. In my research, I have learned that in most cases demons are not very common. The most common things I have found are poltergeists.

Differences between Poltergeists, Evil Spirits, and Demons

Evil Spirit
A living human's negative energy.
A deceased human's spirit.
Impossible to get rid of. Minimize effects by enabling the person causing the poltergeist to express emotions in a healthy manner.
Cleanse or bless your home.

Identifying Characteristics of Poltergeists

A poltergeist is a manifestation made up of an individual's negative energy, thoughts, and emotions. The negative energy, thoughts, and emotions will most often cause items to levitate, move, fall off shelves or topple over, or break. Most of the time, the individual sending out these negative vibrations doesn't even know he or she is causing things to happen.

What types of individuals are responsible for creating a poltergeist? Individuals known as "sensitives," which means that they have a medium's abilities. Surprisingly, 85% of these people have no idea that they have these abilities. When they keep their emotions bottled up and don't know how to deal with their personal issues correctly, they subconsciously create a poltergeist. Poltergeists are very dangerous. Unfortunately, they are impossible to get rid of; at best, you can calm them down if you learn to dispense your emotions and thoughts properly. You can seek the help of a medium for ways to suppress these happenings.

A poltergeist can levitate furniture with negative energy.
A poltergeist can levitate furniture with negative energy.

Identifying Characteristics of Evil Spirits

Evil spirits are entities that at some point had a physical body. While living, an evil spirit was most likely a bad person and did not have much regard for other people.

In death, its mission is total torture and its main goal is to make you suffer in every way within its power. Evil spirits want to fill your life with fear. They can inflict pain upon a person and make a person very sick. They are the main culprits responsible for eerie feelings, such as the feeling of constantly being watched. Evil spirits are often accompanied by a spontaneous feeling of tremendous dread, anxiety, or despair. If you find yourself haunted by an evil spirit, it will be fairly easy to get rid of with a cleansing or blessing of your home. A medium can advise you of step-by-step instructions on how to perform these. Cleansing your home will ultimately force the spirit to cross over and go where it belongs.

An evil spirit can make you feel as though eyes are always watching you.
An evil spirit can make you feel as though eyes are always watching you.

Identifying Characteristics of Demons

Unlike evil spirits, demons never had a physical body. They come straight from hell. They are master munipulators. Demons can present themselves however they choose in order to gain the trust of certain individuals.

Children are usually a choice target, due to the simple fact that they are are very open and innocent, which makes them susceptible. Individuals who have disabilities such as autism and down syndrome are also a top targets. Demons prey on the weak and vulnerable, making the elderly good targets as well.

Demons have one mission, and that is to seek and destroy. Unlike evil spirits, a demon can actually kill you; they are very powerful forces to be reckoned with. Certain structures can have a demonic attachment as well. Demons can possess an individual, which means they can completely take over the person and make them do anything they want.

If a person is possessed, the only way to resolve the issue is to get a priest to perform a ritual called an exorcism. An exorcism is a true battle of good vs. evil. The priest uses his knowledge of God and faith to pull the demon out of a person and send it straight back to hell where it belongs. In some cases, a medium may recommend seeking out a witch doctor and a spiritual healer. In structural attachment cases, the property would have to be exorcised as well. Structures are much harder to exorcise, and in most cases property exorcisms are unsuccessful, in which case, the person would have to move.

I hope and pray that nobody ever comes in contact with a demonic force. But if you should be so unfortunate, I hope that you can read this article and are a little more knowledgeable about what steps to take to protect yourself as well as your loved ones. Do not be submissive, but instead take action immediately and stay strong and steadfast. Thank you for joining me in this article.

Demons come straight from hell and require an exorcism to remove.
Demons come straight from hell and require an exorcism to remove.

The Danger of Trying to Communicate with Your Poltergeist, Evil Spirit, or Demon with a Ouija Board

A medium’s role is to communicate with the dead. Unless you are sure that you have a demon, then that is the recommended route. It may be tempting to try to communicate yourself. The most well-known and accessible route is through a Ouija board. According the the Smithsonian, “even psychologists believe that [Ouija boards] may offer a link between the known and the unknown,” and the board was proven to work at the Patent Office before issued its patent. However, as this video shows, that can be a dangerous idea, and actually serve as an invitation for unwanted presences in your home.

The Dangers of messing with a Ouija board

Final Thoughts

Please don't forget to vote in my polls! And remember your comments and thoughts and opinions are always welcome on any of my hubs.

I hope this has been helpful to those who may be curious about this subject, and I hope it has taught you things that you may not have known.

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    • Michele Travis profile image

      Michele Travis 3 years ago from U.S.A. Ohio

      Interesting. I just started to learn about these things. Ouija boards are very dangerous.

      Voted up.

    • Astra Nomik profile image

      Cathy Nerujen 3 years ago from Edge of Reality and Known Space

      I heard of Ouija boards but I watched a lot of Buffy on TV. LOL.

      Nice hub. Scary demons.

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      Ouija boards are a doorway to the demonic and not the only one. It was through a ouija board the girl in The Exorcist became demonically possessed.

    • Johnny Prato profile image

      Johnny Prato 3 years ago

      The Ouija board is really dangerous!!! I didn't believe in the Ouija board!!! I found out the hard way!!!!!

    • prince 2 years ago

      Sorry for my simple english, i prefer more older languages to speak,but since our modern humans don't understand it i will try to use my broken english,let say im expert in the paranormal and i like to help you and all the ones think that they know the truth about the paranormal or the unseen world or /and healing ,i saw many books and theories or personal views ,but still humans are fare a way from the reality of what they feel or imagine,i would like to offer my simple help or explanation about what humans don't see but feel and give instructions how to fight it and how to defeat it if it was nigative or dark energy,i can explaine its weak points and how its work against the human race,what i want to say that evry thing have reason or roots or motivation, most human suffernes comes from paranormal reason or influences,what ever it is. like nightmares,shadow pepole,depresion,nigative emotions,sicknes,sekts,evil idiologies,druggs ,demonic possession,hauntings,sadism,crimes,i can explaine how evil energy work effectivly against humans ,,,and so on ,any way for any further info im here to help and to offer my knowledge to you and your friends or customers or who ever need it, it is not important now whay i do this or that

      but to satisfay your curiosity,im writing to you (you can say through inspeiring some one i dicate,some pepole well call me positive entity or guide,well done, others will call me jinn or spirit,im not allowed to manifest in my body or shap in your human earthly world thierfor im allowed to use human body or mind to spread my knowledge of course in verry positive way,we need to explaine for humans how the evil control human mind,and not evry thing you don't see is neceserly is evil,im friendly and well educated and i just want to help, i like also to contact spiritual humans and speak about my experiences and knowledge in the human earthly world ,just ask what ever you want,and please don't ignore my massage

      white prince

    • Marie 2 years ago

      Im hearing voices at first I thought it was my family but im in a camper right outside there house I hear voices a lot throughout the day but those voices isn't has bad they don't get bad till my husband leaves for work then it gets so bad that I feel a strong presence and like im being watched and the voices all negative it tells me that my family doesn't love me that all they want to do is lock me up and it tells me that my husband and kids don't love or want me anymore it tells me I have nothing to live for and that all this pain and suffering can go away all I got to do is kill myself it makes me feel crazy I don't understand what is going on please tell me what I should do

    • freefall3012 profile image

      Breanna Lowery 2 years ago from missouri

      First of all marie if this is truly happening to you and you want people to believe you there are things that you can do to prove that its not your mental health. Get a digital voice recorder and record these voices and see if you can capture the voices. This device is not expensive and it is a key tool used in paranormal investigations. Unfortunately if u can't prove this is happening people will think that its all in your head especially if they don't believe in the paranormal.. Trust me get a digital voice recorder and start letting it record this

    • Jesus 2 years ago

      No you need to pray and call on the name of Jesus and ask him to help you.

    • The Apostle 2 years ago

      Marie u need to contact a pastor as soon as possible. Seek help from a good church and you will surely be delivered through Jesus'power.

    • moo 2 years ago

      god creepy!

    • bree 2 years ago

      lately ive been kind of freaked out with what's going on in my room downstairs and everything started happening right after my boyfriend moved but our black was turned all the way off than the switch turned on by its self my door to my room will open by its self when it is completely shut all the way, my cat tiger started acting really strange when he was in my room, there has been a few times when ive been alone in my room and ive had my light on and the window is covered but ive seen a circle shape/shadow move across my wall, i had my door opened just a little a bit and i saw a black shadow walk past my door but i didn't see any legs, and ive foot steps in my basement hallway, i feel a dark presence in my room most of the time and when i go upstairs during the middle of night i get this feeling that scares me.... and i feel like something is watching sometimes. and the most scary thing is i woken up with bruises a few times or scratches on my body.... help please i need an opinion on what might be going on...

    • freefall3012 profile image

      Breanna Lowery 2 years ago from missouri

      Bree, im sorry that u are experiencing things such as that..i would search for a paranormal investigator or even a medium locally to see exactly what ur dealing with and they can tell you how to get rid of whatever it is. let me ask u a question...have u ever experienced seeing spirits before this time?

    • bree 2 years ago

      ya i few times

    • freefall3012 profile image

      Breanna Lowery 2 years ago from missouri

      You should seek a is possible that since this happens when your boyfriend leaves you may be a sensitive and ur anxiety may be creating poltergeist like activity..i would firmly express that you need to contact a medium to find out EXACTLY what is going on.

    • Savannah 2 years ago

      I've been seeing spirits since I moved into this house but when I was home alone before I started seeing spirits my dog would act weird and start growling toward the stairs and I wouldn't see anything and I would hear voices in my moms room and I would hear my name being said over and over and sometimes I would hear loud bangs and when me and my mom lay in her bed we would hear the rocking chair rocking and foot steps up the stairs but a certain times at night I would get an uncomfartable feeling and the room would turn cold and the next day I would go to school and my boyfriend would notice scratchs on my neck and back and stuff and I get these feelings by my stairs or hallway or door that I'm being watched and I just wanna know what's goin on and how to make it stop

    • AJ 2 years ago

      I come from a long line of sensitive's, I noticed my grandson was one when he was 5 months old. He is now 4 years old & he told me about the monster that was bothering him a night, I could tell he wasn't lying I have always felt the presence in his home, I knew this thing was attached to him. He was so scared, so I brought it home with & binded it to me so it couldn't attach it self to my grandson again. Now I'm suffering I'm in so much pain. I have already had a exorcism done on my house by a priest but it made it worse. Now I must turn to the old ways.

    • freefall3012 profile image

      Breanna Lowery 2 years ago from missouri

      Savannah what id do is try to get a priest or a medium to do a blessing or cleansing and see if that works if it doesn't im confident that they could tell you what to do next.

    • Duckymomo 2 years ago

      I hear creepy laughter that sounds like several people when everyone's asleep and seen an apparition of a scary ghost thing rush past my doorway, however, I have never been harmed. Should I be scared?

    • freefall3012 profile image

      Breanna Lowery 2 years ago from missouri

      Duckymomo i am not sure. No one knows their intentions.

    • Jessie 2 years ago

      i have been experiencing touching on my foot when iam lightly sleeping and one day i forgot to play my christian music and read my bible and i got grabed by a black hand with sharp finger nails and the touching hasn't stoped then i had one time after ecxcapting christ years ago but few years ago i saw black things going out of a house when the door was closed. like running out of the house . last year i heard my doorknob move then growling under my bed my cat and i both heard it. at this point iam really scared to even sleep is there something i can do? or find out what the hand was or even what's been happening to me because i was at work one day and i heard my name called out my name has been called out more then once

    • jessie 2 years ago

      then i have had feelings of being watched and cold touches at times. idk if it's a ghost or demon

    • Deborah 2 years ago from Central

      Question. Why would I contact a medium (one who is influenced and or even possessed by a demon) to cast out or give the name of this demon or spirit. This is inaccurate. Only person that can do this is Jesus. Call on an anointed person of God to complete this mission, in the name of Jesus, and deliverance is the key. People need Jesus, the Word and people who can encourage them in the Lord, not a medium.

    • Joann 2 years ago

      The advice to go to a medium to get the demons to come out is the worst possible. My friend R. went to a séance & she has been attacked by demons ever since. They are vicious & she is working hard to get them exorcised. That is where she got them & it sure would not be the place to get rid of them!!!

    • margie 2 years ago

      I am a christian and the best you can do is put holy oil on top of the doors and walls and say the father the son and the holy spirit , in the name of Jesus ! In all the rooms .with holy oil . and say it loud . I saw someone pass my hall way .and my friend prayed over my apt .with my oil .and yes read the bible and christian music . no medium !! That's bad !! God would not like that , it says on the bible .

    • Robinea1 profile image

      Robinea1 2 years ago

      I've tried everything to get rid of whatever is in my house, but by the descriptions above, I'm pretty sure now that whatever is here is not demonic, or at least I hope, but like Marie up above, I hear voices ALL DAY LONG and night, I can't really make out WHAT they're saying, but I DID start audio recording and I got the creepiest stuff I've EVER HEARD! Before I recorded, I even went around unplugging everything because I wanted NO INTERFERENCE whatsoever. I THOUGHT I was going crazy, until I recorded. You could actually hear screaming, babies crying, then what sounded like chains, men lauging like they were in a bar or something, you could even hear music. I went RIGHT OVER to my friends house because it scared me, PLUS I was still scared that it was my mind playing tricks on me. But when my friend listened to it, she heard EVERYTHING I had heard, and I hadn't told her ANYTHING about WHAT she was listening to. So anyway, ALSO, something keeps scratching hateful messages on my hardwood floors, my walls, my desk, my beds, etc... EVEN MY CAR! I've gotten several really good pictures of apparitions, but because of certain circumstances here, it's hard to get rid of any of it, or either when two leave, several more come right back in. But so the latest things going on is I"m waking up everyday with fresh bruises ALL OVER MY LEGS and arms. This morning it looked like someone grabbed me by both of my wrists. The other night, there were HUGE bruises on the insides of BOTH my upper thighs, but they weren't one big bruise on each leg, it was like 4 or 5 golf ball size bruises in a vertical row on each side of the insides of both my thighs from above my knee area on up. The other things I keep seeing is spiders everywhere but when I cut the light on there is nothing there, and if that's not enough I"m dreaming about them to. I've been sick for a couple of years now, not one day goes by that I"m not bent over puking, sometimes I think I'm dying from feeling so bad. I don't even WANT to get out of bed anymore, but I have to. The getting a preacher over here thing didn't work, as the next day not only did something scratch, "I HATE YOU AND DIE!" across the top of my office desk, AND ACROSS MY OFFICE DOOR, but it carved a huge X right in the center of the leather cover of my family Bible that's been in my family for three generations, AND some of the books of the Bible had been ripped out, but not found. I went and bought 5 bundles of dried sage so I'm gonna try THAT tomorrow, but in the past whatever activity is occurring ALWAYS returns within a couple to a few days. I could literally write a book on the experiences we've had here over the past few years, including pictures. NOW I just want to leave. I HATE this house, and whatever is here WON'T go away. I just get the feeling it is enjoying keeping me oppressed to this extent. I brought a Shaman over here once and he got mad at me and told me I was trying to lure him into something very dark that is trying to attach to not just ONE PERSON, but many, AND HE LEFT! AND THAT'S WHY I CALLED HIM OVER HERE. WTH? THEN he sent me an email a couple of days later and told me to "never contact him again". THAT IS WHY I haven't tried contacting anyone else to help me - I don't want to get anyone mad at me or have them hating me because something dark latched onto them FROM MY EVIL HOUSE. And I certainly don't want another confrontation like that one, as it hurt my feelings. Anyway, so that's where I"m at right now. I'm most miserable and tired.

    • freefall3012 profile image

      Breanna Lowery 2 years ago from missouri

      ok..Deborah, it is really up to the person experiencing these things, if they want to contact a medium or a priest. I prefer a medium until I know what's going on only because a meduium has direct line to the dead and they are able to speak to them and find out what they are an d what they want..If it turns out to be a demon then yes a priest would work. My order if I personally experienced some things would be a medium then a priest.But as I said before it is up to the person and their personal beliefs in which they want to do..A good and experienced medium knows how to avoid being possessed by something deborah.

    • freefall3012 profile image

      Breanna Lowery 2 years ago from missouri

      Joann, an experienced and good medium will tell you that a séance is not a good idea, that is like playing with a ouija board it opens up doors that should have never been opened. A good medium does not have to hold a séance to get answers. A physical medium can come in and investigate and get all the answers WITHOUT A SÉANCE.

    • Robinea1 2 years ago

      Why is this "Down" person on here? I'd delete those posts to. People come here for a serious answer, not some mucked up BS by some troll who just wants to argue with everybody. I'd BLOCK whoever "Down" is!

    • freefall3012 profile image

      Breanna Lowery 2 years ago from missouri

      yes Robinea I have marked his comments as spam and deleted them, I have to approve every comment b4 it can stay on here. We shouldn't have anymore issues with him.. Robinea did you get my fan mail? It is very important..

    • Robinea 2 years ago

      Hey Freefall. I didn't mean to disrespect YOU, it just makes me angry to see people post who don't make sense - like "Down".

      Anyway, I don't know how to retrieve "fan mail", but I really want to read it. How do I retrieve it please?

    • freefall3012 profile image

      Breanna Lowery 2 years ago from missouri

      robinea you should be able to go to your page and it should say fan mail there

    • freefall3012 profile image

      Breanna Lowery 2 years ago from missouri

      yes its on your profile, says fan mail click on it

    • pan1974 profile image

      April 2 years ago from Columbus,Ga

      Good hub.

    • Jose AKA BSOC 2 years ago

      6/18/2012 Monday morning 3:09a.m. smoke alarm went on in my living room. My wife gets up to check it but as soon as she left the bedroom I went from almost back asleep to fully awake after feeling a demonic presence. For almost a whole minute that my wife left the room it was there. 2 things went through my mind the 1st was my wife and the 2nd was reaching for an old sword I keep under my bed. When I thought of that it put in my head its true size of being about a house and 1/2 height and very ape shape wide. The whole time since my wife left the bedroom it also let me feel the meaning of the word evil as an actual feeling like it wore it as its own essance. It ist a feeling I would want on anyone. Maybe killers or rapist and even maybe bad people so they know what awaits them or helps change whoever still has hope. I got a hold of a native guy to get rid of it. It helped but I know God was there to. He gives us tools in many forms and tests us al the time. There are other thing that ive been through and have happened that I can't explain but God did get me out of every time. Last year in June around the same date I found out I had a fracture on my foot. This year o June Friday the 13th I got laid off after working at the same job for over 11 years. By the way that same demon fuck also put in my head of its return

    • freefall3012 profile image

      Breanna Lowery 2 years ago from missouri

      Wow! thanks for sharing jose that is very interesting.

    • Jose aka BSOC 2 years ago

      That monday morning when I first felt that I never thought that was real until it happened to me. When my wife came back in the room all that went away. I remember the native guy that helped in getting rid of it telling me that her ora combined with mine was to strong for both of us in the room. I didn't tell her till Tuesday after she told me about her having nightmares that monday morning that she just couldn't remember what they were about. We'll Tuesday when I came back from work my 2 cats wouldn't enter the living room till I actually stepped inside. They were both in the hallway side by side hissing like they wanted to attack what was in the living room. They normally waited by the door to greet me then to feed them. Also that was the first time I ever seen them next to each other like that. One thing to everyday that week it felt eerie and I could feel something was there in the shadows and dark parts of my house. Everyday from when it started I also had woken up to a bad headache in back of my head

      and sweaty head and my room was freezing to by the way. I told some people at work and they told me to light up white plain candles burn some sage read the bible paint my front door red to ward off evil spirits and also put a clear glass water by the door to catch any evil that doesn't get reflected by my red door. Well that Saturday I went to get my hair cut and told my friend that owned that salon and she had given me the number to the native guy that helps people with there unfortunate situations. He came I can't recall if it was the following Monday or Tuesday. When he got there he told us he felt one of the strongest demons he's ever dealt with. He said that it attacked him on his vehicle. His lights where flickering. He had a light go out on him. He told us that a lot of the times they do that to him cause they know what he's about to do. It was an interesting experience.

    • vaisel mohamed raoel ,djorai 2 years ago

      Hello hi, iam vaisel from Surinam ,please help my i have so many problem ,all my money gone ,i work now the forest jungle ,bronsweg ,and i dream spider everydays an eyes in the sky,i canot maryd ,iam 30 years demon atack my ,iam youg boy ,and my heart become always heart like rock, it start beat faster ,and bread diferen ,i feel like demon wil kill my ,please help my

    • freefall3012 profile image

      Breanna Lowery 2 years ago from missouri

      Vaisel im sorry ur having this problem. wit you in another country i don't even kniw where to direct you to. but if you have any holy people over there like a priest or something like that you should probably speak to one of them andsee if they have a cleansing or some other ritual that they can do.

    • Charlene Humphrey profile image

      Charlene Humphrey 2 years ago

      Is there any way to close a portal or door without the Ouji board itself? I did something extremely stupid a few weeks ago and I'm thinking a friend of mine opened a doorway that needs to be closed. Thanks!

    • freefall3012 profile image

      Breanna Lowery 2 years ago from missouri

      Yes you do not close a doorway with a ouija board. you should seek the aid of a spiritual expert such as a medium and also maybe get ur home blessed. im not sure if a priest can do it or not.

    • Robinea1 profile image

      Robinea1 2 years ago

      Hey Freefall, it's me again, Robinea01. It's been a while since I"ve been on here as my computer is acting up BAD. But anyway, you had said you left me a "fanmail" a while back and that it was important, but for some reason, it says I have nothing. I really wanted to read it since you said it was important, and I"m STILL having problems in my house. I can't shake this WHATEVER is here and it seems to be getting worse by the day. Anyway, I"m pretty sure that whatever you sent in my fanmail was important enough that whatever IS here is keeping me from getting it. See what I mean? It's like ANYTIME I try to get help for this thing - I also get WICKED INTERFERENCE in receiving it. Is there any way you could try again to send it? I'm hanging on by a thread here. And when I've gone for local help - LIKE THE CHURCH - they're all cool and everything AT FIRST, but then when they actually GET TO MY HOUSE, they become angry at ME, like I'm trying to lure them into some lions den - I JUST WANT HELP, and I don't know WHO to ask that it's not gonna piss them off once they get here. I'm kind of a quiet, sensitive/wear my feelings on my sleeve type of gal, so it hurts my feelings when all these "spiritual people" are being mean and blaming ME for going to them for help. I thought THAT'S what they're there for. So anyway, I'm gonna try to rid this crap on my own, but every time someone tries to share something useful with me, I can't ever retrieve what they're trying to tell me, and I've tried reading what you sent personally to me FOR MONTHS, so it must be VERY USEFUL to me since it won't let me read it, and so now I'm intrigued. I think whatever is here is starting to effect my kids as well. My oldest son, who is 14 NEVER wants to be home - he says he feels "oppressed" when he's here, and my youngest, 10 years old, is starting to withdraw and only wants to play by himself. I've gotten to where I just collect the boys after school and take them away from here until after supper and it's time to go to bed. I HATE THIS HOUSE SO BAD and I regret the day we bought it. Anyway, sorry to take up your time but will you please try to send what you tried to send me approximately 6 weeks ago? I'm sorry to bother you.

    • mike 2 years ago

      the video it s total crap fake !

      this subject is real , you must not kidding with it!

    • freefall3012 profile image

      Breanna Lowery 2 years ago from missouri

      Mikeif you are referring to the youtube video rather it is real or fake is not known i found it on youtube and put it there as an example how dangerous a ouija board can be. I personally know how dangerous one can be as I have used one only once and i will never forget the aftermath of that experience. Robinea rather than send it again i will just write it here. If you could please send me clips or recordings of the events taking place I will go out of my way to get you some real help to get rid of this for you. If your children are acting that way that is a very very concerning thing. If you can please get the evidence i asked for and send it to my email ASAP ill do everything i van to get you some actual professionalhelp asap so you can enjoy your home.

      sign to have those type of behaviors.If you can please get that information and send it to my email

    • freefall3012 profile image

      Breanna Lowery 2 years ago from missouri

      Robinea go to your my profile tab and you will see a tab that says my content, you will find the fan mail tab there. Please go there and get the mail i had sent you it has valuable information in there. Very urgent that you get what i sent you.

    • Apostle Jacqueline Davidson 2 years ago

      Demons are real and it is so sad that this young man opened himself up to be possessed by a demonic spirit!

      He CAN be DELIVERED by the Power of God! I am a believer of the Word of God and the Bible teaches us that when an evil spirit from the devil is cast out of a man the house which consist of the mind soul body and spirit has been cleaned out and should be Empowered with the Holy Spirit of God and Christ which the Bible calls the Holy Ghost (KJV) Acts1:8 teaches and informs us that You SHALL receive Power After The Holy Ghost (Spirit of God) has come upon you Acts 2 teaching the Empowering of the Holy Spirit and the evidence that the Spirit of God has made His arrival into your body which is the temple for the Spirit of God to DWELL IN. Being Indued with the Power of God in your life and in your being will not allow the devil which we call the enemy to dwell nor have any more power in your mind body spirit or soul! Torment is of the devil. If this young man is being tormented but yet is involved with the board he NEEDS deliverance which can Only come through and by He excepting Jesus Christ as His Lord and Savior and after doing that He must by faith ask Him to fill him with His Holy Spirit! I have no idea where these young people are from But all of them that participated in this activity should all surrender their lives to Christ and they will find a safer more fulfilling experience of Spirits but it will be the Sweet Communion and communication of the SPIRIT of CHRIST!

      My prayers are with and for these young people!

      Concluding while in college myself and friends would play with the board and call spirits Back, but I thank God that one day Christ Saved me and forgave me of my SINS and Filled me with His Holy Spirit! Now I can testify as a witness that demons are real BUT they have NO Power over the Power of God! God IS ALL POWERFUL, ALL LOVING, And a Deliverer from ALL your sins!! I claim all the souls and minds of the people that participated in this peace those seen and those not seen In The Mighty Name of Jesus and that they are saved by the Power of God Delivered from demonic forces and Filled Up with the Power of the Holy Ghost (Spirit) in Jesus to be Used for and to The GLORY and HONOR of GOD and CHRIST! I Decree it and Declare it in Jesus' Name! AMEN

      So it is! So It shall be! In Jesus Name! AMEN!!!

    • Casey 2 years ago

      I had been told a couple of times I was psychic so I started trying to develop my skills. I started talking to my "spirit guide". It turned nasty on me and it turned out that I had a "negative" spirit attachment. I had it removed a couple of months ago. A man in England removed it and place a protection field around me so it or another one cannot get in me again. The English man told me I was psychic and a medium and that's why it attached itself to me (I had talents it could exploit). He said I was open all of the time and showed me how to open and close myself when I wanted to practice. Long story, short, after a month of staying closed down, I finally spoke to the spirit that was trying to communicate with me. It says it's the same one as before. I'm sure it is because of things it says. It won't let me talk to my guides or anyone else I try to speak with. It says it blocks the signal between me and others because why, I don't know. It's not in me though. I'm sure of that. I believe it's a demon and not just a negative spirit. It's scared of what my guides will tell me about it I'm sure. Any suggestions on how to make it leave me alone or how to speak to my guides? I guess I'm going to have to contact the English guy again, although I would rather help myself somehow first. It doesn't tell me to do bad things. It actually says it loves me and will do anything to protect me. I'm not schizophrenic, just an up and coming psychic medium being hindered by negative energies.

    • Robinea1 profile image

      Robinea1 2 years ago

      Pst Ben, THAT is a very naïve way of thinking. I was raised in a "Christian" home and considered myself to be "Christian" AND having a personal relationship with "Christ" UNTIL, I was getting NO HELP from him in regards to the evil in my house! So YOUR IDEA of just trusting in the "holy blood of Jesus Christ" IS ALL BULLSHIT! BELIEVE ME, I've TRIED! And since I received NO HELP FROM JESUS CHRIST, it kind of dampened my "relationship" with him. IF it were as easy as calling on Christ to help, I can assure you there would be A LOT LESS complicated problems with getting rid of spirits such as this. And UNTIL you've actually experienced this sort of thing, at the momentum of what most of us are experiencing it, AND SOLVED IT BY YOUR METHOD, THEN come and talk to me, otherwise what YOU have to say really has NO MERIT, because I can ASSURE YOU, I HAVE tried your way, and your way DID NOT, NOR HAS IT EVER worked (not in my experiences anyway). And don't EVEN get me started on what I think about religion because FRANKLY, like I said, my relationship with GOD has suffered since I realized HE REALLY WON'T HELP. I feel like I wasted 40 YEARS in church, WASTING MY TIME over stuff that MAN has put out there PROCLAIMING IT to be some "God"! AND IT WAS THIS EVIL PRESENCE IN MY HOUSE that God wouldn't help me eject, THAT SOURED MY RELATIONSHIP! I'm SO TIRED of hearing Christians say, "all ya gotta do is call on the name of Jesus" - AND YA KNOW WHAT I CALL ON THAT - BULLSHIT! Cause like I said, I've TRIED! And SO NOW, I'm trying a different method. Can ya tell I'm a little angry at God right now?!?!?

      So BEN, let me tell you WHAT IS SAD! The fact that I spent FORTY YEARS worshiping A GOD who couldn't give TWO SHITS that I'm BEGGING for his help in the removal of WHATEVER THE HELL IS in my house! THAT IS WHAT IS SAD! Oh, and Ben, I might want to add TO YOU, that NOT ONLY was I RAISED in a "Christian home", my step dad WHO RAISED ME, has been the Pastor of one of the biggest churches in our city for the past 20 years, and BEFORE THAT, he was a Pastor at a church in Louisiana. He's been a Pastor THE ENTIRE TIME I've known him, since I was around 5 or 6! So I WAS DEFINITELY RAISED in a "Christian" environment, and never swayed UNTIL God REFUSED to step in and help ONE OF HIS so called, CHILDREN - as in ME!

    • William Gerace profile image

      William Gerace 2 years ago from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

      This is awesome Hub!! Great writing!! Love the Video on the Ouji Board. That had me spooked for sure.

    • Ottawa Paranormal Group 2 years ago

      This is a good post..

      Hi, Jason from OPG.. I have been dealing with the paranormal for 15+ years. I dealt with some nice and not so nice spirits and have gotten into more evil aspect of the field. Key thing is knowlage of what your dealing with. I do my research before going into a location. Im not a religon man. But it dose seem to help its what you believe and have faith in. Spirit world is not like the phical world. They also respond at a different "plain" then we do. I find if you keep yourself calm and strong and not open your self up when dealing with them they have a harder time getting to you.

    • Lady Summerset profile image

      Lady Summerset 2 years ago from Willingboro, New Jersey

      Greetings Everyone! Robinea story pulls at my heart. After reading your story my question to you Robinea is Did this start at the home you presently live in? How do the activity start? If the problem is not the house or land that you live on then you may have accidentally "opened" a door to the supernatural unknowingly. Doors like a Quija Board, Séance, Reading, or a spiritual practice of some kind. It is absolutely necessary to remove your children and yourself from this environment until you get an handle on this. Negative energy feeds off your fear and anger. I know that you feel that God has forsaken you but you need the power of God to move through this. The force in your home wants to separate you from the love of God. There is a stronghold in your environment and it is not willing to depart willingly and you are in for a fight but you must began to take authority over your situation. However, it is absolutely necessary to find the "root" of the infestation, remove it, and rebuild your faith.

    • David 2 years ago

      I've recently been dealing with a demon. I know it can't hurt me because I truly believe. But I feel like it's following me. The story is there's this bridge and I went to it and there were a lot of signs. The smell of sulfur\rotted eggs. Whispers but not in English. Shadows. I can never sleep any more. I feel distressed. And it manifested my dreams. But I plan on dealing with it soon

    • Casey 2 years ago

      I feel like Robinea at this point. Whatever this thing is that is with me is always with me and not just in my house. It touches me and causes me to be physically I'll when I piss it off by trying to seek help. I do it anyway because I know I need help. I have prayed, smudged with salt and sage, did a Wiccan banishing spell with frankincense salt fire and water, called on God Jesus and AA Michael, find to the Catholic Church for service (I'm not even Catholic). A couple of mediums on a FB group I'm on have talked with it. I can see it in my mind and hear it in my mind. 3 shaman have come in and one treated me like the one treated Robinea; refused to talk to me anymore and accused me of doing crazy things but wouldn't say what those things were. I told her exactly what those things in my life I've done were, which were (nothing AT ALL now or EVER AGAIN) smoked pot roughly every couple of weeks, drink once/twice per year. I've messed with an Ouija Board about 4 times in my life (not a dark séance with candles, etc, just a friend or 2 and the board 4 times in 35 years). The woman said I forget I'm dealing with a psychic like I was lying about the frequency of those things. I thought shaman were supposed to be demon slayers in a sense so how come she got so scared. Anyway. I'm super frustrated now. No one else can feel it, hear it, or see it so I stopped talking about it around thehouse because no one believes me. I have a priest coming to bless my house tomorrow. This is my last hope. I live in Rural Alabama and there are no known mediums around the area to call on.

    • freefall3012 profile image

      Breanna Lowery 2 years ago from missouri

      Good luck David and Casey I wish the best for you and hope that you will find comfort and freedom from your situatios, keep me updated on how things turn out, thanks

    • Brad Luoma 2 years ago from Detroit Michigan

      Greetings - as a trained Exorcist Minister please contact me Robinea1 and Casey. If I cannot assist you personally I know of other Exorcists who potentially can assist you with the Demonic forces attacking you.

    • Dena Simons profile image

      Dena Simons 2 years ago

      really need help ive ignored it thinking im ceazy for a few years a lot has happened but now its worse my child is no longer her self she's sad n thinks shes not loved..she eats more n whines more.. every where we move its there my baby girl has tried telling me..i record her playing i hear norhibg till i listen to recorder someone harreses her n on video i see it over her n seen one in living room. my bf talks pig laten now n sleep n fights n his sleep hes tired no emotions no love no god left... The thing that atracks me at night almost pulled me off my bed but i kept repeating jesus in my mind so they let go but its getting stronger i heard it tell my baby girl they were killing momma...3 demons chased my son out of home n i don't know why but i see them they hate it i know when they r there...My daught has been though so much steess sleepless nights please help us n how do i find out where the demon spirit ir step in is at n how long before they take a child over

    • freefall3012 profile image

      Breanna Lowery 2 years ago from missouri

      Hey dena im sorry you are going through this.. The first thing you should do is get a demonologist and a paranormal team in there. Also get a priest and talk to him and see if maybe he can help. As far as how long before someone gets taken over it depends, it varies pending on how strong it is. If ur daughter says its there with her everywhere she goes that means its attached itself to her and in which case idk if a blessing from a priest would work. If ur on facebook i would recommebd joining the national paranormal group, they have demonologists,mediums,psychics, and wiccans and paranormal teams on there and they take action to help u. If u post your story there you will have tons of people willing to come helo you. I will post the exact name here in a few i have to look it up.

    • freefall3012 profile image

      Breanna Lowery 2 years ago from missouri

      It is called National Paranormal Society its on facebook and you will get help there. And they will come out there for free if they are in ur area, if not there will be someone on there in ur area. Its a closed group so what that means is no one else can see what's posted except for the people in the group. Do that and ik you will get help.

    • evelynn 2 years ago

      My stepdad has a friend whom is a pastor and on Christmas even he took pictures from the back yard which you could see the front yard of kids and there are 2 black small shapes of black wings and on top of them are a posted of big white wings with a ball on the hand swould I be worried and the pastor says he doesn't want to get up he feels like he's going to die and there has been other pastors coming to pray at the house but he still doesn't wanna get up

    • freefall3012 profile image

      Breanna Lowery 2 years ago from missouri

      Im not sure i have never heard of any incidents such as this.

    • Brad Luoma 2 years ago from Detroit Michigan

      Evelynn - Contact me as well. It will require an Exorcist to truly assist and break the family free. Prayer will NOT work if the Demonic have "Legal Right" to be there. The Demonic must renounce their "Legal Rights" to the human host they are after. This is how Exorcism works....

    • Team Wiseman profile image

      Team Wiseman 2 years ago

      Voted up, Useful and interesting! We write on these topics a little ourselves and I can say that you are right on about everything you say here. Check us out sometime. Thanks!!

    • Lisa 23 months ago

      IM Living in my aunt home she passed away in January last frist I thought it was her but straight thing started to happen thing missing is how IT starts and t whispering all night long and thing started to touch me on my body one night i was walking THu the kitchen going in the living room a out of know where my head was hit against the wall it was a very hard hit my head was sore for a couple of day my best friend seen it happen she didn't know what to think and now strong oders and opened up cabinet thouing things im getting bad headache and im feeling nauseous Al

    • jasmine 22 months ago

      One night i herd knocking on the floor it kinda sounded like a big dogs tail hitting the floor but i have a very small dog her tail couldn't do that lound noise it was so loud it woke me and my husband we both were wonding what it was we kinda look at the area it was making the noise but we couldn't figure out what was maken it or where it was coming from then it stoped and we just went to sleep but then it woke us up again So we ignored it and went to sleep so then a few weeks past by and the. My dog starts to growl in the middle of the night and she does this for a while i just try to sleep but in the moring when thiers light she at the conner of our bed same spot she was that night and shes growing at our door to our bedroom but thiers nothing their just me my husband was at work and she doesn't move away she did that for awile it looked like she was staying at something and she just kept growling at it but she hasn't done it since then but the other day it was just me and my dog and we both herd a knock on my front door i got up real quick to see who it was and nothing my dog herb it that same time i did and got up with me so i know i wasn't hering thing I just wanna know if im just over reacting or should i be worried?

    • Rahul 21 months ago

      I will first like to say that there are lose spirits out there.And for all those who have heard and see spirits i believe you

      evil spirits do roam the world.While the good ones go to god.We all need to pray to the great Lord Jesus Christ.

    • Daniel Virgil 18 months ago

      Hi. My name is Daniel Virgil. And I do research on ghosts and spirits. Sometimes. Just today, I was watching a TV movie that I borrowed from the library called a haunting. The part was called the house of the dead. It's ok. But I have nothing to say about it.

      The second part is called sallie's house. I have some questions about this one. In this episode. How come sallie scratches the man's back 3 times? Why does she mess with the same man by making flashbacks and voices in his head. And third. How did she die?, which makes her ghost haunt the house?

    • fateh 16 months ago

      hi! I have met a psychic and told me that I have female jinn means evil spirit in my body I always feel exhausted i hear voices every day i feel very very bad every day I can't sleep very well and I don't have any interest in just fell like you want to end your life. I become so sensitive, this evil spirit is trying to kill that's all! i am at ware and i am still fighting this since 2002 . if anyone can help please write to me at

    • Anon 13 months ago

      This is just my belief, however, when looking in books of the Bible we see that demons could have had physical bodies at one point. Either by a fallen angel taking on that body to mate with the daughters of man or by their offspring. Second I do not believe that the demons we face here on earth have been to hell, in the bible, hell is the best prison ever created. It would be impossible for anything to escape other than by gods will which we find in the book of revelation which doesn't talk about the average foot soldier demons. Thirdly, again my personal belief, but I don't believe that demons can directly kill someone. It doesn't make psychological sense. I believe that they would rather torture a person beyond belief and in the act the person effected my die from starvation or a lack of will to live. Again all of this is my personal belief, and like with everything should be taken with a grain of salt. None of us knows the real truth, and we never will until we make it up to the pearly gates.

    • Tris 12 months ago

      I don't know what I have that's following me but, when ever I gat mad and yell at my brother I see things moving from the corner of my eye.... I also feel something like a hand holding my shoulder like its proud of me. I don't know what this is. Is it possible that 2 of these unknown creatures can be following me, or taunting me?

    • long story shortest 8 months ago

      i believe demons are nephilim, created through the watchers liking earth women and this breeding and the growth gene was turned off or meaning like when a lion an dtiger breed depending on which parent is whcih sex the animal born never stops growing. god cursed these creators . and he said they will they never rest and have no soul. they try to possess us. but hey what would i know. i may believe in Greek gods too :P

      I have not played with those boards but my parents has once maybe before i was born and i saw my sister do the same with her friends and i saw the next day the dog would chase the ball across room but run around that spot. his so called name was john. i saw a bit of that night. but as my sister beat me before i could walk and my father too and both hate me being alive i don't see my sister any more for many many years and i see him and its always painful every time every word his hate. his parents raised him like shit not his siblings as they wanted boys then a girl he was meant to be a girl. sad family but the never did to him as much as he and my sister did to me a pure hate.. moving on.............

      i had a car crash at 14 car rolled seven times landed on me via sunroof.. and a crash at 19 me not driving and nine months hospital icu. very in depth...... then i had cancer early 30's later on had cancer again but before this.. reason i tell all this is like they cursed me and it worked to my life. but i keep living ive been dead many times literally .

      before second cancer after first i gave up when my girl friend of at least 6 years just went away to work for family an never returned she even left me for the night to look after her mother with cancer that her own family could not stand.

      so i drank drank drank and took these pills for pain. whivh turned out to be the wrong pills idiot speicalist doctor was too busy fucking his Secretary that morning and i was outside the doors waiting as was everyone else and yes i believe he was doing that. he gave me pills for phantom pain not pain in the man part that was hurting. .. so they moved my bowel which was in their way and out of place from the second car crash.

      pain. so i took these pills and drank woke up a month later from a coma. nose smashed in. they found me under my bed which i can not fit under if i slide under would not work. took 2 ambulances 4 men to get me out and free.. i looked bashed up after my coma everyone kept asking in many appointments if i ever had a fit before.

      i went home arm in sling fingers hooked to fishing wire setup as my arm was dead. wasn't new to me after car crash stuff.

      when i woke from that coma and i had been in coma before at least once before. i kept speaking of cat under my bed. which i love cats but i do not own one as im a dog guy. i saw gold on the walls and was like the matrix green stuff but gold. everyone i loved or a blood relative faces were glowing but everyone else was normal.

      i went home i couldn't drive so i asked my parents to take me to doctor on way home i stopped by mates newsagent he was up the front severing and we were down the back. is a long skinny shop old. there were three knocks on the door. we all looked at each other. my parents and i. my friend was serving up front. they looked at me so i said i will go answer it but. i looked up and down the back alley to find no cars no humans not even a bloody bird. three knocks. three scratches etc. mocking of the trinity they say.

      my father . i say father not a dad. kept saying the next day oh didn't happen. some people parasitically dumb ones say things like thus and tlak them self out of it.

      thing is i didn't realize till later was the heavy security wire screen door was there and the walls are brick. was not way for anyone to knock on wood heavy or knock a tall on any wood. the door is not just a fly screen but a locked security door we use in Australia.

      i put up with banging on walls . lights flickering. one night which i recall the wall behind me is the garage where the bar fridge is. i heard that slam heavy three times and then through the wall. well i presume.. i felt freezing cold and electricity feeling. i told my friend who ran a site online from new jersey she told me investigators wait all their life for a spirit to pass through them lol yep right .. they can have it

      my friend never believed me and im sure many thought i was weird my evil sister never entered house though while i was working on her car and that was interesting like she could sense it. my inbred cousin told her hot looking friend i was crazy yet came here with her husband and when i asked him what is wrong with her, he said it was banging all over walls when she was trying to pee.

      my girl friend form uk spent her first night here and during our first time having sex .. my in-built wardrobe .. were scratches of finger nails deep into wood sound inside the doors but its so full of junk no child let alone human can get in there.

      there were growls and bangs on walls and many hundreds of things .. but what i am saying is.. when all hope is gone and you give up make that decision to drink your self to death with pills maybe don't.. the reaper came home with me

      all the times i spent nine months in hospital from second car crash i had none of this but....... when i was in ICU .. the pastor and my sister prayed over me the nurse told her off as the nurse said only two people in the room at once. and my sister swore as just her and the pastor and the nurse said was three.

    • Marinda 7 months ago

      I do not really know if I am psychic and if i am i do not know if its good. I have only a hand full of times seen things. The first experience was when i was five and I saw a figure that sparkled very brightly and i just stared at it. Though then i started to get attack by demons and i would feel the energy from them because my back would have sparks on it. That happened every month till i was 14 then i just started getting attacked and not remembering and marks would appear on me. The second time i saw something i was 8 or 9 and it was on my folder and it looked like a demon it was very scary. Till this day i still don’t use that folder ever. Then i stopped see things though I also saw colors and static or sparkles. The colors are decreasing now and aren’t vibrant i see orbs now or things that are all over the place that used to be colors. I also see tge colors when I close my eyes so its confusing it could be an eye issue. The next time i had an experience was when I was 15 and I saw a spirit coming through ny tv. It is odd to say that but my dad and mom once saw a port hole in our house in a clock or on a way I believe. This year I have see a light in the dark that hovered over me as i shaked under my blanket and i heard voices in a language i can’t understand. I know i am not crazy because some of my friends have been attack or myself has been attacked due to me telling them things. A lot of people have prayed for me and i believe due to that everything is getting better because i don’t wake up constantly and i have no guilt or hate for myself like I used to. Though it wasn’t a pray that happened in person so i am scared i will get attacked again. What’s wrong with me i feel evil because only evil things happen to me and I get attacked. I wish I could see Jesus or Angels or beauty and hapoy things but I don’t. I don’t even feel others emotions though i love people very much i can’t hate really at all. Do you think I am crazy or that something is very wrong?

    • freefall3012 profile image

      Breanna Lowery 7 months ago from missouri

      Marinda, now i dont think ur crazy and nothing is wrong with u i am just sounds like u have abilities, u may be a sensitive or u may be a medium, not very sure I will leave ur comment here and hopefully others will see this post and may be able to offer u more advice..there are alot of mediums and sensitives out there and so many people have this gift..I would guess the reason u see more evil things than good things is because u have to learn how to control ur ability, maybe cleansing about ince a week with sage my offer some relief and if praying works then by all means ask for them prayers from everyone..go into ur local church try to get blessed by a priest and ask the congregation to pray for u. I hope things get better for u..maybe if u can learn how to deal with ur gift u could look at it as more of a blessing than a hopes that someone else with abilities will see this and offer u some mentoring in how to deal with this..good luck to u Marinda thank u for sharing.

    • Ray 7 months ago

      Hello,please can you help me get rid of the negative energies which have filled attacked my mind and body since a very long time

    • Autumn 6 months ago

      Hi! So my family and I just moved to this town house about 2 years ago and about the first month of being here I would hear noises and baby crying in my bedroom and whenever we were downstairs we would hear footsteps upstairs. We didn't think anything of it and just ignored it and chalked it up to our imaginations. Nothing happened after that for about a year until our blender and coffee machine went of in the middle of our dinner. I've always been kind of interested in supernatural stuff so I looked up what it could mean and read that it could just be electrical currents that are acting out. So we ignored that too and nothing happened again for about another 5 months. About a month ago, my brother woke up in the middle of the night from my other brother repeating the word "where" over and over again, and ended up waking my brother up and they both ended up staying up the rest of the night and sleeping in the living room. Whenever I am gone, my brothers like to sleep in my room, but for the last couple of months they said they heard crashing and loud banging in my closet and said they saw my door shaking. I thought they were playing jokes with me and hoping I would be scared, but after they told me that I started to get cold chills and anxious feelings whenever I would be in my bedroom. About two weeks ago, my brother woke up again in the middle of the night to my other brother repeating the words "here" in his sleep. When he moved to wake my brother up, all the electricity went out upstairs (where there room is). They ended up sleeping in our living room for a week because of how scared they were. When they told me, my older brother tried to laugh it off, but I could tell he was kind of spooked. Three days ago from today, my mom told me that when I was sleeping at a friends house and she was on the computer, she saw my door get slammed shut when no one else was around. And for the last two days since I got back home, I keep getting these tingly feelings on my back and start to sweat and get anxious whenever I'm in my room at night. I was taking a shower last night when I heard 4 really loud bangs coming from the direction of my room. I ran downstairs to ask if my brother was slamming things but he told me "no" and that he heard it upstairs in the direction that I was. Everyone else in the house was asleep. I convinced him to sleep in the living room with me because of how unsafe I felt in my own bedroom. Now another thing you should know is that before we moved, we lived in a really big house that my dad built for all of our lives. I remember that my mom would say things in her sleep and would feel pressure, like someone was sitting on her, whenever she woke up, but nothing was there. Her closet would flicker lights and always be the coldest room in the house. I remember my two cats would stand right outside the door of it and look into it and hiss and meow, but would never enter the closet. My oldest brother slept in his room across the hall from my moms and he would sometimes wake up with deep scratches on his back and chest. My mom would sometimes wake up with bruises. One night when my parents went out, my brothers and I were playing video games when the room across the hall starting flickering its lights. The microwave went off beeping and we could hear things in the room. Every single one of us felt a chill run up our backs and we started to cry and ran out of the house. When I looked back, there was a shadow in the window of that room. We ended up staying outside for four hours until our parents came back home from their date. The only room in that house that I felt fully safe in was my younger brothers room. It just felt warm and nice. The other rooms would get cold randomly and eventually I started to see like shadows or smoke-like figured things out of the corner of my eye. No one else claimed to see these but I swear I did. Noises and stuff kept happening in that house until they eventually became the "norm" for us. Once my oldest brother left, though, then my other older brother would get scratches on his cheeks and arms. It didn't happen all that often, so we didn't think much of it. I also remember my cat would make this really low meowing noise in the hallway in the middle of the night. I would wake up because of it and wouldn't be able to go back to sleep because it would be right outside my door. I ended up asking my mom about the history of her family since nothing ever happened to my dad that was similar to what was happening to us. Apparently my great grandma claimed she could hear and see spirits. She would rant in German and speak for hours on end about spirits in the language. She only spoke German. Back then everyone thought she had schizophrenia and she ended up getting a lobotomy. After that she would just sit in a chair in the institution and never spoke again. Apparently she would look straight ahead and glance at movements out of the corner of her eyes. This kind of freaked me out that someone from my ancestry spoke to ghosts and now we (it seemed) were getting haunted. My mom just told me today that my aunt used to use the Ouija board to speak to my great uncle and it worked. She said that she became so obsessed with it that my cousin Brian had to take it away from her and break it and throw it away. My mom also told me that when I was about 1 year old, she had her old friend (who was a medium) bless our house because even back then weird things were going on around us. Nothing was supposed to be left behind, but apparently something did if what has been happening for the last few years is anything to go by. Sometimes when I look at windows or reflections, I will see shadows of people like figures too. I also remember that for my last two months with it, my iPad would type out random messages and things without anyone touching it. It would shake and sometimes it ended up going to one of the apps I have downloaded. I don't have it anymore after I threw it at a wall because it was frozen for so long and would just type random things and wouldn't register my touch, and now it's broken and in my drawer. Now, I know all of this sounds superstitious and crazy, but I've just been getting really scared and having a feeling of dread occur lately. If these are hauntings, they have been going on more than they used too, and it's making me worried. I just want to know if you have any advice or anything for me?

    • Michael1606 6 months ago

      My family have had many encounters with spirits

    • Michael1606 6 months ago

      Our family has had heaps of run ins with spirits

    • Goodness 6 months ago

      The word of God makes no such distinction that I know but call them evil spirits,devils ,unclean spirits,etc. More harassing and wicked ones like those from wicked witches and wizards abuse,bully,assualt,destroy my stuff and tell me to die and go as they slowly murder,claim that I am soup/meat,etc. I really need help breaking them off my life. Any holy spiritual person that can help should write

    • Jonathan 5 months ago

      I didn't play with a Ouija board but I played with this thing called a Mystic ball on the App Store and then I asked it if it was angel or demon it answered demon I thought it was just another Mystic ball joke prank but no I saw a hand in the bathroom my mom and dad's room faces the door I saw it and I thought it was my nephew but my nephew was asleep on the couch and before that I heard growling noises but my nephew likes to joke around like that so I naturally thought it was him I said nice try but when I walked and looked in the living room he was laying on the couch that was completely away from bathroom anyone have time because he never left the bathroom the diamond never left and I went in there was nothing there at the ground a little creepy actually it started sounding more like a really animal please tell me what to do I don't I'm a Baptist so I'm never playing with that kind of stuff again I was wrong to do it I can't get rid of this on my own can I

    • Tri 4 months ago

      I just want to say to Prince that nobody is an expert in the paranormal field however long they are in the field and how much experience they have gained.

      There is so much unknown everyone is still learning even if they have 30yrs behind them.

    • ann 4 months ago

      why would salt in a house cleansing turn into water?

    • judy j 4 months ago

      My son is demon possessed and has been for some time. He also posess spirits of children. He was born with brain damage and was reared in my family with siblings so he probably never knew he was disabled because he did everything we did. My mother later decided to place him in special needs program in which the children had severe behaviors. It was not long that he began "mimicking" sounds and gestures. Years later became ill with lups and dx with schizophrenia. I located a priest in Michigan and we flew to meet him. The priest needed prompting even with the pictures that showed my son a normal child as oppose to the now 100 year old body he has transformed into. The priest spoke with some beings and they told him that they came to play with my son when he was young because his mommy was always at work! The priest informed the entities that my son was now an adult and needs to sleep and not play, their response was we will not leave. Ah but there is a dark one there you can see it when it attacks him with seizures, my cousin saw the entity the other day while cutting his hair. The priest refused the exorcism. I took him to a deliverance ritusl faithfully for over 2 years in Michigan. If anyone can help please. Also when i was around 7 there was an entity that attacked me for over 2 weeks and began coming after me duri g daylight hours. The elder lady informed my mother to turn boble to a certai scripture and place it with broom upside at post of my bed. It worked, tried with my son mothing

    • GENN1 4 months ago

      This comment is going to probably get ignored but it’s worth a try. This would be the 3rd site I’ve posted to with no such luck but I see more people with similar “problems” so I thought it might be worth a shot. I’ve been experiencing something for almost 2 years and just when I think it’s getting better, I’m starting to think I may now have depression because of this and I wouldn’t consider myself a depressed person. I’ve talked to a spiritual friend who keeps telling me to fight it with prayer but with the depressive thoughts, it gets a little harder every day. To back up a little, I hear voices. Not always, it started almost 2 years ago. Was committed for it but the doctors couldn’t really figure out what was wrong with me. Psychosis was their answer and drugs were their cure. Unfortunately for them, I didn’t have any other signs to be deemed schizophrenic and when I did everything they asked (talking things out, taking my meds, going to groups) they let me go. I know it’s not a good thing to admit but I don’t take the drugs anymore. Not because I thought, “hey I’m doing better, I don’t need them!” More like, they don’t work, never have, why should I keep paying for something that does nothing for me, so I stopped. I’ve been contemplating seeing a therapist again because of the depressive thoughts but I’m concerned that when I mention the voices, he or she will ignore everything else and will focus on that so I’ve been holding off as long as I can. So instead, I search on the net for answers. Any answers that can help me with what I’m going through. But the truth is I DON’T KNOW WHAT I’M GOING THROUGH. Is it an evil spirit? Is it a demon? Am I going crazy and I’m just really good at being in the denial stage? I like to think that when I started hearing the voices, that my clairaudient ability opened up and that’s what I’m experiencing. The thing is it’s still not answering a lot of the questions I have. So I look for places like this, for people like you, to see if ANYONE can shine a teeny tiny light on anything. One of the main questions I have and I can’t find it anywhere is this: the voice that isn’t good (cuz I can hear both the good and the bad) wants me to say its name. At least that’s the impression that I’m getting. BUT to say its name, wouldn’t that mean power over it? And that’s what has me so confused. Well, one of the many things. If anyone can answer, you will have helped me in a way you will never understand. If you can’t, I don’t blame you. Thanks for reading at least.

    • Who me? 3 months ago

      About 8 years ago I had an event. About two in the morning a balloon fell from the sky and popped at my feet after this is fell to the floor and blacked out. Apparently I was moaning and crying and ice cold to the touch. My friends mom burned sage and I came back. But ever since then I have been having this dream kid you not maybe once a week where I am leading loved ones to a fence one by one where a demon comes and takes them. Within the past two months the dream has changed. I find myself in an attic eating dead bodies and I look up and there's a man standing there and says "Nathan your time is coming" and three times during this dream I have woken up to my phone playing music. 1st time was boogieman by insane clown posse. House of a 1000 corpses by rob zombie. And then some song in Spanish that I didn't recognise. In the house I am over come by spouts of rage and depression. I have caught a picture of a spirit in my home. My mother has felt soficated in her sleep. My friend was pinched if I what to do....

    • Who me? 3 months ago

      Email please email

    • Alyssa 2 months ago

      Hello. I am 16 years old and I just recently found out that im an Indigo child, and my mom told me that I have been visited When I was younger by an evil entity, or a demon, and it is still with me till this day and it feels nonhuman most of the time I've been scratch before and I've been bitten and I've heard the voice of it and it sounded demonic and I am looking for some information

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