Scientific Evidence and Proof That Ghosts Exist

Updated on December 13, 2017
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For hundreds if not thousands of years mediums, psychics and paranormal investigators have been trying to prove ghosts really exist.
For hundreds if not thousands of years mediums, psychics and paranormal investigators have been trying to prove ghosts really exist. | Source

Ghosts and Ghost Hunters

Are ghosts real? People have been asking themselves this question for thousands of years. But despite widespread sightings and stories dating back over millennia, we still have no definitive proof that spirits actually exist.

Believers say the skeptics are blind to the evidence that’s right in front of them. Skeptics say any paranormal evidence likely has a rational explanation, and those who chase ghosts are fooling themselves.

Who is right, who is wrong, and where is the proof?

There has been a great deal of evidence collected over the past decade or so, and the majority of it comes from paranormal investigators.

These are people who spend time at an allegedly haunted site with an array of equipment they’re hoping will help them acknowledge or even communicate with spirits.

Many are available by appointment, and are happy to come out and help. If you have reasons to believe your house is haunted you may want to give them a call.

Paranormal Investigation

When paranormal investigators come to mind you may think of the movie Ghost Busters. A better example would be the team of parapsychologists from the movie Poltergeist. But, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past ten years, you can probably think of an even better example than that.

The show Ghost Hunters appeared in the fall of 2004. In the first few seasons they gathered some incredible pieces of evidence. Paranormal research organizations began to pop up around the country, and a new paranormal craze was born.

Ghost Adventures soon followed, debuting in 2007 with a documentary now called Ghost Adventures: The Beginning. This documentary features two of the most infamous pieces of paranormal evidence ever recorded: a full-body apparition following one of the investigators across a room, and a brick rising from the floor and flying away on its own.

Perhaps another half-dozen or so shows came along, each with its own take on paranormal investigation. Like Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures, some of them seemed to collect very compelling evidence using some interesting ghost hunting gear.

But they all have one thing in common, and one big problem: They’re on television.

As much as we like to trust in the integrity of people who are passionate about their work, it’s just too darn hard to completely believe something we see on TV. It's nothing personal, but this alone makes us suspicious of anything these researchers find

Nevertheless, some of the evidence they collect is interesting, thought much of the validity also depends of the science behind what ghosts really are to begin with. Here’s a look at the types of evidence and semi-scientific proof some of these groups have collected.

Pictures of Ghosts

Photos of ghosts have been around about as long as photography itself. Even the ghost of Abraham Lincoln was known to photobomb his wife now and then. In recent years some fascinating photos have emerged from well-known haunted locations like Eastern State Penitentiary and Waverly Hill Sanatorium.

An obviously faked photo of the ghost of Abraham Lincoln, standing behind his wife.
An obviously faked photo of the ghost of Abraham Lincoln, standing behind his wife. | Source

But examples of full-body apparition pictures are hard to come by, and many such as the Brown Lady of Raynham Hall, and even Lincoln, are thought to be faked.

In modern times it’s even tougher to distinguish faked photos from real.

The problem is, pretty much anyone with a computer can edit an image, and some people are so good at it that no one but another expert would know the difference.

So does this mean we totally discount photographic proof of the paranormal? Not necessarily, but it does mean we need to strictly consider the source, and the motivation, behind each picture.

Far more abundant than pictures of full-body or partial apparitions are photos of mists, fogs, dark shapes and orbs of light. Lighting conditions, atmospheric anomalies, dust, insects and even the condition of the camera itself can and does influence photos.

Sometimes it seems like paranormal researchers are seeing only what they want to when it comes to light smears in photos, or tiny orbs that can just as well be pieces of dust. Other times, they may be right to say that the appearance of a sudden mist has no reasonable explanation.

Unfortunately, from a scientific perspective there is very little to rely on when it comes to photos of ghosts, and far too many variables at work. For this reason, except in very unusual circumstances where there is zero possibility a photo has been tampered with either accidentally or purposely, and the apparition is very clear to the human eye, most ghost pictures can at best be considered a piece of the overall puzzle, and not real proof.

Video Evidence of the Paranormal

Digital video cameras, night vision and thermal imaging are all employed by researchers in order to catch ghosts in the act of being ghosts. Over the years, shows like the aforementioned Ghost Hunters (based around the activities of The Atlantic Paranormal Society) and Ghost Adventures (The Ghost Adventures Crew) have captured some amazing evidence.

Full-bodied apparitions, shadow people, objects moving on their own, and even the bizarre gremlin-like hooded spirit captured by Ghost Hunters at Eastern State Penitentiary are extremely compelling pieces of footage. But looking at it from a scientific perspective, there still isn’t much to hang our hats on.

Like photos, there are tremendous problems with the validation of any video evidence. Even though researchers do their best to debunk any natural explanations, errors can still occur. On the more nefarious side, video can be faked, altered and doctored, and YouTube is packed with home-made clips of alleged ghosts, created for the sole purpose of duping people and getting a chuckle.

But at least video offers some perspective, which is lacking in still photography. With a video we can see not only the apparition, but what happened before and after the spirit appeared, and also hear any sounds associated with the activity. Really good paranormal investigators will have several cameras set up, along with different audio equipment, so we can also know what was going on elsewhere.

So what do we make of the heaps of video evidence collected by these paranormal investigation shows? Maybe these guys really are capturing footage of actual apparitions, and if that’s the case then this video has to be considered some of the most earth-shattering evidence of the paranormal ever uncovered.

At worst, we’ve all been duped by television producers who are only looking to put out an interesting show with little regard to the integrity of the investigators or the field of paranormal research.

People have encountered apparitions since the dawn of time, but only now do we have the scientific equipment necessary to properly document their existence.
People have encountered apparitions since the dawn of time, but only now do we have the scientific equipment necessary to properly document their existence. | Source

EVPs and Voices from Beyond

Another huge issue revolves around the question of why ghosts are haunting us at all. Do they have a choice? Are they doomed to this Earthly plane for reasons beyond they control? So, let's ask them, and hopefully record their response in the form of an EVP.

EVP stands for electronic voice phenomenon. In a nutshell, EVPs are allegedly recordings of words and phrases spoken by spirits, often not heard by the human ear at the time of capture. Some researchers use white noise to give the spirits a little help.

Finally some science! To understand one theory of why this works, consider the application of white noise when used for sleep purposes. Because white noise is sound produced on a wide array of frequencies, the sounds that may interrupt your sleep get all muddled up in the white noise and become indiscernible.

For spirits it supposedly works the opposite way: Ghostly voices aren’t heard by the human ear because they are indiscernible from the many other frequencies and sounds in the environment, and the mind can’t pick them out. White noise therefore serves as a kind of filter. Only when the evidence is reviewed will the voice be evident, and often with the help of computer equipment and very careful analysis.

Many researchers are moving away from white noise and simply relying on digital recorders, which seem to get the job done all on their own. Spirits are apparently willing to talk to us, if we only listen.

We’re still handcuffed by the possibility of tampering and errors, but EVPs are among the most widely reported pieces of evidence. They’re particularly compelling when words and phrases relate directly to questions asked, or when the voice references someone in the room.

There are a few other interesting methods of drawing out words from beyond such as the Ghost Box, which is simply a modified radio set to rapidly scan through channels thus creating a kind of white noise, or at least background noise, that spirits might communicate through.

Devices like the Ghost Box provide a medium for communication between the living and the spirit world. While most effective in the hands of an expert, anyone can use one to capture evidence of paranormal activity in their own home. However, the very fact that it’s a radio receiver means we don’t have to guess too much when it comes to possible errors with a piece of equipment like this.

The Ovilus is another fascinating piece of technology. This hand-held device takes readings from the surrounding environment and coverts the numbers into words. While the manufacturers of Ovilus make no such claim, many prominent paranormal investigators have used the device to allegedly communicate with the dead. Even though some the results we’ve seen on TV are compelling, at best we can put this in the category of “Huh?”

Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Theory and other Energy Anomalies

Time for more science, sort of! Humans, like all living creatures, emit weak electromagnetic fields. As we surely remember from our Physics 101 class, energy can’t be created or destroyed but only converted from one form to another. So what happens to our bioelectrical energy when we die? Some people theorize it forms the makeup of what we call the human spirit. (Others say the energy simply decays into the environment.)

Therefore, something like an EMF detector, or gauss meter, would be effective for locating human spirits. Gauss meters are devices used by electricians and scientists for measuring magnetic fields.

But there are a few problems with this idea. For one thing, an EMF spike indicates a stronger field than we’d generally expect to see produced by a living organism. But many researchers theorize that human spirits draw energy from the surrounding environment, and even from batteries in devices like flashlights. This, apparently, accounts for strong, localized sources of energy that might very well be spirits.

But even paranormal researchers are quick to point out that electromagnetic fields alone are not an indicator of activity, and there can be any number of real-world explanations. In fact, high electromagnetic fields in a home, originating from the buildings electrical wiring for example, might even contribute to feelings of fear and paranoia, leading someone to erroneously believe their house is haunted.

Unusual thermal readings are another indicator of supernatural activity. Investigators use instruments like thermal imaging cameras to seek out anomalous readings that are hotter or cooler than the surrounding environment, and hopefully those readings are in the shape of a person! Of course heat implies energy, which a spirits possess itself or has drawn from the environment.


Do people live on after death as some form of energy? Are ghosts capable of communicating with us? Have researchers really documented spirit entities in the forms of video and photographs? Or, have we all been duped by unscrupulous television producers and networks just out to make a buck?

The evidence is compelling, but certainly inconclusive. Maybe someday a researcher will come up with indisputable proof of ghosts, but until that day we can, at best, only speculate.

Of course, if you’ve had your own paranormal experiences you already know the truth. Please take a moment to tell your story in the comments section below. Do you have reason to believe ghosts really exist?

Tell us why!

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    • profile image

      Zammbee Ray 3 weeks ago

      Ok so that picture with Lincoln is old so how could they got a picture of him put it to the right angle and photoshopped if it’s old. It wasn’t a painting and it looked like Abe.

    • profile image

      aahana 8 weeks ago

      all the pictures look like they are paintings......not a picture clicked by a camera

    • Fayleen profile image

      Fayleen 2 months ago

      I disagree with anything to do with physics I think it's a balmy subject . I created 3 kids with lots of energy. The photo of Abraham Lincoln is possibly real. It was obviously taken while photography was in an early stage. It would have taken a photo expert ahead of their time to create it. It's one of the most comforting ghost photos I've seen. Science attempts to explain the mystical but I prefer to be led by beliefs that help. I have personal evidence of the paranormal. Who would believe me though eh. Good article.

    • profile image

      Eken 3 months ago

      A once heard some scratching. I went there but found only a wisp of steam.

    • profile image

      Helen Dunn 3 months ago

      It first occurred some years ago in the 1990's. I was sitting in the living room looking at a magazine when I became aware of the scent of perfume in the air, and the feeling someone was there.

      It occurred again within the next several days, not all the time - but the perfume scent would last for several minutes then be gone. It was in various rooms of the house at different times.

      One evening, we smelled 2 different perfumes and at the same time the scent of cherry tobacco was with them.

      My partner's late brother in law smoked cherry tobacco. The perfumes I have no idea at all.

      Now we have nothing in the house with those scents and no cherry flavoring or anything cherry scented nor any tobacco. Furthermore, we live way out in the countryside, no nearby houses, and as I recall, the windows were closed at the time.

      A couple of times, we have smelled something baking when nothing had been baked, and one time the baking was accompanied by the scent of hot cocoa - no chocolate in the house - in fact - it made me wish I had some.

      It was several years later, after the passing of our friend, Carole. Several weeks or perhaps it was a month or two after Carole's passing, my partner and I were upstairs making the bed, when we both caught a whiff of flatulence - not bad, quite faint, not unpleasant. Neither of us were guilty and there was no animal up there. It was the sort of mischievous thing Carole would do.

      I went back downstairs and was immediately assailed by a VERY strong scent of cinnamon in the air around my head. (Yes, we have cinnamon in the house, but it is tightly sealed in a bottle, and I have never smelled it in the air before or since.) I said: "Is that you, Carole?" And the scent was gone completely. It didn't gradually fade away - it was very strong one minute and the next gone.

      Other experiences have happened--but not enough room in this message box to share all of them.

      My theory is that this house being so old enables those on the other side to locate it - that it is some kind of portal, or landmark.

      My main regret was that I did not think of any method to try to communicate with these spirits, if that is what it was. If it ever occurs again I will try to communicate somehow - perhaps by seeing if the scent could be different for a yes or a no.

    • profile image

      Amy 4 months ago

      From my peripheral vision, I can see my other two dogs watching EXACTLY what I am seeing--sometimes a mist, sometimes a mist with a light in it, sometimes a solid form of my recently passed dog T-Bonius Monk aka Felonious Skunk.

      Also, I also once saw the complete form of a woman in an old farmhouse I had bought. She appeared before me for several minutes and her form never varied nor did the intensity of her image. I will never forget it.

      The hell of it is is that I come from a science background. My entire family committed their professional lives to the sciences. I couldn't have been more than three or four years old when it was made very clear to me that neither ghosts nor Santa Claus are real. Needless to say, I'm in a rather bad place right now.

    • profile image

      highrider 4 months ago

      The SS Missouri is grounded in the bay in Hawaii. I was exploring the lower deck when I noticed a fascinating model of the ship inside a glass enclosure. There was a narrow hallway about 50 feet in either direction and the area was deserted except for myself. As I leaned over the glass enclosure I was bumped hard from behind. Thinking I was being pick-pocketed I immediately spun around, no one was there. I could see 50 feet in both directions, no one any where to be seen. The bumping was not in anger, simply a "here I am" or "I exist" motion. I was not afraid or angry.

    • profile image

      Andrew Dexter 5 months ago

      '' The ghost of Gladstone villa''.

      My family and I lived at a property in Wales during the 1970's and we experienced things that defied rational explanation, we had minor poltergeist activity, the occasional sighting but this was very rare and we heard footsteps that would occur regularly every evening when we'd all be downstairs watching television.

    • profile image

      Jessi 6 months ago

      Me and my family moved up to Washington in this 2-story house, But.. it wasn't good....not even nice. I woke up one night to get a midnight snack but when I got to the kitchen, it was like a chaotic mess! food was everywhere and the cabinet doors were on the ground. I put everything back together and organized but hid the broken cabinet doors.. the paranormal stopped for 2 weeks.. but started up again with a more bad approach. I came back from school and went inside my house. I called for my dog, Toby, but heard no response. I literally looked everywhere and eventually found him, dead. He had fresh 3x3 scratches that were deep all over him!.. I knew when I was younger I messed with an ouija board. I tried burning it but it wouldn't burn at all! It's now black because of all the burning I did on it! My last approach was to talk to the spirit. I had put down the Ouija board and I did say like,"Why are u doing this?" and,"Who are u?". My only response was,"die". I'M SO TERRIFIED!

    • profile image

      Haunted ghost family 8 months ago

      me and my family have just moved into a new house and every night we hear glass break and chairs move. When we wake and we go down everything is broken. Then last night a awoke floating in the air with my head dangling it was exactly 3:00 PM and at 4:00 Pm i was dropped feeling nausius (I am only 7 so i dont know how to spell) i went to my parents room seeing all their things broken their lamp tossed across the room and the floor carpet ripped up we had no pets. I tried awaking them and they woke but when the looked at me there faces were all scratched. We have just moved into a new house and i hope it isn't the same...

    • profile image

      Nathan Sturley 8 months ago

      Myself and some friends have experienced moving objects which 4 of us watched in shock.

      I think you make the afterlife what you want out of it. If you want catholic heaven you join similar spirits and have that and if you want a hindu thing you do that with other like minded spirits.

      Just like moving to a new area and house and joining the local church with like minded people.

      You make of it what you want. If you are limited as a spirit you can opt for a human birth to gain more spiritual ability.

      Thats my thinking.

      On the other hand it could all be a load of b?!"ox

    • profile image

      Stitches 8 months ago

      There is no such thing as ghosts, but there is such thing as demons haunting you after a loved one died.

    • profile image

      ShadowHunter107 9 months ago

      Speaking of experiences, I've got a ghost who's kinda friendly.

      He sits in a corner of my bedroom, near the ceiling, and communicates in Morse code (figured that out two days ago) through my bedside lamp. When the bulb dims, I see a vague patch that's a bit darker than normal, like a shadow of something. sometimes it's a hand, sometimes it's a part of a wing or feathered tail. (don't ask, my eyesight is a lot better in areas the size of my room than anywhere else.

      I sat at my computer a few nights ago when I caught the light flashing "hi" to me. It repeated twice, then stopped for ten minutes. Actually, 9 minutes and 47 seconds (I have a bedside clock too).

      Instead of talking out loud, as my parents were home (I live with my parents' at the minute), I attempted to send a message with my mind, like I was broadcasting my thoughts. Low and behold it worked, as the light started flashing. I'd asked what the entities name was. I got "Rhyec" which I think was supposed to be Rhyce, but I was open minded.

      He usually sits on my desktop monitor (which I'm going to be selling soon) at night, making it creak at completely random times after I've unplugged it (it consumes a lot of energy) for the night.

      Anyway, it usually creaks only when he sits on it. Want to know something? He sometimes toys with my by either moving my bedside light (it has a flexible arm thing) or my professional microphone when I'm not in the room. I've also seen objects (way before I figured I had an entity in my room) being moved within seconds of walking out and then into my room.

      He actually hasn't been around for five days now, so I'm hoping whatever I did to my room five days ago will keep him away, even though he was nice.

    • profile image

      PotatoSpuds 10 months ago

      I've certainly had many experiences. Too many to even try to tell. I'll say this though, with ones that are seen from our eyes and from another person's eyes at the exact same moment and time, cannot just be a pigment of imagination, especially if it's claimed to be a detailed human being. Obviously people could lie about it and what not, but the consideration of what if they're not? Also, I've realized that not all people who die take place as a ghost. Considering energy is neither created nor destroyed, I do believe in some sort of reincarnation. The energy is portrayed as our souls, which move from one living, breathing being, to the next. We humans all have different personalities and so do animals. Obviously our brains provide instinct, but what if our "soul" controls our brain to show it's personality? Also, considering it being an energy, I believe that "ghosts" are just lost in the process in between and trying to take a new different form of life but is stuck in it's last form's after life.

    • profile image

      Bertski 10 months ago

      There's always those who piggyback off others. Look at Mtn. Dew and generic types that use similiar color and patterns for their product.

      Same way with spooks. One upmanship?

      Which those who know of people with special abilities won't tell others unless they could confide 100%, then only under certain conditions. Just to protect those that know from others that might taunt them to death.

      Science is ignorant in its'own way. Looking for explanations void of simple mysteries of life. Or as with other things, they know, they simply avoid telling. Maybe social ramifications.

      There's hoaxes, means of creating illusions. But like Coca Cola, there's the real thing.

      Which if others attempt to observe a person, they may very well thwart natural knowledge and experiences that would be. It plays on selfishness, where another is so obsessed desiring what they don't have. Wanting to believe, sometimes denying events as kind of reverse psychology. Then there's others who know, but wouldn't say anything for fear of being called crazy. But that again is probably a trait of governess itself, where person doesn't have, even phenomena or ghostly experiences, so they deny it to invalidate a person who has. Jealousy, envy, which the intangible may be desired but it isn't something that can just be bought or found. Though the kabbalah states some people do have more experiences. Then there's liars.

      But 200 years ago, who would have believed radio transmission could occur?

      Or look at the Virgin birth of Christ. Any number are so shallow and narrow minded they believe an egg has to be fertilized. But contrary to this, look at honeybees that lay sterile eggs that hatch into drones. It's called Parthogenesis. Which science can tell about. Which I guess would be extremely rare in humans, but just because one never witnessed something doesn't mean it can't be.

      Like those who say there's no Sasquatch, who of these have seen Sasquatch not exist? This their foolishness as they have no basic to deny what they know nothing of.

    • profile image

      ghostbeliver 10 months ago

      I have had many encounters ever since i was a young boy. the most exciting and convincing, was in my thirties. I was walking from a friends house which was at a trailer park in the country surrounded by woods. on my way home one clear and cold winter night. beside me walking was an orb of light not a shadow. the hair on my back stood tall. when i reached the front door of my trailer it was gone. a few nights later my trailer was nearly burn to the ground. Awaken from choking from the smoke engulfing the trailer, i awoke to find in the living room, a pair of jeans was laid over the gas wall stove inflamed fire climbed the wall and made its way to the ceiling. I turned off the gas and tossed water on the wall and ceiling fighting the smoke and heat. After making sure everything was o.k. left and returned to the friends but when they came to the door not knowing my face was covered in blackness and scared the hell out of them. the next day we went to check the house. how did my jeans mng. to get draped over the stove i moved

    • profile image

      RONALD 11 months ago

      I am not 100% convinced there are spirits, ghosts, apparition or whatever one want to call it, even though one night in bed, 2-3 months after my parents died, I saw a figure that woke me up in the middle of the night. I wonder if it is the sub-conscience of our minds that wants us to think we see and/or hear something like a ghost or a spirit.

    • profile image

      Bertski 11 months ago

      There's placed where I never heard of anyone experiencing ghosts, then there's other places where it's riddled with stories, then some, a few. Which many things can be explained, IF you know things that can cause things to be seen, heard. Reflection, refraction of light, ground moving or rocks etc.

      But the real I suspect are there and such, many can be explained, not with off the wall explanations though.

      Think about fossil fuels, said to be from thousands of years of dead animals and foliage. What if electricity is the remains from all the people and life that's ever existed? Lol, we know heat, friction, energy is never used up but transformed.

      Though I believe in spirit life, I'm a huge skeptic of other things.

    • profile image

      Argonoth75 11 months ago

      @Marc Hubs Hey Marc Hubs! if you would be so kind, i'd very much like to know where you got all the information one parapsychology and the nature of consciousness and how you went about doing things.

    • profile image

      anon1012 11 months ago

      okay, i am not exactly sure about if this 'evidence' makes ghosts seem real or not, but i do believe that they do exist. think about it... a ghost/spirit is just the negative energy. we have negative energy surrounding us right now. this is just my opinion, as i am still researching and paying close attention...

    • profile image

      Mussie Afeworki 12 months ago

      One morning of May 1993 about 5:30 in the morning, I was awaken by a strong wave. The wave changed into some one, feeling like holding on my back and I cannot move as if I was paralised. This is normal to me especially when I was a kid and sleeping facing up the celling. What made this time different though, he forgot to leave me alone long enough after I awoke. Sleeping on my tommy, facing away from the wall, then A lot of things came to my head, in that 15 to 20 seconds paralised moment, such as he cannot leave me so no one will know that I am in trouble, as my girlfriend visit me every now and again. He left and felt as if there was cold water poured on my back. When I turned on to the wall, I saw a man (possibly Jamaican less possibly African) picture.

    • profile image

      aswanth ck 13 months ago

      the second last paragraph well expalined. very well executed words . this article was really amzing. as newton said 'every reaction has an equal and opposite reaction ' if god really exist we would probably have to belive in something else opposite to that . thank you ...

    • profile image

      gurinderjitsingh 13 months ago

      yes i strongly believe in paranormal actyvity. And i experienced many times their existence.

    • profile image

      Bishal 14 months ago

      TO the non believers plz go out to a haunted place and find out yourself

    • cryptid profile image

      cryptid 14 months ago from Earth

      Hi Marie: Firstly, I am very sorry you had to lose your son at such a young age, and under such tragic circumstances. As you surely know better than anyone, this is an extremely difficult thing to try to make sense of.

      I had a friend lose her husband at a young age and she went through some things similar to what you are describing. She would confide in me and I'd try to help her understand, but I quickly learned that making sense of it yourself is almost impossible. It seems more like you can only watch and absorb what is happening, and try to learn whatever lesson is being presented to you.

      Her experiences stopped only when she was ready to move on from the grief, and she received a message from her lost husband in a dream instructing her to do so.

      I have no idea if that is what has happened with you, but it is something to consider. Maybe that final dream was a message to you that he lives on, and he's just fine, and he wants you to be fine too.

      Again, have no idea if that is what really happened, but as I said sometimes it seems all we can do is pay attention to what we are presented and try to learn from it. I hope you've found some solace over the years, and that you are doing fine.

    • profile image

      Marie 14 months ago

      I've always been torn between whether ghosts are real or not (as most of us are). However I have had some unexplainable incidents over the years. My youngest and only son..Brandon..died at the age of 29..Sept 8th 2013. He died of accidental prescription overdose. Earlier that year I lost my father. I have a clock in my kitchen above the sink. For each number there is a picture (pictures I cut out of my son when he was 4 amd as an adult. ones of my daughter as a baby and as an adult along with pics of other loved family members. One day I was doing laundry in the basement a few months after my son had died. The pain of grief when u lose a child is a pain like no other and it comes in huge waves..As I was folding laundry I started thinking about Brandon ..seeing him as a little boy at Christmas...different images passing through my mind and I went down on my knees the pain of losing him was just overwhelming and the tears started to flow. After a few minutes stopped crying..tried to find my strength and went upstair with my laundry basket. As I was coming into the kitchen I happened to glance at the clock and the little hand was pointing at Brandon as an adult and the big hand was pointing at him as a little boy. It was 2:40pm. I stopped dead in my tracks as the tears started to fall again. Afterwards I told myself .."it was just coincidence." Over time...this type of thing has happened again and again at the exact moment that I was thinking about him.. It can't just be "coincidence" anymore. I also wanted desperately to have a dream about him ..but for the longest time...(if I did dream anything I don't remember any of them) Then one night..I did. This dream was very clear..bright...It was beautiful day and I was going for a walk along a path towards a forest...I could see my son coming out of the woods..I even remember what he was wearing. He had on a white sleeveless tshirt and these gold sports shorts I remember him wearing when he was alive...he looked so good...his face..I ran towards him crying and I said "But died!" In the next moment I remember him sitting down on a large boulder and looking up at me..with this smile...and he said "but mom...I didn't die.". I woke up after that ...crying. I have never dreamed of him since.

    • profile image

      Kira 14 months ago

      Wow nice job

    • cryptid profile image

      cryptid 15 months ago from Earth

      @julsgolden: Like most things paranormal, this is tough one to explain away. Have you asked anyone else who lived in your household if they have ever seen this phantom man?

    • profile image

      julsgolden 15 months ago

      when I was nine my mother had a bunch of women over. They were looking at pictures on the table. I could not get around them to see. When they went into my mother's bedroom, I looked at the pictures. I looked up from the table to walk into the living room and I saw a Man Standing there with an old suit on and a hat just staring at me with no expression on his face. I could see through him. I rubbed my eyes and looked up he was still there. I turned to go through the kitchen to my brother's bedroom, and he was standing there. I turned around to go through into the living room again, and he was there still staring at me. I ran through him with my arms over my eyes turned around and he was gone. I did not want to see him. I tried not to see him. But wherever I looked he was there. So please explain this to me!!

    • profile image

      Dave 15 months ago

      I always ask when I see a young child die of a disease, why , why be born to die within a year or 2. All of that energy goes somewhere. My mother told me things after my father died, things that only became normal in the 2000's when we watched "most haunted" etc

      She would say she had a vivid dream of my father and that he sat at the end of the bed reassuring her , she would wake and see a dimly lit ball ( size of a golf ball or smaller) travel out of her bedroom.

      Did my father visit? Is this just a figment of an imagination that wants to see this type of phenomena. I don't know , but I would love it to be true , that someday we all get to see our departed loved ones. I personally miss my granny and would love a cuddle from her again.

    • profile image

      Bryn 16 months ago

      I've had a few incounters starting from a young age seeing ghosts, but more recently had some very weird things happen I just put it down to my brain macking it all up or I would go mad, I had just gotten into bed so I was wide awake and a bright light was shining through the window blinding me the curtains where closed, and a human shaped figure appeared stood in my room and then sat at the end of my bed I was unable to move at all, then the light went and so did the figure, other times I've heard growling, talking, a lot of walking around another night I was held down by my neck unable to move lasted around 30 seconds. I haven't had anything happen for a while now I put it down to ignoring it and not being scared, as they like fear and you connecting with them.

    • profile image

      an 16 months ago

      we dont know whether ghosts are real . articles photos or videos can be true or false . even researchers can be cheating only for money. i say who knows ? i prefer not confirming that they exist until we have proof that is honest and is meaningful .

    • profile image

      jeff 16 months ago

      That picture is real with Abraham Lincoln and that was took by William Mumler who is a spirit photographer

    • profile image

      Armando 17 months ago

      Yes yes yes ...I have personally experienced both loved ones communicating with me very recently as well as others I did not know in a home I loved in in Connecticut ...those of you who doubt it get ready in the end you will see and know ...YES yes yes ...absolutely true

    • profile image

      Jason 17 months ago

      I had encounters with ghosts. I seen a ghosts in a black hooded cloak and appeared as a old person. I seen a civil war ghost in a haunted Graveyard. In a "Hobo-Jungle", I've seen a group of orange, human-shaped figures. The last time I had a paranormal encounter was when I returned to the "Hobo-Jungle", I said a prayer to Saint Micheal and the wind picked up like you wouldn't believe. Weather you believe in ghosts or not, I would strongly recommend that you bring your faith with you; Whatever that faith may be.

    • profile image

      CatKitty30 17 months ago

      My dead cat visits me as a ghost

    • profile image

      Cortney 17 months ago

      Hi cryptid i also dreamed a couple wanting my help as of i saw them crying because a soldier wanted to kill them when i runned towards them i woked up.I feel there touches and there breathes as if there beside me.But seens i pray for them they stop disturbing me.

    • profile image

      Alexa 17 months ago

      Thank you for posting this but the other camera experts says these are not true i didn't say your doccument is not true but i believed that ghost do not exist.cryptid i'm sorry i don't believed

    • profile image

      Sid7 18 months ago

      Yes you must believe that there are ghosts

    • profile image

      velvet 18 months ago

      one week after my husband died, very unexpectedly, i was in bed and felt the bed sink like someone had sat down on the bed and then i could feel something against my back. i got the most relaxed feeling i had in days. whether he was there or not i dont know but something knew i needed help. i put all of his toiletry items in a sealed case because i could not stand to smell them, i cried all the time but at times they can be smelled all over the house, my sister will not come in my house because of it. there have been several times when i was having a hard time that something would happen like the bed thing to make me feel better. there have been six ocassions where i would wake up because it felt like someone had gotten in my bed and the next day i feel so good. my dog plays with something or someone i cant see. my husband played hide and seek with her and they are still playing, so i would have to say yes i believe there is something, not sure what but something.

    • profile image

      JIMMY 18 months ago


    • profile image

      Dyco 18 months ago

      I believe....when I was 4 years old me and my brother only a year n a half older then me were sitting on a couple logs stairing into the woods mother was curious and asked us who we were talking to....we looked at her and said grandpa Sam....but he had passed away just after I was born so I had no idea he even excisted....and I'm not saying others have to believe but dont just disbelieve in it.

    • profile image

      Marius Dejess 18 months ago

      The question I am always asking is what and how do ghosts and all such entities impact on our daily life, like making money, getting food, getting well from sickness, getting rid of troublesome neighbors, etc.

      And my own answer is that they serve basically for amusement, though people are not aware of it.

      Now, in regard to religion, this theme can be employed by advocates of religion which has to do basically with invisible entities who we hope to be helpful to us: as we keep hoping on their existence, ghosts and etc. - consequently also we keep hoping with all so much as any signs at all that they exist.

      Aside from our hoping, ghosts and etc. are in effect amusement, that is why they get to be put on the stage of tv and movie and also theater stage, and also in the print media - AND we get entertained.

      In my own case, I am a Christian of liberal protestant persuasion, and I know God exists, in concept as first and foremost the creator and operator of the universe and man and everything with a beginning.

    • PinoyWitch profile image

      Jude Ian 19 months ago from Cebu, Philippines

      thank you for that insight. always your fan:)

    • cryptid profile image

      cryptid 19 months ago from Earth

      Hi PinoyWitch: That's a good question. There are certainly many accounts of animal apparitions from all over the world. How this is possible seems highly dependent on the scientific explanation of what a ghost actually "is", which of course we do not know.

      It could be a residual haunting. Or it could be that the animals themselves are attached to a human apparition in some way, or even a living human. Maybe animals fall more into the category of "object" rather than spirit.

      Ghostly "objects" are spotted regularly when apparitions are seen. Clothes are an easy example. Almost all ghosts are reported wearing clothes. Surely a dress or a pair of pants and a shirt aren't part of the human soul or spirit, and there is no reason their energy should live on after death. So by what mechanism are ghosts so attached to their clothes?

      Maybe animals are attached to human spirits in the same way. Or, maybe they have their own spirit energy. It's just impossible to say, but definitely interesting to think about.

    • PinoyWitch profile image

      Jude Ian 19 months ago from Cebu, Philippines

      Hi cryptid, thanks for the reply. I have another question for you. I came across some theories(while others are outright matter-of-factly statements) that animals, especially dogs and cats have spirits(not necessarily souls) and some people even claim to experiencing animal spirit hauntings. What is your opinion on this? I grew up believing only human beings are capable of having these things, but as an animal lover with great respect and appreciation to nature, I'm a little inclined to believe its possible. Or maybe it's just what some are calling a "residual haunting", right?

    • cryptid profile image

      cryptid 19 months ago from Earth

      Hi Aditya. That's an interesting story. Those questions your asking have been asked by thousands if not millions of people since the beginnings of humanity, and like anyone else all I can do is speculate.

      1. How can ghosts make physical contact with objects? We don't know that they can. For example, they may use some form of telekinetic energy that lives on with them after death. Or perhaps they can manipulate their own energy in some way to alter the magnetic field around objects and move them. Who knows? Physical manipulation in the way we perform an action like flipping a switch may be performed in a very different way for them.

      2. Aren't they from different dimensions? Again, who knows? But being from a different dimensions doesn't preclude them from the laws of physics.

      3. What give them the right to interfere with objects in our dimension: You'd have to ask them. :-) Most people haunted by ghosts would say they don't have the right, and they should leave us alone. But, maybe there is something going on we are unaware of.

      Good luck with your situation. I suggest getting a notebook and documenting occurrences, and of course gathering photos, videos and recordings if possible. You'll either get some great evidence, or figure out your house isn't haunted after all and feel better about things. Good luck!

    • profile image

      Aditya 19 months ago

      Hey cryptid I really liked your article on ghosts.i want to share an incident and would also like to ask a question. about 2 years ago (I am 21 yrs old) I was completely home alone my home,my parents had gone to visit some relatives.while my sis was away at a friend's place.i was just relaxing and playing some games on my PS3 when suddenly when suddenly I heard our TV switch on on its own(I actually freaked out as I was a quite a believer in ghosts) I went closer to the TV,and stood near it for a couple of minutes and I had the feeling of someone watching me.i switched off the TV and made sure that the main switch was off and went back to my room .few minutes later the TV simply switched on again.and the main switch for some unknown reason was in the on position it just did not make any sense.i immediately called my parents and asked them to come home as soon as they possibly could.m gnna end it rut here just don't want to make it that long.and this is a true story although it may sound a little fictions.

      Here's the question

      I knew that the unknown force that switched on my TV had to be a spirit

      My question is how can ghosts simply make physical contact with objects? Aren't they from a different dimension ?what gives them the rights to interfere wid objects of our dimension?

      I would really love to know about ur opinion on this question

    • PinoyWitch profile image

      Jude Ian 19 months ago from Cebu, Philippines

      haha, when you put it like that, it does make sense. looking forward to reading your other hubs, have a nice day.

    • cryptid profile image

      cryptid 19 months ago from Earth

      Hi PinoyWitch! Thanks for the kind words! I have heard similar theories, and on the surface they seem to make sense but I don't know how well they are grounded in actual science. (For example, a carrot is a living thing that has has atoms too. There are no ghost carrot reports that I am aware of.) To whittle things down a bit more, if a theory like this does turn out to be factual someday I would think it would have be more closely related to our thought processes and the electrical energy of our nervous system. Perhaps this energy somehow carries on after death in the form of the human spirit.

      However, if ghosts are scientifically proven some day I suspect science behind them will be something we aren't even suspecting right. It's quite a puzzle.

    • PinoyWitch profile image

      Jude Ian 19 months ago from Cebu, Philippines

      Hi cryptid,

      I've been reading some of your hubs and I gotta say you are one of my favorites here:)

      In relation to the scientific aspect of the ghost phenomenon, I'd like to share the earliest theory about ghosts I learned from my high school biology and chemistry teacher.

      According to her, when we die we never really leave. It coincides with the "Law of Conservation of Energy", that somehow what we call the spirit or consciousness or whatever, stays,but not in the same form as before..changed. The human body is made up of matter, and as we all know matter is made up of atoms. When atoms are heated, they expand, but when cooled, they bond and that's why we usually see the so-called ghosts when it's cold or at night. Sometimes we don't see the full apparition( headless/ legless/faceless)because the temperature is not cold enough for all the atoms to tie together completely.

      It stuck with me all these years because that was the first explanation of this mystery with scientific basis. Just thought of putting it out there. Hope you post my comment and I'll be waiting for your reply. thanks

    • cryptid profile image

      cryptid 19 months ago from Earth

      @Bplugwire: Sightings by two or more people do occur, and as you seem to have realized it is much harder to write off an experience when more than one person agrees on what happened. This is one of the reasons many paranormal investigators work in pairs - so there is another person around to verify what actually happened.

      At least you know you aren't imagining things when another person has the same experience as you. Is that better or worse? I guess it depends on your perspective. Remember there is always the possibility that you both incorrectly interpreted the same sound as paranormal when there is a normal explanation. So, just because you both had the same weird experience it doesn't mean your house is haunted.

    • profile image

      Bplugwire 19 months ago

      In reading these stories it seems that these sightings, sounds, smells and feeling are reported as having been experienced by a single person or when the writer was alone. How common is it to have 2 or more people hear or see the same thing? I would say that prior to my husband and I moving into our present home about 9 years ago I was not a believer in "ghosts".

      When we first moved in we often heard in the next room, our electric adding machine (the old kind that gave you a paper print out) as if someone was there pushing the keys. This always happened at night and would wake us up. We thought that it was a defect with the machine so my husband eventually unplugged it and we got rid of it. We had never heard this machine working on its own until we moved to this house.

      Then a couple years later, my husband and I both heard a woman laugh. It was in the very early morning hours when we usually woke up so we were both in that not really awake but not really asleep state. We both lifted our heads up because we both heard this woman's laugh very clearly. We both described what we heard as a woman's laugh just down the hall from our bedroom.

      Also my daughter and I heard a slight laugh or snicker a year or so later. This was in our basement and during the day.

      Another time I was arriving home from work and my cat heard me come in. As usual she came to me for her daily dose of canned cat food. When she came around the cabinet to where I was, she immediately hissed and the hair on her tail stood straight out and she ran as if she had seen a ghost. I looked around and saw nothing. When I finally found her hiding under a bed, she would not come out and had to be drug out. She had never acted like that before or since.

      Each occurence I speak of, I was with someone else and we each described the same thing. Except for the one with my cat.

      I am 56 years old and have never had experiences like this until we moved to this home which was built in 1977. We have never been told by our neighbors that anyone ever died in this home.

      Again, my question often are "ghosts" seen or heard by two or more people who describe the same experience? It's a little harder to chalk it up as your imagination when someone else hears the same thing.

    • profile image

      Blargh 20 months ago

      Life is so amazing when you aren't bound by the laws of physics!

    • profile image

      t. downing 20 months ago

      I know what I've experienced and, after considering them rationally, nothing comes close to explaining them in any other terms other than paranormal. Science is either too bias or afraid to conceive them a reality. It's akin to admitting UFO's and Aliens exist - it would destroy the status quo, i.e. religions, politics – the world. In short everything they assume control over.

    • profile image

      Kushan Patel 20 months ago

      there is no such thing as other dimension. i was a physics student. We live within boundaries of quantum physics. I if want to research on ghost . mix , Quantum Physics with para psychology and meta physics.

    • profile image

      J. Thornton 20 months ago

      People only die physically. That which you can call your inner self containing all your thoughts and memories does not die but lives on. These thoughts and memories can project images of their bodies. Therefore you can call them spirits or ghosts.

    • profile image

      Barbara 21 months ago

      I was asleep in my chair when I was startled awake. I saw a partial man standing about 6 feet away. His arms were crossed, he was wearing a tan blazer with some kind of pattern, I saw a white shirt, but legs were only there from about the knees up and his face there but without features. He was older maybe 70 as he had a balding head with gray hair. He jumped when I suddenly awakened, like he got caught. He vanished behind a curtain (I even saw the crease in the air) This was my first and I am 76. Some in my family have seen loved ones who passed, but I didn't think it would ever happen to me. Made me a believer of another Dimension.

    • profile image

      Bob 21 months ago

      I believe because I've had my own personal experiences. I have physically seen, smelled and felt their presence. I'm 61 years old and without a doubt they do exist. My mother who is 92 years old has had her own experiences too.

      I burn dry sage leaves at home to get rid of them, ( It works ) look it up and read about it.

    • profile image

      Xiaoda Xiao 22 months ago

      It's no secret that there's a hidden world. I had lived in a room on the second floor of an old traditional house in Suzhou, China before I came to America. One night I had a dream in which I found myself walking among a crowd of people wearing strange clothes on a market street that also looked strange. My purpose in the dream was to see a young woman, the daughter of a wealthy family, whom I didn't see, of course, but the dream continued ever since like a TV series. Eventually I consulted the landlady who was over sixty years old then about my strange dreams. She told me that she had come across the same people I had encountered, and said that the street scenes I'd seen were the actual happening 250 years before. I went to the city library and checked the history of the neighborhood. I saw the earliest pictures of the city (1850s) that looked just like what appeared in my dreams. I also checked the names of the members of the wealthy family that had appeared in my dream. To my aghast, They had once lived in the neighborhood. The whole story is too long to tell. What I want to say is I believe the existence of the invisible world.

    • profile image

      Joe 22 months ago

      A few years ago i started to hear voices coming from fans i use in summer due to heat. After reading about this matter it seemed to be auditive "medium" hability. These voices aren't only inside my mind, since sometimes i record audio from a fan with my laptop and the voices get registered...

      All they need to come out is some white noise at the background. These voices use to be calm and nice, but now and then they sound very deep (like exorcist's girl, no joke) and scream or say things like "I'm gonna kill you", which really scares me so much when i listen to it.

      Actually i've been a long time without recording anything, i don't want this matter to make me go crazy. I still hear voices sometimes from white noise, but i try to ignore them.

    • profile image

      Crowsticks 22 months ago

      I'm a very logical and scientific person and even I have seen these "ghosts."

      I even went as far as to try to communicate with these beings.

      They have appeared in detail as a person, human-like shadows...

      I've seen objects move, doors opening and slamming.

      I honestly believe this is either:

      A. My brain playing tricks.

      B. A flash from an other dimension. (We only percieve time as moving in one direction due to our dimensional limitations. Time actually all exists at once.)

      C. Beings who are in a higher dimension that we can't perceive that are interacting with our dimension and we get a glimpse of them. (Ex: 2D being could never perceive 3D beings. So 3D beings can't perceive 4D-10D)

      There could be a million more hypothesis to this.. but these are the ones that make the most sense to me. I personally do not believe in a God or even a "beginning." Hell, there could be trillions of other universes.

    • profile image

      MikeD 23 months ago

      Ghosts are real. No doubt and, I think scientists or, some greater power won't allow proof to be revealed-why? Don't know, maybe it's because it would prove there's more to life?

      Since I was a child, I've experienced strange occurrences. Later in life, they would become more intense. I once prayed out of fear-"fighting" a "demonic" presence, I prayed 'so hard' that a crystal bowl above me on a shelf exploded..! Were the demons angry or, was the intensity of my concentration so intense it shattered this bowl?

      I had ghosts in my apartment 4 years ago. I had collected evp with a child telling me, "I'm right (pause) here..." My son dreamed of "big black spiders" and would wake up and tell me where they were, he pointed to the floor in the exact spot where a loud knock came from just before I woke him from his nightmare... I also got evp from a local cemetery, I stood near a tombstone and asked the person how he died-and I couldn't tell exactly all he was saying, but for sure the word "Suicide" came out very, very clear..

      No one can tell me that "ghosts" are not present. I mean, these are just some of my experiences-the part of my apartment being haunted alone has much more to it.. They are among us. Both good & bad.

    • profile image

      Peartree 24 months ago

      Thanks for your reply. One of the reasons that I'm sure I saw the shed and dog is precisely

      because it is an uncommon, or at least less publicised type of 'ghost', if that's what it was.

      I think that sort of rules out anything like being influenced by reading or hearing about ghostly presences; if it were that influence, I probably would have seen a more 'usual' type of

      apparition, like a person. I was only about 10 or so years old at the time, and have always been interested in this sort of thing. I would never say ghosts don't exist after this, even though it was over forty years ago! Thanks for your hub.

    • cryptid profile image

      cryptid 24 months ago from Earth

      Hi Peartree. Reports like yours are not as common as human-like apparitions, but they do happen. It may have been some sort of residual paranormal phenomenon. This is where events, objects or entities from the past are sort of "recorded" into the environment and appear today.

    • profile image

      Peartree 24 months ago

      Do you know whether places can have ghosts? When I was about ten or twelve years old, I saw what I still think must have been the 'ghost' of an old shed that had been pulled down and replaced some time ago. That might be put down to imagination, except that I saw and heard the dog that lived in the shed too. The dog had been dead for some time, but he certainly didn't seem to be when I saw him then. Forty years later I'm still convinced that's what I saw, even though I 'know' I couldn't have. Do you have any ideas about this sort of thing? Thankyou

    • cryptid profile image

      cryptid 2 years ago from Earth

      Hi Sophia. Strange feelings can be explained in any number of perfectly natural ways, including electromagnetic oddities in the building or room. Sometimes our minds can run away with things. Unless you experience something clearly paranormal I wouldn't worry. If your experiences do escalate you need to seek help from someone locally, and I'd start by talking with someone you know and trust.

      Good luck, and try not to worry!

    • profile image

      Sophia 2 years ago

      Hey Cryptid I'm Sophia and I have a very particular situation, when I'm alone I feel like if someone is there watching me or I feel too that someone is breathing near to me I can't explain how it really feels but it don't happen in all places it only happen in a certain amount of places, I don't really know what is it but I think I need some help, maybe with your experiences you can help me.

      Thank you !

    • cryptid profile image

      cryptid 2 years ago from Earth

      Unfortunately I think TV shows about paranormal happenings have become so popular that networks are really stretching the boundaries when it comes to credibility. In the early days of Ghost Hunters there was at least an effort to show some kind of scientific approach. In recent years some of the methods used on many of these show are questionable at best, and deceptive at worst.

      In my opinion there was a brief window where Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures sparked real, valuable discussion on the paranormal. We've moved well beyond that to a point where entertainment is put before inquiry.

    • profile image

      Peartree 2 years ago

      Nightfly44, you are absolutely correct in saying that these TV shows do not prove the existence of ghosts. The presenters have to produce an entertaining programme for the general viewing public, so anything that apparently 'proves' that there is more going on than what we think of as 'natural' will be good for ratings, therefore for their pockets!

      Conversely, making programmes that don't really try to encourage people to believe that there is a spirit realm won't keep the viewer's interest. What I am trying to say is that there are ulterior motives to making these shows as enteraining as possible, whch also means that credibility and science may suffer. We need to have scientifically run programmes that have nothing to prove or disprove, just show it as it is. This way, money and effort could be spent on unbiased investigations, and evidence could be gathered which could be of some use.

    • profile image

      nightfly44 2 years ago

      The biggest stumbling block, is the paranormal investigators themselves. It's pretty clear that when they collect data, they ignore common sense. Then they present a video, audio, or picture, and just expect people to believe them. The ghosthunters TV show is the worst offender, after over 10 years they still haven't learned. Set up cameras which cover ALL angles of an investigated site; or, at least TWO which monitor each other in order to present a video where you can demonstrate that NO ONE is contaminating the area by hiding behind something, pulling fishing line or shining a flashlight with a stencil on it or something. Now, that would be a simple thing to do. Yet, NONE OF THE PARANORMAL INVESTIGATORS DO THIS. They set up cameras all over the place, but only one to a site. ONE. And they they just assume the world will 'trust them' about there being no possible contamination of the data they present. How stupid are they? Well, we already know. They use divining rods, quija boards, mediums, and then prayer to scare away bad spirits. Right. Every non scientific method they can find. And it all adds up to the same thing; they want us to blindly believe them. We aren't supposed to ask any questions. Just 'have faith'. Sorry, ghost hunters, the world isn't stupid. YOU ARE. And it's painfully obvious.

    • profile image

      Peartree 2 years ago

      There is, to my mind, far too much of a history of ghostly apparitions for there not to be some truth to them. They have been seen, or reported to have been, in so many cultures around the world, and for such a long time, that it would be very coincidental that they were 'invented' by people. It may be possible that we see them much more than we know, but just don't realize that they are in fact ghosts. I mean, if you see a crowd of people, how are you to know who is 'real' and who isn't? The problem these days is that photography can be altered so easily, and images and sounds can be produced in a variety of ways, making any real verification of ghostly presences very difficult to prove.

      Thankyou for your Hub, it is very interesting.

    • sparkster profile image

      Sparkster Publishing 2 years ago from United Kingdom

      I was never really a believer in ghosts until very recently. All my life I have been fascinated with and studied topics like the true nature of consciousness and parapsychology and have learned how to tap into the paranormal. I've achieved things which completely defy conventional science by doing so. However, it wasn't until just over a year ago that I first saw what I consider to be a ghost and I have seen more of them since. I have learned how to use parapsychological techniques in order to tune into the world of the "paranormal" and have proven to myself many times that it's real. I have also used these same principles to achieve telepathy, precognition, psychokinesis, chronesthesia and to create physical change in the world with absolutely astounding results which have baffled even me! I have tested these over and over again with results that prove without a doubt that these phenomena are indeed very real.

    • Kristen Howe profile image

      Kristen Howe 3 years ago from Northeast Ohio

      Interesting stuff here. There's ghosts and there's ghouls and there's spirits. This would give you something to think about and debate.

    • cryptid profile image

      cryptid 3 years ago from Earth

      Good luck in your ghost debate, Skymanga! Hope you win. Don't be too proud not to resort to name calling! (Joking of course. Name calling is only appropriate in debates for politicians.)

    • profile image

      Skymanga 3 years ago

      This article will help me debate for school thanks Cryptid!

    • profile image

      C.C. 3 years ago

      Thank you Cyptid. For your very informative answers and information. Yes, I do believe in other planes where people are living their own lives. I also believe in time travel and people can coexist, and Thai matter and anti matter can occupy the same space. I got a lot of my info from Erich Von Danikan. He has several good books on the subject. It was good to be able to talk to an everyday person who knows about these things. Actually that was my line of thinking as well. I thought that they were from one of the other deminsons. There are several people that come through here at different days. They aren't to far in the past , probable about the thirties or forties. They have good vibes and make you feel quite secure. Thanks again for listening to me. 10-26-2014 ....

    • cryptid profile image

      cryptid 3 years ago from Earth

      Hi CC. Interesting situation you have there! Some people theorize that what we call ghosts or apparitions may be a result of inter-dimensional or spacetime cross-ups. In other words, the entity your are seeing is living in another dimension, and in that dimension they are just as real as you are. Believe it or not, some theoretical physicists do support the idea that multiple, or even infinite, dimensions may exist.

      The spacetime mixup is somewhat supported by Einstein's work, which told us (in theory) that we can move in time just as we can move in space. Thus, you are witnessing a person from the past, who (at least visually) had somehow moved to our present time for a brief moment.

      Just theories, made up based on other theories, but they do offer some potential explanations for ghosts sightings aside from the supernatural.

    • profile image

      C.C. 3 years ago

      I want to tell you that your.article was very interesting and informative. It was very useful to me but it didn't go quite far enough. My ghost are good people and not a bit scary. They seem to watch me when I'm sleeping and disappear when I'm wide awake, they don't come out until I fall asleep.of course I can't watch them while I'm sleeping but I can when I'm half awake, a few times I have woken up and there's a women in the room. I'm sorry I didn't hear you come in. She looks just as human as you or I do. She didn't answer and then disingrated and disappeared . I have seen some of the other ones levitate and disappear as well. They seem to like the tv very well and turn it on at night and turns it off when I'm awake. I have to get up often to go to the bathroom and the tv is off when I come out. Somehow I think we co-exist although I can't see them. What do you know about matter and anti-matter in the same place. These are not people I know that have passed on,although a couple of them do resemble some sometimes. I. Am an elderly woman(old)women, college educated, no dementia and as sane as anyone. I know this story sounds fictitious but it is TRUE. I am hoping you might be able to enlighten me as you sound like you know what you're talking about. Thank you very much. A ny help you can shed on this will be greatly appreciated. God bless you and yours. Have a wonderful day..

    • cryptid profile image

      cryptid 5 years ago from Earth

      Thank you leslie! Informative and kind of scary is exactly what I was going for! :-)

    • profile image

      lesliebyars 5 years ago

      I loved this hub as it was informative and kind of scary. Voted up my friend

    • cryptid profile image

      cryptid 5 years ago from Earth

      Thanks for the kind feedback, bac2basics! Of course it's fine if you link whatever you like. I'll have to get over there and check out your Ghost Hunters Hub.

    • bac2basics profile image

      Anne 5 years ago from Spain

      Hi again Cryptid. I have linked this superb hub to 2 of mine, the first being my take on TV ghost hunters and the second my own experiences of being the landlady of a haunted pub. Hope this is OK. Once again great hub.

    • bac2basics profile image

      Anne 5 years ago from Spain

      Hi cryptid what a phenomenal hub. You will know that I firmly believe in Ghosts and that our loved ones stay with us in spirit and I have written about my experiences on HP. As far as TV ghost hunting shows go I do believe there is a lot of jiggery pokery going on and have written a hub on my view of those too. Ghosts do exist as far as I am concerned but I think these TV shows have to produce something eerie and it´s too easy to manipulate this on television. I hope you don´t mind but I am going to link this hub to my one on TV ghost hunters. Great hub you have produced. Voted up as awesome and interesting and as well as the link I´m also sharing.


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