Devil’s Visit or Alien Abduction? My Real-Life Otherworldly Encounter

Updated on May 3, 2019
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Aurelio is an ordinary guy who likes to write about the extraordinary things he encounters in the world.

If this tale of otherworldly encounters sprang strictly from my imagination, it would’ve been better set in either a haunted medieval English monastery for the demonic component, or in a remote American prairie town for its extraterrestrial element.

But since the story is real, so is the location: a Southern California city named Orange. This slice of suburbia once consisted of well-tended orange groves. By 1988, that acreage had morphed into concrete and asphalt surfaces that sprouted roads, strip malls, and parking lots.

As was typical of condo complexes dotting the area, mine boasted a refreshing swimming pool next to an efficient laundry room/rec center. Green hedges decorated the concrete path that wound their way through 30 or so one-story structures made of stucco walls and synthetic shingle roofs. The complex was unremarkable except for one thing. I had bought my first home here a year earlier.

Midnight Meeting

And in my bedroom, I fitfully slept, bothered by having too many computer manuals to write with not enough time to complete them. Still in my late 20s, I was focused on advancing my career and earning the salary increases that would pay for my home.

It must have been after midnight or so. I barely opened my eyes to peer at the ceiling fan spinning above me. Instead of seeing the copper-colored medallion anchoring the faux-wooden blades, I noticed a furry bearded head with two horns staring at me.

It grinned silently with malevolent intent.

I quickly shut my eyes to shield myself from the strange apparition. Could I be dreaming? I was aware that I was trying to sleep. I knew where I was and what I was doing. Therefore, I must’ve been fully awake. To confirm what I’d seen, I opened my eyes again.

But my eyelids wouldn’t budge. Something sealed them shut. Despite all my straining, they would not open.

Creature Discomfort

Suddenly, the creature stood on my left next to my bed, watching me. I couldn’t see it, couldn’t hear it. I just felt it: under six feet tall, thick and ponderous but not flabby. It seemed more beast than human but bipedal. Not malevolent or malicious but more concerned with what it had to do than with my well-being.

I tried to move away but was paralyzed and not by fear. A force prevented me from moving any part of my body.

If this was the Middle Ages or I was highly religious, I would have assumed that a demon had come, to torment me. But this modern era made me a man of science. The supposition was ridiculous. The beast next to me could have only been an extraterrestrial. It used some alien technology to freeze me in place before it abducted me.

The creature started to move, lifting one heavy paw after the other silently on the synthetic carpet that covered my concrete slab floor. Circling the foot of the bed, it stopped about halfway to my right. It then oozed onto my mattress and lumbered on top of me.

I tried to get away but my limbs would not move. I tried to scream but couldn’t open my mouth. Finally, I yelled in my head “Stop. Stop! Whatever you are.”

And it did.

It just lay there on top of me.

Why wasn’t it doing anything? Was it waiting for me to respond?

There was only one possible explanation for this. But I needed to test out that theory before concluding it was true.

“Kiss me,” I thought.

And it did.

“Get back on the floor.”

And it did.

“Walk to the other side of the bed.”

And it did.

An Explanation

This being was neither alien nor demon. It was simply a product of lucid dreaming:

  • The lucid part came from my being awake and aware of the room.

  • The dreaming part did two things: allowed my mind to create what it wanted to create and paralyzed my body to prevent it from engaging in action that could be harmful, such as walking into walls. This latter action was known as “sleep paralysis.”

This experience could have easily been misinterpreted as a visit by the devil, a prelude to an alien abduction, or something paranormal. All the signs were there: the inability to move, the strange being, and my initial fright. If I had not read about lucid dreaming before, my imagination could’ve easily run away with me and added more elaborate trappings like the fire of hell or a spaceship. And it would’ve just been as real to me as any dream can be.

As I pondered these possibilities, I drifted off to slumber.

The being returned maybe once or twice more in my twenties for some fun before I slept. A couple of times later, the more typical lucid dream happened. Totally, within the confines of my head, I created entertaining environments peopled by my own characters doing what I wanted them to do.

These episodes seemed to have only one thing in common. They happened during times of stress and in my late twenties. I am now in my fifties and despite my best efforts, my lucid dreams never returned.

Have you been visited by unexplained beings?

Have you experienced lucid dreaming?

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      • rajan jolly profile image

        Rajan Singh Jolly 

        10 months ago from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar, INDIA.

        Very interesting. I have had fearful dreams but cannot remember having lucid dreams.

      • boo77boo profile image


        11 months ago from uk

        Yes flying is great fun in dreams sadly we grow up and it stops just get odd occasion when i wake and cannot move like aurelio said must be a safety feature to protect our physical body

      • James A Watkins profile image

        James A Watkins 

        11 months ago from Chicago

        I appreciate your very interesting article.

      • Peggy W profile image

        Peggy Woods 

        11 months ago from Houston, Texas

        I used to do a lot of flying in my dreams and it was fun. It has been years since I have done any flying. As to lucid dreams, I have experienced those as well. It is good that you identified yours as such because it could have been very scary otherwise.

      • alocsin profile imageAUTHOR

        Aurelio Locsin 

        11 months ago from Orange County, CA

        That's exactly how I fly in my dreams as well, Shauna, by treading air! It's a useful way of escaping danger in dreams.

      • bravewarrior profile image

        Shauna L Bowling 

        11 months ago from Central Florida

        Alocin, I have experiences and "threats" in my dreams, but they've never been aliens. They're people or circumstances that culminate themselves into something I can understand. My solution is to fly. I fly away from harm. I tread air, then rise no higher than treetops to escape what I won't allow to bring me down.

        I've been flying in my dreams since I was a little girl. Fortunately, I don't find the need to fly now that I'm in my 60's. Perhaps I battled my fears.


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