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Fighting Back Against the Demonic

Michael loves nothing better than a good conspiracy served with a side of paranormal investigation.

Learn more about demonic possession and how to fight it.

Learn more about demonic possession and how to fight it.

How to Fight Demonic Beings

It is an established fact that reported cases of demonic oppression and possession are on the rise in many parts of the world and in many religions. That being said, how do we establish that this is indeed paranormal, as opposed to some form of mental illness? Once the facts are established, what can we then do to combat whatever evil forces are combined against us?

In this article, I will try to remove the confusion surrounding this controversial subject and offer guidance to those affected by it in one way or the other.

Demonic Influence or Mental Illness?

Before travelling down the path of the righteous with thoughts of exorcism or house cleansing, it is vitally important to rule out any form of mental illness. While I am no expert, I believe several signs point to schizophrenia as opposed to demonic influence in some cases.

Questions to Consider

If, however, the answer to the below questions is "yes," then what an individual is experiencing could indeed be demonic in nature:

  • Is the affected individual repulsed by religious artifacts or readings?
  • Do they have the knowledge they simply should not have or could not know?
  • Can they speak in another language that they did not know before? Latin would be a good example.
  • Does prayer or holy water influence them?
  • Are there other witnesses to the paranormal events or just the individual?

As previously stated, I am not an expert in mental health, so consultation with a psychiatrist is of paramount importance before undertaking any other course of action.

Use candles to cleanse your house if you suspect demonic possession.

Use candles to cleanse your house if you suspect demonic possession.

What You Can Do to Help Yourself

  • Tidy up! I know it sounds weird or even condescending, but hear me out. Demonic entities thrive on chaos and disorder. In the same way, someone suffering from depression often doesn't see the chaos they are living in, so it is the same for the demonically oppressed. Do not feed fuel to the fire!
  • Record what you see. Keep a diary of events and occurrences such as poltergeist phenomena. Use a camcorder or mobile phone to record everything you can. This will be invaluable when presenting your case to your priest or vicar.
  • Get rid of problematic items. Remove any and all items that might have started the oppression. Have you bought a secondhand piece of furniture? An old doll? Perhaps an Ouija board. Take no chances; get rid of them!
  • Carry out a house cleansing. Use candles, incense, or a bundle of sage. Go from room to room, blessing each one with your prayer of choice. Miss no room out; make sure to include the cellar.
  • Pray. If you are a Catholic, recite the Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

These steps may be enough to rid your home of unwanted spirits. However, be wary, as the Devil is a trickster if nothing else! A demonic entity may appear to have left but may just be playing you. Be vigilant for a return.

If the tips above don't help, it's time to turn to the church.

If the tips above don't help, it's time to turn to the church.

Call in the Professionals

And by this, I do not mean any local psychics or ghost hunters. If the preceding steps have had no effect, or if things are getting worse, it is time to get serious professional help. It is time to turn to the church.

In my opinion, the Catholic church has more experience than any other in matters of the demonic. The number of qualified exorcists has multiplied over the past decade and the Rites of Exorcism were reviewed as recently as 1999.

Preparing for an Exorcism

The process is difficult and may take more than one or two attempts. It could take weeks, months, or—in extreme cases—even years. The church will only proceed after mental illness is ruled out by a medical professional. Evidence must be presented, hence the importance of a diary and recording of events as they happened.

  • Be mentally prepared. The victim will be restrained for the safety of everyone in the room as much as for themselves. Once the exorcism starts, it must be completed. It cannot be stopped for any reason until the entity is driven out of the host.
  • Be strong. Exorcism is a confrontation with pure evil; no quarter may be given. The demon lies. It will divulge dark secrets and attempt to corrupt everyone in attendance. Do not let it.

Light Will Cast Away the Darkness

I truly hope that those of you in need of help find it, and I hope that this article will be of some help or comfort.

There are people who can help. Surround yourself with light and positivity. Seek out good people and good relationships, and protect yourselves. Yes, there are dark forces at work in the world today, but if we work together, we can overcome this evil oppression that seems to be affecting so many people.

Light will always cast away the darkness.

Please feel free to use the comments section to reach out to each other and, most importantly, to help each other. Peace out, and God Bless.

© 2018 Michael Murchie


Serren Bennett on February 22, 2020:

Hi, i like reading about demons and stuff. I find it interesting, i agree with many things you have said in your articles and i just wanted to ask you what does it mean if you have a dream about being possessed and going around town stabbing and killing people? I would really like to know. Also, is it a sign a demon wants to possess me or am i already possessed?