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Updated on February 2, 2017
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Is contact from our departed loved ones real or is it just wishful thinking? There are countless reports of the deceased communicating with their relatives. Some feel that they are actually helping us from the other side in our daily lives.

There are so many ways that our loved ones send us signs when they are around. Anything from the lights flickering to a butterfly landing on your shoulder. If you are in tune to noticing these signs, you will more than likely receive signs on a regular basis. Experts on the subject have reported that our departed relatives really enjoy it when we notice a sign they have sent us.

Butterfly Kisses

Seeing butterflies is one of the signs from your deceased loved ones. If you are seeing butterflies more than usual or you keep seeing the same color butterfly, chances are that your loved one is saying hello.

My sister passed in September so her memorial was in the fall and in the Midwest. At the gathering after the memorial, I was standing outside talking to my sister's husband and one of my cousins. A butterfly (which is kind of rare to see that time of year in the Midwest) came fluttering around us. We all noticed it at the same time and recognized that it was my sister saying hello.

One morning , about a week after the memorial, I was talking to my best friend on the phone and sitting out on my patio with my little dog, Watson. A butterfly flew over the privacy fence but I really didn't think too much about it because I live in Texas and butterflies are pretty common in this area all year round. The butterfly fluttered right in my face making me notice it and then swooped down and landed on Watson long enough to tickle him and flew off. I absolutely knew that it was a sign from my sister.

Smells and Scents

Your departed relatives can send you a scent or familiar smell to let you know they are nearby. Their perfume scent or the smell of something cooking that isn't cooking at the time. It could be anything that would remind you of them.

The smell of flowers out of nowhere is a common sign. Lavender and roses seem to be the most reported. My guess is because they are distinct and pungent scents. But if there was a citrus smell that relates to the two of you then that might be the scent that you suddenly smell out of nowhere.


Flowers blooming out of season have been reported after a loved one passes over. Particularly right after they have crossed over. I see it as a rebirth sign from your loved one. Another time that you might see a flower bloom out of season is at special occasions in your life. Almost like your departed loved is sending you a gift.

Seeing the same flower or color of flower consistently enough for you to notice that it is happening is another way they will use flowers. Pink is the color that departed loved ones like to use the most because it is a color that has a love vibration.

Sensing a Presence

Feeling that your departed loved one is around. It could be anything from feeling a touch to seeing them. Hearing them in your ear or mind is often reported during a possible dangerous time in your life.

Most of the time, people say that seeing them or feeling them is a comforting and a very loving feeling. Your crossed over loved ones will not do anything that would scare you. They are really just wanting to let you know that they are there and well. If they scare you by appearing or touching you, then just let them know and they will find another way to contact you.


Our deceased loved ones have an energy that can effect our electronics. Lights flickering on and off. Your cell phone going haywire when you are talking about the departed loved one. Your computer shutting on when no one is near it. For some reason, electronics are reported quite a bit as messages from our departed relatives or friends. I can only assume that it might be easy for them because of a change in their energy.

People have reported getting a phone call from their departed relative's phone number and getting static when they answer. I have also read about departed loved ones sending you messages through radio stations with a song that reminds you of them. Especially during difficult times in your life to let you know that they are there with you.


Dreams are one of the most reported way that departed loved ones visit us. Sometimes it might be a whole conversation or just a cameo appearance saying hello. It is their way to let you know that they are well and fine. Or they might have a message that they are trying to tell you.

I have had most of my crossed over loved ones visit me in my dreams. About a year after my mom had passed, I was pregnant and had a dream that I still remember 33 years later like it was yesterday. In my dream she sat down with me and talked to me just like she would have if she were still alive. Her message was that she is fine and that she was still there for me. After my dad passed over, both my mom and my dad appear in my dreams together. Even if only one of them is interacting with me.

Colorful Birds

Very colorful birds such as cardinals or blue jays are another sign that your deceased loved ones are nearby. Especially if one is looking at your through the window or making their presence known somehow.

Cardinals tend to be the bird that my family sends to me the most. After my sister passed, a cardinal built a nest in a bush right in front of my living room window that following spring. They have come back to that spot every year since.

The Path of Least Resistance

Not everyone hears from their departed loved ones on a regular basis or at all. Unfortunately, their subtle messages can go unnoticed if you aren't paying attention. The key is to keep your mind open and available for them to send you a message.

If your deceased loved one is appearing in another relative's dreams but never yours, It could be that they are taking the path of least resistance to get a message through. It seems to be so much easier for them if you are open to hearing from them. It might take some time after they pass over to get a message from them. My dad didn't appear in my dreams until years after he passed. I'm not sure why that was but it took him awhile. Once he did, he started to appear in my dreams pretty often for a few months.

Stay open to receiving messages. Talk to them and let them know that you are interested in having contact. Trust me, they can hear you. If you feel funny talking out loud to them, then just think it or write them a note. Creating a box that you put little notes in for your departed loved ones would be a fun way to get you to open up to receiving their messages.

Adventures of the Soul: Journeys Through the Physical and Spiritual Dimensions
Adventures of the Soul: Journeys Through the Physical and Spiritual Dimensions

There are clairvoyants and mediums who are able to communicate with our passed over loved ones and give us messages from them. Most of the time the clairvoyant or medium relays a message about a sign that the deceased loved one has sent and asks that they watch for it in the future.

James Van Praagh is my favorite medium to listen to on Hayhouse Radio and I have almost every one of his books. His books teach us (in a clever and witty way) that our departed loved ones want to communicate with us. He teaches how to be more open to receive messages. I recommend that you have at least one of his books and to listen to him on Hayhouse radio. He will amaze you over and over again. He really has a gift for talking to our passed over loved ones.


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    • Intuitive Clarity profile image

      Allisyn 3 weeks ago from Texas

      That was beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing that story.

    • profile image

      Feeling Blessed 4 weeks ago

      It has been just over 5 months now from the time I got thought transfer messages from my friend who passed 38 years ago.

      I have been so blessed to enjoy daily protection with my friend as a guardian angel.

      I have given up on the idea of any doubt as my friend has confirmed so many times in so many ways he watches over me! friends forever. At times I cry and yet it is not just for sadness it's for such a miracle to be able to know my friend has found a way to break the barriers of death. I never feel alone any more and with the use of a pendulum or thought transfer my friend is never further than calling his name. Two or three gifts of our memories arrived each day the past months and now at least one over hours if I ask for another :-) Thanks goes to God. Death is not the final page it's the beginning of a new journey of life.

    • Jay C OBrien profile image

      Jay C OBrien 5 months ago from Houston, TX USA

      Let me suggest some verified experiences, see:

    • Intuitive Clarity profile image

      Allisyn 5 months ago from Texas

      Thank you so much for sharing that beautiful story!

    • profile image

      Feeling Blessed 5 months ago

      A month ago I saw a add for a car for sale from the city my best childhood friend lived all his life. My friend passed 38 years ago. I began getting thoughts of our times together that I had forgot. Some important some not. As I began getting more memories each day some became confirmation of contact because I knew I would not have remembered on my own. Like when someone reminds you of a past event and then you say oh yeah I remember. You would not have remembered on your own. This has happen now over and over. I cried as my friend reminded me I told him I would miss him when I last saw him as we lived 78 miles away. I am so happy to hear from my friend and try not to be sad he has died so to be able to bring him some joy and try to celebrate his life and thank God for being friends with such a awesome person. Yes departed friends and family do watch over us and they will share confirmation if we ask. And it may not be a instant answer as it may take time or even days or weeks for the thought to enter our minds for confirmation.

    • Intuitive Clarity profile image

      Allisyn 11 months ago from Texas

      Wow Praveen that is really cool. I loved Charlie Chaplin movies. I'm very much looking forward to reading all that he has told you.

    • Intuitive Clarity profile image

      Allisyn 11 months ago from Texas

      Thank you Praveen. I tried to go to your article to read it but it said that it isn't published yet. Let me know when it is published and I would love to read it. Allisyn

    • Jay C OBrien profile image

      Jay C OBrien 12 months ago from Houston, TX USA

      It would be nice to believe in contact from dead loved ones, but are these events real? Where is the verification? What kind of spirits hang around the earth plane? Are Near Death Experiences real? Telepathy?