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How to Safely Connect to the Spirit World

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Christy is an empath and intuitive. She loves to help others discover, grow, and nurture their abilities.

Learn how to connect with spirits, safely!

Learn how to connect with spirits, safely!

So, You Want to Commune With Spirits

The paranormal is a popular topic lately—just turn on the television and find a program where people are trying to find spirits or connect with them. However, if you do a bit of research, you will discover that reaching out to otherworldly spirits has been of interest to humans long before the cameras started rolling. In fact, people have been holding séances and attempting to reach the spirit world for centuries!

Reasons to Connect

Why would someone want to connect with spirits you may ask? Well, there could be several reasons. Whether a person communicates through themselves or through someone else, it can be rewarding to meet with the spirit world. Here are some common reasons people reach out to the other side:

  • There is a loved one you want to connect with who is on the other side. This is probably one of the most common reasons to want to connect, especially if the loss is recent and you want to know if your loved one is doing well.
  • Some may feel supernatural guidance to connect to the other side, particularly those who have mediumship tendencies that may not be realized quite yet.
  • A person may also be receiving signs from the other side. If there is a spirit that wants your attention, whether they know you or not, they may do things to draw you to them.

Reasons Not to Connect

Just as there are reasons to connect, there are also reasons to avoid communing with the other side. One of the dangers of television's recent emphasis on communication with the spirit world is that it could give people the idea to try to connect with the other side on their own. This can be fine and well IF it is done correctly and with precautions. Nevertheless, recent television shows aren't completely to blame for people just jumping into things carelessly. People have been doing things on a whim for centuries—ever play with an Ouija board at a slumber party? With the knowledge that uninformed attempts to connect with spirits can be dangerous, here are some examples of times that you should definitely not reach out to spirits:

  • It is being done on a whim. You just randomly decide it's a good time and you jump right into it without preparation or protection. Make sure you are well and ready before attempting to connect.
  • It's being done at a party or gathering as entertainment or a dare. Once again, there is no preparation or protection when participating in this fashion. In fact, with all the energies that could be at that party, you never know what others are thinking, feeling, or if intentions are good. Hence, Ouija boards, séances, and other similar strategies should be avoided in these situations. Yes, it seems like it could be a fun game or good scare, but seriously, these things can be dangerous.
  • You are not comfortable with what you are doing or what someone else is doing. If you have a tinge of doubt, and not because you aren't trusting what is coming through but because something feels off, then don't attempt to connect.

Dos and Don'ts: The Dos

Having discussed the reasons for choosing to connect or not connect, let's talk about the dos and don'ts of getting in touch. There are several things you should do before and during a connection with spirits. First and foremost, it is important to remember that this is a serious thing and should not be taken lightly.


  • Do protect yourself by inviting Divine spirits, Guides, and Angels to join you. Basically, you want your Spirit Team with you for protection and guidance. Any of the mediums you see on television have a Spirit Team they work with during their sessions.
  • Do make sure you are grounded and protected. Visualize yourself rooted to the ground through your feet. Then, visualize yourself surrounded by a shield of white light that will protect you during the session.
  • Do ask the spirit its name and engage it in conversation. If a spirit wants to connect, make sure it's a two-way conversation, and see what information you can obtain from the spirit. Know that it is not always guaranteed that you are going to get the information you ask for. In fact, the spirit may have its own message they need to get out to someone.
  • Do use a tool to connect with the spirit. These can be things such as cards, automatic writing, a pendulum, or other divination tools. This will help you connect better, especially if you are just starting out. A tool is just that, a tool to help you focus on what is coming through—the messages are not necessarily coming through because you are using that particular medium.
  • Do be respectful and patient. Just because this person is in spirit doesn't mean they do not deserve respect. Also, it takes a lot of energy on their part to connect with you. Therefore, if you are not getting what you want when you want it, be patient with that spirit.
Create a calm and grounded space before connecting with a spirit

Create a calm and grounded space before connecting with a spirit

Dos and Don'ts: The Don'ts

Now, for the don'ts. These are very important as well as there are spirits and energies you DO NOT want to encounter. It is essential that you are prepared before you attempt to reach a spirit so that you do not accidentally unleash something that should not be released.


  • Do not use an Ouija board or other type of tool that may allow all kinds of unwanted things into our world. If you MUST use a tool like this, use it wisely and with protection. If you ask most people who connect with the spirit world, they would suggest avoiding the Ouija board altogether.
  • Do not try to contact if you are unprotected.
  • Do not continue if you begin to feel uncomfortable. If anything feels off or you feel overwhelmed or out of control with the situation, do not keep going.
  • Do not try to connect if you are unsure about what you are doing. Please be prepared, protected, and ready.
  • Do not tease or challenge a spirit. I see this more and more on television shows, and frankly, it is just asking for trouble.

How to Connect

Alright: we have gotten through reasons to connect and not to connect as well as dos and don'ts. Now we are ready to go over the steps to safely reach out to a spirit. Several of the following steps have been mentioned throughout this article, but let's get it all in one place."

  1. Relax and ground yourself using whatever method best speaks to you.
  2. Make sure you are protected, call in your spirit team, and surround yourself with white light.
  3. At this point, try to relax your mind and not force things to come.
  4. Pay attention to what comes into your mind. Use all your senses: what do you see, feel, smell, hear, or taste? Use your tool(s) if you feel guided to it/them.
  5. If a spirit should come through, ask them their name. See if you can get a sense of who the spirit is and what message they may have to give.
  6. After you are finished communicating, make sure you show gratitude to the spirit and attempt to wrap up with some sort of closure.
  7. Do not worry or be disappointed if you cannot connect right away. This takes time, patience, and practice. Just keep trying and practicing.

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Sharon on April 22, 2020:

I would love to connect with family members who have passed on

Thank You

Graham John Baker on December 01, 2019:

Grounding and protection is a must I personally would even go as far as to say its compulsory in addition if u are new to spirit communication (spiritualism/spiritism) please also seek the guidance and advice from an experienced medium who is experienced and trained in spirit communication and spirit awareness start by looking for a one of the following centres Christian Spiritualist/Spiritualist/Spiritist churches/centres or other spiritual development centre use private independent churches/centres rather than SNU (Spiritualist National Union) as the private independent ones can be friendlier and stick more to spirituality and spiritualisms guidelines SNU can be too politically correct to hell bent on health and safety and be more concerned with the political correctness health and safety rathar than spiritualisms 7 guidelines and try to make spiritualism too much into a religion with strict doctrine however each person is a unique individual with different individual preferences ideals etc furthermore never impose on anybody its rude and downright disrespectful remember its not every bodies cup of tea so dont be to open about always accept some people think its evil or fake please let them its their choice if Christians/Catholics think its evil just let them and ignore them if they try to persuade u its evil and to quit politely say its fine for to think its evil and just walk away dont make a deal about others discouraging u or putting u off it just ignore where possible if in a working environment only if its really bad complain about discrimination over religious/spiritual/political beliefs in formal work they must not discriminate against any religious/spiritual/political belief where possible unless belief is harming others or inconvenient for the business additional some people are skeptics such as atheists this is fine believe what u are comfortable with being skeptic is natural for most to begin with being well grounded is essential its not a good idea to have ones head in the clouds even though u are open to higher spiritual development remember development is gradual never force it avoid channeling when drunk or high on recreational/psychedelic substances as it can make it harder to ground and protect before or after channeling risking more destructive spirits coming through alcohol in particular is best avoided before or during channeling as it can disconnect u from spirit or allow lower grade or negative spirits to enter or even when good spirit comes through u may not be properly grounded and protected leaving u @ risk of temporarily not being in control of your reality only use psychedelics if u are experienced and trained in there use for spirit communication and used to there affects on channeling so again not recommended for channeling for beginners wanting to develop spiritually/psychically etc the first step to take for learning to channel is going to a Christian Spiritualist/Spiritualist/Spiritist church/centre Spiritual development centre attend services do open circle spiritual/psychic awareness/development circles/groups/classes/workshops and other forms of spiritual awareness/development workshops receive spiritualist healing it helps develop the whole being to help balance mind body spirit and soul however when receiving most types/forms of spiritualist/holistic/energy healing including spiritualist healing crystal healing Reiki Yoga Ti Chi homeopathic herbalism Aromatherapy etc and many others never stop any mainstream medications therapies and treatments and care or health/medical care/assistance u are receiving from a healthcare professional such as local GP Nurse or specialists or therapists including hospital/clinic consultants for most if not all medical/health conditions whether physical or psychological/emotional no matter how mild or severe whether life threatening or non life threatening conditions as to stop any mainstream medications/therapies/treatments etc can be very unwise and foolish and very dangerous without seeking guidance and advice from a healthcare professional please remember most if not all spiritual/psychic awareness/developments is gradual please do not expect instant results be patient if the first time or first few open circle/spiritual/psychic awareness/development circles/classes/groups/workshops do not give much result and u do not get spirits to communicate with u in a spiritual awareness/development workshop this is normal and very common it nearly always takes a while before u manage to master basic spiritual/psychic awareness/development etc

Vishnu on October 21, 2019:

Can i communicate with pets Nd does it really work

Donna on April 22, 2019:

I have connected with spirits, alot recently. But the first time was when