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Telepathy and Communication With Dolphins

Susette has a lifelong interest and practice with good physical and mental health, including the environment that sustains us all.

Read on to learn about a personal experience that led to my experimentation with telepathy and dolphins.

Read on to learn about a personal experience that led to my experimentation with telepathy and dolphins.

Swimming Alone

On the island of Oahu, opposite Honolulu, there's a little college town called Laie. The town contains a Mormon temple and university, and therefore is inhabited mainly by Mormon families and students. We lived there in 1962-1963 when my father was a teacher at the Church College of Hawaii (now BYU Hawaii).

One day, swimming in the ocean by myself, I was caught by riptides and almost drowned.

I was eleven years old. School was over for the day, and most of the kids had gone home or to friends' homes. I didn't have anyone to play with, so I put on my swimsuit and walked down to the beach.

The peaceful little beach of Laie, Oahu, can be deceptive with its hidden riptides.

The peaceful little beach of Laie, Oahu, can be deceptive with its hidden riptides.

A Soothing Voice

I loved body surfing, and since it was a clear day and the ocean was sparkling, I slipped my towel off my shoulders and ran in. I quickly got over the shock of cold on the first dive and started catching wave after wave. The ocean was getting rougher, but I didn't notice . . . until suddenly I couldn't get up for a breath. I struggled and fought the undertow, but it kept dragging me under.

Near panic, I knew I would drown if I breathed underwater. Some part of me called for help and I felt and heard a soothing voice in my head say, "Just relax. You don't need to breathe." I relaxed. The ocean started wafting me gently to and fro, just under the surface. The voice said, "You'll know when it's time to get up."

After a peaceful eternity, I felt my knees scrape the sand and realized I could get up now. I knelt up straight—the ocean was shallow there—and I marveled. The air was sweet, the sky bright blue, the trees bright green, the sand sparkling white. The beach didn't feel empty anymore, though there was no one there.

I stood up, waded over to the sand, and threw myself down. It was warm. It felt safe. The tiny man-o-wars scattered all over the beach were little prisms of light. Each sand particle was a prism of light. Colors everywhere. I never forgot that voice.

Fifty years later, I watched a YouTube video by Bashar (below) where a questioner was asking about dolphins. His answer startled me. Bashar said that dolphins communicate by "telempathy." The sounds they make are mainly for echolocation and healing, with some conveying standard, simple messages.

But the real way they communicate, especially with humans, is by telempathy—a combination of mental message and empathy, or what it feels like to walk in someone else's shoes.

Suddenly I remembered my near-drowning experience in Hawaii and wondered if the soothing "voice" I'd heard was a dolphin saving my life the way dolphins are known to do.

“The largest brains on this planet are in the ocean. Communication with the Whales and the Dolphins is the greatest achievement the human race can aspire to.”

— John C. Lilly, M.D.

Telepathy and Communication

It turns out that I'm not the only one who has experienced such a thing, nor was that the only time I experienced telepathy. In fact, telepathy is a pretty common experience with most people, I believe.

How many times have you heard yourself responding to someone in your head, especially continuing an argument you didn't win? I used to do it with my mother all the time when I was a kid, but didn't give it any credence until I started being curious about telepathy.

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Then I started having experiences that confirmed it. Were they new experiences or was it just that I was paying attention, now that I wanted to know?

One day I was daydreaming about a guy I'd met. Lying on my bed at home, half asleep, I asked him in my mind, "Do you like me?" I then prepared for him to say, "No, not really," whereupon I would either gently extricate myself or try to find out why not.

But instead, he said, "Of course I like you" and I could feel him say it—his energy, not mine. I snapped out of it in surprise. And that was my first inkling that telepathy might be a real thing. (Note that it was his contrasting answer and feeling his energy that really woke me to it).

Not long after that, I was with a friend interviewing a field scientist at his agricultural experimentation site. The agronomist was explaining something, but I wasn't getting it. Now I'm smart, and scientifically inclined as well, so I couldn't figure out why what he was saying was so obscure.

I zeroed in on his lips and listened carefully to see if he was even speaking English. He was, but it was in slow motion. Then I realized he was only lip-talking. The intuitive side of his mind, where telepathy originates, was shut down. I was used to picking up much more of people's conversations, much faster, because more than half of my own communication is telepathic.

When I went home I thought about that. I remembered the daydreaming experience, the old feeling of my mother being in my head so often, and nearly drowning in Hawaii. I wondered if telepathy might be a real and very common experience that most of us have, with the agronomist being a rare person who doesn't communicate mind-to-mind.

It was about 20 years and many experiences later that I heard the term "telempathy," and was able to refine my concept of how it all works.

Telepathy and Scientific Experimentation

Telepathy is defined as the communication of thought and ideas by means not known or explained scientifically. However, it can be known experientially, which is the platform from which science lofts its experiments anyway.

Have you ever had the experience where someone moved up behind you and you knew immediately who it was? Or someone was talking about you and you turned to find them looking at you, but too far away to hear them talking? Maybe you remember being with a group of people, having already set a particular mood, when someone came up and completely changed the mood without saying a word.

That's all the emotional part of telepathy. It's the part that tells you who it is you're dealing with. When you hear voices in your head, you can tell who it is by the energy that accompanies the voice. And the feeling of them, whether in your head or in person, tells you more about what they're saying.

I'm convinced that it's a rare person who doesn't communicate telepathically. I'm also convinced that the reason science is having difficulty in proving or disproving the existence of telepathy is because they're leaving out the emotional component.

That's the most important part, because that's the connector. Emotions are what tap you into the other person, let you identify them, and allow you to receive the mind-to-mind message they're sending. Once scientists realize that and begin to test the emotional component too, they'll make great strides in understanding how telepathy works. But we don't have to wait for them.

They're getting closer . . . although at this rate, it'll take awhile.

Telepathy Can Improve Communication Skills

Telepathy has the potential to be extremely useful in a person's life. Most of us do it, but most of us discount the things we pick up. That's the old "gut feeling" thing. "If I'd followed my gut, I wouldn't be in this mess I'm in right now." Giving credence to telepathy and learning how it works made a huge impact on my life.

A couple of years after the agronomist experience, I was renting a room back in the United States from a woman that I knew from church. One day her daughter had a fall and died at her own home in another city. I was going through trauma at the time, which I didn't understand and was afraid of (menopause), so I didn't have a lot of energy to give my landlady. I also knew she had a best friend she could rely on.

But she was furious with me for not giving her my full attention. She started an argument that escalated and I stormed out of the house, telling her I wasn't going to argue anymore. But I couldn't get her out of my head. Suddenly I remembered what I'd learned about telepathy and I ordered her to leave me alone. She left my head and I never had that trouble with her again.

A year or so later I was hanging curtains in an upstairs bedroom in a different house. I was upset with someone at church and was "discussing" it with her in my head. Suddenly the stool under me broke and I fell to the ground (soft carpet), at the same time hearing her in my head saying, "Leave me alone, Susette!"

I immediately realized what I'd done and laughed. I felt grateful to her for catching it, appreciated that she was aware of telepathy, and quickly apologized.

My last full-time job helped me to test and realize the usefulness of telepathy. I was working for a small consultancy where my skills were very much needed. But they couldn't let me know that, because the two owners needed to be in control.

Telepathy allowed me to keep an ongoing "feel" for what was going on behind all the manipulations and control tactics, and helped me to keep myself centered, even while the atmosphere around me was charged. I ended up leaving the company after four years, to my great relief! (Now I'm subcontracting for one of the owners.)

Usefulness of Communicating With Dolphins

Once a person has become aware of telepathic communication and has discovered the roles it can play, then interacting with other species, like dolphins, takes on a whole new significance. The rest of life also telepaths—it's the universal language—and communicating with dolphins can play a huge role in helping to protect and renew our environment.

Dolphins are the closest in self-awareness and intelligence to humans, and they know how the ocean operates. They can see what we're doing that hurts the ocean environment, and they should be able to tell us what to do to reverse the problems we've been causing.

Those lessons could, in turn, help us figure out what to do to heal the land where we've inadvertently (or deliberately) destroyed it. For me, especially, it would be a way of repaying dolphins for having saved my life all those many years ago.

Dolphins may well be carrying information as well as functions critical to the regeneration of life upon our planet.

— Buckminster Fuller

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Jared Vail on December 17, 2019:

I have been telepathic for 15 months and more people keep getting involved. There is more to it also. I can prove it and I need help. Who can i prove this to?

Susette Horspool (author) from Pasadena CA on May 24, 2018:

You're welcome Adam. It's good to hear from another insightful reader.

Adam Zuk on May 24, 2018:

Yes! I have always been drawn to dolphins my whole life, even having never seen one in person. I'm very spiritually inclined, while also being inclined towards science and mathematics (seemingly contradictive to most but married in my mind) and I've always intuitively known that dolphins are aliens coexisting with us here. Everything you said is so awesome here, and I'm very much going to enjoy playing with these ideas as I explore telepathy in my own life and expanding on my journey in this way. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences :)

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