Claircognizant Traits: The Signs of Clear Knowing

Updated on January 12, 2018
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I like to explore and question everything. Especially the fascinating topics of human relationships, tarot, and the psychic realm.

As a species, we have five senses that we rely on: sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste. Yet we have four more senses to supplement those. They are known as ‘the clairs’: clairvoyance (clear vision), clairaudience (clear hearing), clairsentience (clear feeling), and claircognizance (clear knowing). They are the metaphysical senses—they don’t need a neurological pathway like our main senses do.


What Is Clear Knowing?

Claircognizance, also called ‘clear knowing,’ is the ability to know something without understanding how you know it. It’s a thought, a message from your intuition or, more commonly, you just know it. Remember when you absolutely knew something for a fact, although you couldn’t pinpoint how you came to that conclusion?

Clear knowing is a mind skill. Whereas clairsentience is a feeling skill. They may produce the same result but the process is a little different. Clairsentience is literally ‘gut feeling’. Both are manifestations of your intuition in action.

Signs You Are Claircognizant

Firstly, you don’t need any real signs or evidence; everyone is claircognizant to some degree. Yet if you are person who relies a lot on claircognizance you may have the following traits:

  • High intelligence.
  • An insatiable curiosity and a deep wish to understand complex issues and concepts.
  • You do a lot of analytical thinking.
  • Ideas and knowledge pop into your mind as clear as day, usually when you are thinking about an unrelated subject.
  • An enjoyment of problem solving.
  • Working out logistics is your forte.
  • You read a lot.
  • People ask you for your opinion and advice.
  • You are an excellent judge of character.
  • You are good at making decisions.
  • You can grasp fine details and use them to form a clear overview; you get the big picture.
  • You like ‘tech', and you might be employed in a technical sector.
  • You know what people are going to say before they finish speaking.
  • You often ‘pre-quote’ lines from movies and TV shows, again knowing them before they are spoken.
  • You have a good sense of direction and can find your way around unfamiliar places easily.
  • You have an excellent memory.

How Claircognizance Manifests

  • As a sudden unrelated thought or idea.
  • A sudden recognition of a fact or a flash of insight.
  • You pose a question, and hours or days later, the answer pops into your awareness.
  • A nagging, persistent thought.
  • As a solution to a problem.
  • Lateral thinking.
  • Knowing, without doubt, the unfolding of a future event.
  • You are guided to find mislaid items.
  • You know you have to leave the freeway right now, or that you should avoid your usual route home.
  • As a connection to the psychic realm: receiving clear messages for yourself and others.

My Story

I read tarot cards. I love that they are both very simple yet hold layers of meaning. I love that they interact. And I love that they tell stories. I believe wholeheartedly that having learned how to use and read the cards in the same way that I’d learn any complex system, I now rely on my claircognizance to give me the information I need. It doesn’t feel psychic, it’s not like I have whispering voices or some disembodied entity passing on information. It does feel like intuition, yet the message from the cards come into my mind in one of two ways: either as a memory or situation from my own life or as a flash of instant knowing. Even if the thought seems unrelated to the reading, I have to say what comes into my mind. Those flashes and memory-joggers are accurate every time.

Develop Your Claircognizance Skills

An active, engaged brain is the key to developing clear knowing. Practicing mental skills such as playing word and arithmetic games. Guessing games, too, are useful. As well as being alert and aware, it’s also important to give your mind and thinking processes a way to relax, and meditation is the absolute best way to do that.

Another method of connecting with your skill is to practice automatic writing. Best done with pen and paper, sit quietly in a relaxed state. Begin writing “I’m expecting a message, I’m expecting a message, I’m expecting a message…” Keep repeating those words until a new thought arrives, write it down and then the next thought and the next. Let your hand move of it’s own accord.If it doesn’t work, don’t worry about it. It usually takes several practice sessions before you get into the zone of consciousness that enables automatic writing to happen.

It’s also important to pay attention to those thoughts when they arrive, whenever they show up. Don’t dismiss them as nonsense or your gift will diminish. Like all abilities, you need to use it or risk losing it. Keeping a cognizance journal will help you spot patterns, repetitions and messages.

I’d love to hear if you’ve ever experienced claircognizance… please leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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    • profile image

      InquisitiveGhost 4 weeks ago

      Thank you!

      I think I actually might have a friend that is claircognizant.

    • k@ri profile image

      Kari Poulsen 6 weeks ago from Ohio

      I'm pretty good at knowing what people are going to say before they say it. I also get answers to questions that just pop into my mind. :)

    • theraggededge profile image

      Bev G 6 weeks ago from Wales, UK

      Probably most people know more often than they believe they do, but doubt and second-guessing themselves overrides their natural ability to tune into their 'knowing'. Maybe if we trusted ourselves, there would be fewer problems?

      Yes, that AI scenario is quite disconcerting :)

    • threekeys profile image

      Threekeys 6 weeks ago from Australia

      Interesting read.

      Very scary when the day A.I. has been given these senses/abilities. Maybe that has happened already?

      I think it woul be fair to say most of us have experienced these "clairs" during various points in our lives. Some of us have realized these clairs at the time and some of us are still trying to decipher them and put a name to them.

      I am weary of people who claim to "know" 100% of the time. One thing life keeps showing me is that very little seems to be finite or completed. That is 100% fullproof.

      However if you claim to "know" 100% of the time, what are you doing here? You should be out there solving world problems.