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Be Careful What You Wish For: A True Account of Ouija Board Horror

Cindy is an author and paranormal enthusiast who has published numerous books and articles on the subject of true unexplained phenomena.

The Seeds of Sadness

The story you are about to read was sent to me via social media, by a woman named Connie Lane. It recounts the attempts that she made to make contact with her brother, who had died at the tender age of four. Connie's efforts usually ended in disappointment. There were, however, a handful of times when she managed to communicate with someone in the spirit world. Unfortunately, it had not been her baby brother.

Connie told me that she had been a carefree six-year-old the year that her little brother drowned in a neighbor's swimming pool. She remembered that the tragedy had taken place during a barbeque. No one could make sense of the death of the child. There had been adults all around and other swimmers in the pool with the boy at the time of his death. Somehow, he had slipped below the surface without anyone noticing until it was too late.

The child's family, including Connie, were devastated by his loss. She recalls only dark days in the months that followed his passing. Although she was too young to fully comprehend what had happened, she could sense the sadness that had taken over her home. Her parents weren't the same people that she had known before the accident. The mother and father she had known would never be the same again and neither would she.

The passing of a loved one is never easy, especially when a family member is taken without warning.

The passing of a loved one is never easy, especially when a family member is taken without warning.

Testing the Waters

As the years went by, Connie longed to know if her little brother was still with them in spirit. Even as a little girl, she would lie in bed and talk to him as though he was in the room. Communicating with the boy was something she felt compelled to do, no matter how futile her efforts turned out to be.

When Connie was around 13, she invited a few of her friends from school to spend the night at her house. As they discussed ways to pass the time, Connie suggested that they have a séance. She had never participated in such a thing before, and didn't even know how to go about it, but she felt she was up for the challenge.

To her surprise, the other girls agreed without hesitation. None of them knew exactly what to do, so they mimicked things they had seen in movies. Connie fetched a few votive candles from the kitchen while her friends laid a blanket down on the bedroom floor.

The girls lit the candles and placed them on the blanket. They then switched off the lights and sat, cross-legged in a circle. She and her friends remained silent for a few moments, holding tightly to one and others hands. Connie eventually spoke up and asked if there were any ghosts in the room who wished to talk to them.

There was no response so Connie asked the same question again. Having no luck, she asked specifically if her brother was with them. There was no answer, as such, but Connie swears that the candle's flames suddenly flickered.

Connie was excited and wanted to continue, but that small gesture had been enough to convince her friends to pack it in for the night. Despite her pleas, they refused to participate. The séance was supposed to be for fun. The girls hadn't really wanted to talk to spirits. Connie could not say the same.


Making Contact

Although nothing earth-shattering had occurred as a result of the séance, Connie couldn't shake the feeling that her brother had been present in the room at some point. She knew, even then, that it would not be her last attempt to reach him.

Connie graduated from high school a few years later and took a job at a local retail store. She had plans for college, but had decided to spend a year in the workforce before committing herself to the years of higher education that lie ahead.

The store that Connie worked at was part of a small chain that was based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She loved her job and had, over the course of a few weeks, grown close to several of her coworkers. Their core group of five or six would meet up several nights a week to hang out at one of their homes and watch movies or play games.

During one of their get-togethers, Connie shared with them the story of how she had lost her brother at such a young age. She remembers the room falling silent as she told them of her various attempts to contact him in the ensuing years.

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One person in the group suggested that they try to communicate with Connie's brother using a Ouija board. Most of the people in the room thought it was a great idea, except for one girl who had scoffed at the notion. She was very religious and expressed her belief that the board was something used in occult ceremonies. She told them that they could do what they wanted, but she would have no part in it.

The guy who had brought up the subject told the group that they sold Ouija boards in the toy/sporting goods department of the store. He knew because he had stocked items himself. He assured them that if the boards could actually conjure up spirits, they wouldn't be sold in the toy department.

Everyone, besides the one holdout, agreed. Connie volunteered to buy the Ouija board since it was her brother they would be trying to contact. After the decision had been made to move forward, the group went back to watching their movie. They hadn't realized at the time that they had already opened themselves up to something that had been manipulating Connie for years.

The board was purchased a couple of days later, but several weeks passed before it was actually put to use. Connie was anxious to give it a try, but for reasons she can't quite explain, she would purposely avoid bringing it along when she met up with her coworkers. Finally, at their insistence, she relented and showed up one night with board in hand.

No one in the group had ever used a Ouija board before, but there didn't seem to be much to it. They knew that they were all supposed to touch the planchette, which would then glide across the letters and words that were printed on the board at the behest of whomever they contacted.

There were six people in the group, but only five were willing to participate. The girl who had objected to the idea sat in another room as the five who remained huddled around a card table in the host's bedroom.

Connie said that the only light in the room had been a lamp that was sitting on the nightstand. The room was dim which added to the spooky feeling that had permeated the space around them.

They weren't certain how to begin so they played it by ear. Each one of them placed their fingertips on the edges of the planchette. They had already agreed that no one was to push it on purpose. They wanted to do this right—for Connie.

The guy whose idea it had been to use the Ouija was the first to speak. He asked if there were any spirits in the room with them. When there was no movement from the planchette, he began asking more specific questions. He called on Connie's brother by name and asked that he say something to his sister.

Again, nothing happened. Connie then spoke up and pleaded with her brother to talk to her. She asked only that he let her know that he was alright. She told him that a simple "yes" or "no" was all she wanted.

A split second after Connie made the request, she says that the planchette moved to the word "no." No one knew at the time whether one of them had been manipulating the planchette or if it had actually moved on its own, but they continued on all the same.

Connie asked if the spirit they had summoned was her brother or someone else. The planchette slid to the word "me." Connie can remember her whole body shaking as she spoke to this spirit, whom she now believed to be her kid brother.

The first session with the Ouija board went on for almost an hour as the group bombarded their visitor with questions. Connie was most concerned with the fact that her brother had said that he wasn't alright. When she tried to find out why, his answers would never fit the question. After a while, she felt that he was deliberately trying to confuse her, but she pushed those thoughts aside. She was so happy to be communicating with her sibling that she hadn't trusted her own instincts.

Connie realizes now that all of the signs were there that something was wrong, she had just refused to see them. The most glaring issue was that the spirit they had contacted indicated that he had died in the ocean. Connie's brother had never been near the sea and certainly had not drowned in one. Even so, she had chosen to ignore the glaring inconsistencies between what she knew to be true and the story that the spirit was telling.

The contact ended abruptly when one of the people in the group had asked the spirit to tell Connie something that only she and her brother would have known. The spirit gave no answer and refused to respond to any more questions. The session, at least as far as their otherworldly guest was concerned, was over.

Connie knows now that they had done everything wrong that night. They opened a door into a dark place that they then neglected to close. They were so eager to reach Connie's brother that they believed everything they were told without question. Even so, they all felt that they had made contact with the spirit world on their very first try. What they didn't know was that this particular entity had been with Connie all along.

The Imposter

The same night that Connie and her friends had experimented with the Ouija board, she began to have horrible nightmares that would torment her for a long time thereafter. She could never remember exactly what occurred during these dreams, but she does know that it must have been something horrible. She claims that she would wake up drenched in perspiration and awash in feelings of dread and doom.

Connie recalls that, on at least one occasion, she had been so disoriented upon waking from her night terror that she thought she was dead. It was only after she lay in bed listening to the birds singing outside of her window that she realized that she was still among the living. She had never before experienced anything like the nightmares or their aftermath until the night they had supposedly spoken with her brother.

Although, the nightmares were daunting, Connie hadn't immediately connected them to the Ouija board. Instead of proceeding with caution, she began to use the board to communicate with her brother anytime she had a few moments to spare. She took comfort in their interaction and didn't want it to end.

Connie says that her brother wouldn't always be available when she summoned him, but that he would occasionally respond. When he was in a talkative mood, she would grill him about the afterlife. He didn't provide a lot of information, but he did tell her that he did not like the existence he was now forced to lead.

He explained that everyone is born with a set of things that they have to accomplish in life in order to move on to a higher plane of existence. Since he had been pulled from this life prematurely, he had not succeeded in carrying out the goals that had been set for him. For reasons beyond his control, he was now stuck in a middle ground between life and death. He could not move forward, nor could he rejoin the living.

When Connie asked him how she could help him to move on, the conversation abruptly ended. She would learn, over time, that even though he would willingly answer other questions, he refused outright to respond to this one.