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Updated on December 1, 2016

Astral Projection - Letting Your Soul Travel

The actual origin of "Astral" is derived from "astrum" which is a Latin word for "star."
The actual origin of "Astral" is derived from "astrum" which is a Latin word for "star."

Astral Projection, the Art of Letting Your Soul Travel

Astral projection or astral travel is, to be quite frank, sounds like a really cool concept of being able to leave your physical body and let your soul travel through astral planes.

To help imagine such a concept, think of a world where spiritual beings and paranormal bodies live, and an image of something you have probably read in a fantasy novel comes to mind. However, the concept of astral projection is close to that world. It is also referred to be similar to an of out of body experience (OBE). Some may think of it as an uncomfortable or frightening idea, but to claim it to be would be the wrong impression. If anything, astral projection could be described as a bit sci-fi, to say the most.

The Out of Body Experience

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Willpower - Let It Happen

Astral projection separates two parts of our living bodies, the physical and the spirit. The spirit part is astral, considered a star, because a star is heavenly, as is your soul.

However, astral projection means to release your spirit to let it wander into the metaphysical world. It is believed that since everyone has souls, they already take part in astral projection, mostly during their sleep; but of course, if you're sleeping you may no idea what is happening.

Many extreme incidents are those stories you hear of people seeing themselves on the operating table, doctors trying to bring a person back to life after moments of clinical death. That, too, is an out of body experience (OBE). When people take part in astral projection consciously, it is not like you will be transported to a world of faeries and spirits, sorry to disappoint. That world is only a hint of where spirits live and your soul does not travel there.

Your soul, however, travels to where you will it. For example, if you are on the beach, with calm and quiet all around you, you see the waves crashing into shore and you start thinking of playing in the waves and if you will it hard enough, you can almost feel as if you are playing in the waves without physically moving from where you are. It takes willpower and energy, but your spirit is like a child wanting to go out and play. All you have to do is let it! Will it!

Astral Projection - Religion and Metaphysics

When it comes to out of body experiences, religion and spirituality are never left behind. While concepts among different religions vary (no surprise there), the ground concept of astral projection remains the same. Many religious books tell tales of prophets and other incidents that describe the modern day conception of astral projection - so it does seem to be a widely held belief both in religion and metaphysics.

As to the question whether or not it really is true? The plethora of stories you can find about astral projection seem confident that yes, it does happen, and if you see it from a religious point of view, then the concept is also possible. Should you have an OBE, then it can be determined as a "religious" experience or a "spiritual" experience.

Astral Projection for Beginners – How to Astral Project (Astral Travel and Out of Body Experience)

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A True Story of Astral Projection

Many years ago, in my early 20s, before I even knew what astral projection was, I experienced an out of body experience (OBE).

In Nashville, Tennessee, I was invited to a young couple's home who had a dog tied up to a very short chain in their backyard. It looked like that animal was suffering to me and weighed heavy on my mind.

That night I had a dream that I went back to their home and, although, I had sight and sound, I did not see my body as I rose up the stairs leading to their back door. As I peered into their kitchen window, the light was on and I could hear the young couple arguing about something.

I looked behind me and saw the dog chained, not responding to me in anyway. The dog did not acknowledge my presence. I turned again toward the window seeing nothing through the closed curtain, but continued to hear loud voices.

When I looked back to the dog, he was gone. The chain was laying on the ground in a figure eight position.

Suddenly, my phone rang and it woke me up. The young girl was crying. She told me that someone had let their dog loose. I remember feeling sympathy for her but relieved about the dog. I expressed my concern, hung up the phone and went back to sleep.

The next day, I ran into the young lady again and she told me someone had let her dog loose. I replied that I knew because she had called me last night and told me. She looked at me questioning my response and stated she didn't call me. She couldn't have called me because she and her boyfriend had been arguing all night.

The only explanation I could come up with is that the dog tore at my emotions so much so that I astral projected that night and let the dog loose. I heard their argument, I was there.

I invented the telephone call and the conversation with her so my brain could accept the knowledge of knowing what happened. So I could have a mental reasoning of the situation. But I didn't really receive that phone call. I just had to justify it somehow.

I was there that night. I didn't see myself travel there; I was just there. I didn't see myself physically unleashing the dog; but the dog was set loose. I didn't see my feet as I climbed up the stairs to their back door, but I peered into the window and heard the argument. Then I abruptly woke up in bed to, what I thought, was the phone ringing. An imaginary conversation to settle my mind into accepting a paranormal experience.

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      • TLStahling profile image

        TL Stahling 8 days ago from US

        Aren't the mysteries of life fascinating?! Whenever I have a "paranormal" experience, it reminds me that there is so much more than we realize. I leave myself open for such things, and, at times, try to induce them. But it really seems to happen when I least expect it.

      • profile image

        Patricia 2 weeks ago

        I had traveled and also expirenced paralysis when I was pregnant with my daughter. I saw a young girl standing next to my bedsmiled and vanished. She had long blonde hair and fair skin and green eyes. When I went to find my birth mother, I was given the exact discription and to find out she had a twin sister that past away at age 17.