Are Ghosts Attracted to Certain People?

Updated on March 2, 2018
kittythedreamer profile image

Kitty has had paranormal experiences her entire life. These experiences have fueled her passion to write about all things supernatural.

Some ghosts seem to seek out certain people like believers, psychics, and sometimes mothers.
Some ghosts seem to seek out certain people like believers, psychics, and sometimes mothers. | Source

Spirits All Around Us

For those who have had paranormal experiences, we know that spirits can be all around us at any given moment. It's just that most people don't realize it. Ghosts come in all different shapes and sizes and colors. They appear at historical landmarks, on ancient battlegrounds, in forests, in the middle of the ocean, and even in our own homes. You might see them walking down the street of a busy city or bouncing around as an orb on an old railroad track.

Ghosts exist whether we can explain them with science or not. Theories abound as to whether they are actual human spirits caught between this world and the next or potentially trapped residual energy from past traumatic events. Or are they simply a glance into the past, a sort of time travel film on display to those who are in the wrong place at the right time? Ghosts can be nice, angry, apathetic, or sad. They show emotion and sometimes not at all. The question is, why do some people experience ghosts and spirits and others never do? Could it be that ghosts are attracted to certain people?

Believers vs. Non-believers

Does belief in certain things equal actual experiences with these things? For example, people who believe in God seem to have spiritual experiences, whereas those who don't believe in God claim they've had none. This goes for those who believe in ghosts, as well. Many people who believe in the spiritual world have experiences of the paranormal variety, whereas those who don't believe in ghosts say they don't exist because they've never seen or heard one in real life. Maybe it's not that ghosts don't exist so they've never seen one, maybe it's that they are blocking out the ability to see them.

A theory to this anomaly is that when one expands their mind to the spiritual world, one is opening up a channel to receive more information. This information could include having the ability to see, hear, or sense nearby spirits of different kinds. As human beings, we consciously and subconsciously choose what we want to see or not see. There's a psychological name for this - scotomization. Scotomization explains why people unknowingly "block out" certain experiences in life that may be traumatic or damaging to their psyche in some way. So if I tell myself I don't believe in ghosts, in order to protect my psyche or not; I may mentally block out any potential sightings or paranormal experiences whether I consciously find them frightening or not. This is why you hear people who don't believe say , "well, if they exist why haven't I seen one?" It's because you don't believe. To be cheesy and quote The Santa Clause movie, "believing is seeing."

"Seeing isn't believing. Believing is seeing."

— The Santa Clause movie

Psychics and Mediums

Along the same lines of believers being able to see ghosts more readily, people with certain seemingly "psychic" powers also seem to see and experience ghosts more so than others. Are these people actually "psychic" or are they simply believers that have practiced tapping into that spiritual side of their brain that allows them to see spirits?

There are different kinds of sensitive people. There are those who are clairvoyant, which might give them the ability to see spirits or get flashes of images in their minds. Then there are clairsentients who might feel the presence of a spirit. There are also clauraudients who would be able to hear a ghost speaking or moving. A psychic medium is another type in which the person might make contact with a spirit and deliver its message to another person. They might also be able to tap into the past, present, and future.

The question stands - are spirits around us all of the time and it's just a matter if one can see or feel them? Or are they attracted to certain kinds of people and seek them out, such as psychics and sensitives?

Some spirits are drawn to children because of their purity and light.
Some spirits are drawn to children because of their purity and light. | Source

Children and Mothers

Something I've noticed in my personal paranormal experiences is the seemingly real attraction of ghosts to children and mothers. In my own home and with my own children, we've had creepy experiences with spirits seeming to intrude when our children were very young. In my son's case, he was a newborn and we were hearing a man's voice over the baby monitor. One can debate this and say it was interference, but the voice seemed very calculated in what it was saying and seemed to want something from my son.

In my daughter's case, there was paranormal activity going on in her room at an old house we lived in. We could hear her closet door open in the middle of the night, and then hear someone walk out into the hallway and then into the living room. Both my husband and I heard this on numerous occasions, checked it out, and verified it wasn't our toddler daughter asleep in her bed. In both cases, I went into full cleansing mode and smudged my entire house, then blessed the windows and doors with oil and protective symbols. This stopped the activity.

There are dozens and dozens of stories of hauntings that involve children. Look at some of the infamous hauntings in the past century and it often revolves around the children (at least initially): Amityville, the Perron family haunting (inspired the movie The Conjuring), the Haunting in Connecticut with the Snedeker family), and the list goes on. In the Amityville haunting, the first people to notice the haunting was the children. There were stories of the kids levitating, ghosts talking to them, etc. In the Snedeker haunting in Connecticut, the son who is eventually diagnosed with cancer seems to be the most disturbed by the spirits in the basement. The same story goes with the story that inspired The Conjuring 2 - the little girl seems to be plagued by an old man's spirit while the others watch.

Why would ghosts and spirits be attracted to children? Children are pure beings, fresh souls in a somewhat tarnished world. They are innocent and their innocence is like a beacon of light in the darkness, therefore could very well attract moths. Another theory is that they are more vulnerable and trustworthy. It could also be that children are more attuned to the spiritual world. They haven't lost their imagination or wonder and are more likely to believe in the spiritual world because they haven't gone through years of being told these things don't exist (see the first paragraph on believers vs. non-believers).

As for ghosts being attracted to mothers, in some hauntings there are child-ghosts or child-like spirits that are attracted to women who are mothers. This is more of an obvious reason - if a child dies and becomes a ghost any woman who reminds the child of his or her mother he or she might be attracted to. Or any woman who comes the ghost's way might be attractive to the child, sadly. During a trip to Montana, my family and I stayed in a nice condominium in downtown Whitefish. The first day we were there, I was standing in the kitchen and heard a child call "mama". The odd thing about it was that my son was sleeping, my daughter was in the next room quietly watching TV, and I knew the voice wasn't one of my children's. That same day, my daughter wiped the table off with a wet towel and letters popped up in the moisture that sad "don't leave". My husband saw the words and told me. So was there a child's ghost in the building that was attracted to us because of our family dynamic?

People Who Dabble in the Occult

Another type of person that spirits seem to be attracted to are those who dabble in the occult. This could be a teenager who decides to "play" around with an Ouija board. This could be a woman who consults the tarot cards and does a few love spells. Or it could even be a grown man who investigates hauntings who brings these ghosts back home with him. Again, this goes back to believers versus non-believers and also psychically-sensitive people. All of these things could combine and attract ghosts. But when a person knowingly dabbles in the occult (mysteries), they are also like a light to moths.

When a person engages with the other-side, in whatever way that might be, they could very well be opening a door or portal to allow the spirits to come through. There are so many stories on the internet about kids who played with Ouija boards, thinking they were harmless, then finding out that there are spirits that seem to "come through" the board and stick around wreaking havoc on the people who played with it.

If you are going to dabble in the occult, you should also know how to protect yourself spiritually and protect your home from spiritual invasion. This includes learning how to properly smudge your home and yourself, drawing protective circles and barriers when need be, and how to eradicate any negative energy or entity that might decide to intrude.

Those who believe in ghosts seem to be the ones who actually see and experience ghosts over those who don't believe.
Those who believe in ghosts seem to be the ones who actually see and experience ghosts over those who don't believe. | Source

So Which Is It?

So which is it? Are ghosts attracted to certain people like believers, psychics, kids, and occult-dabblers or is it possible that spirits are around us all of the time and there are certain people who see and experience them over others?

Whatever the reason for paranormal activity, one thing is for sure - when you've experienced it there's no denying it. We can explain it away or try to rationalize, but in the end ghosts are real. Whether they are figments of our psyche manifested, residual energy from traumatic events, or lost souls is a decision everyone should make for themselves.

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Questions & Answers

  • Having encountered many ghosts in different forms, places, and circumstances, I wonder what is their purpose of being there since they have never relayed any message?

    Some ghosts don't have messages. Some just get trapped on this plane because of tragic, unexpected deaths.

© 2018 Kitty Fields


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  • profile image


    5 weeks ago from uk

    i suppose you know there's something there but what you just feel there's something there, to a sensitive they see energy in there minds eyes this ghost energy will know this and try and communicate usually there gona be earth bond if its ghost echo it will not communicate usually as it just an impression

  • profile image


    5 weeks ago from uk

    your probably wondering what clairsentience has do with ghosts a ghost is a spirit soul of past person a person with clairsentience feels or senses energies that other people do not sense or feels since everything is energy it stands to reason clairsentients can sense ghosts even if its only an echo of the past

  • profile image


    5 weeks ago from uk

    there's always a way of confirming your clairsentience.let me explain many years when i first started working for an electrical company there two blocks flats were we had to rewire the landlord lighting in the one block on the stairwells the surrounding air felt ok clean and clear in the next block on a number of certain floors the air felt heavy and strange and it felt clingy and not nice sensation when i mentioned this to a couple of guys that came on to the stairwell i asked them if they noticed anything strange they said no what the matter i never told them what i was sensing i said forget get it. it was not like i was looking for anything either just doing my job then years later after more experiences i begain to understand it was either clairsentience or empathy. but what you sense does not put food on the table i hope this start to make sense folks all the best

  • Fayleen profile image


    6 weeks ago

    Since I moved into this flat there has been doors moving, a tap went on by itself. Last night there was three bumps on the floor and straight after I got a fear feeling. Which does not usually happen as I'm so used to the doors. There is an attic above me as I live on the top floor and as I type this it's like bump bump I can hear it. When we got home from holiday the other day my shelf where the fairy tarot is was messed up. I'm sure I left it tidy. Anyway it just helps me calm down to type this. I'm usually ok with it I just got a bit of a fright last night.

  • profile image


    2 months ago from uk

    do mediums experience the departed ones differently to say a clairvoyant

  • profile image

    AOT is life 

    3 months ago

    How Can You Tell if a Ghost is in your presence?

  • profile image


    4 months ago

    I have experienced the paranormal ,in my life more than once.

  • profile image

    Mike Kennedy 

    4 months ago

    I found it interesting that the photo caption accompanying this article said that those who seem to believe in ghosts are the ones who see or hear them. However, I used to have a nice, well-educated girlfriend who did not believe in spirits, and one evening when she dropped me off at home, it being an old house that was formerly owned by my late grandparents, she lingered in her vehicle and didn't drive away right away like she usually did. I thought she was looking out for me. The next day, she explained the reason why she didn't leave right away. She said she saw what appeared to be a well-dressed, tall man in a fedora walk from the (closed and locked) patio gate and stroll over to and walk up the steps of the porch, several feet ahead of me. At the time, I was looking down fumbling with my keys and a box of leftover food, but looked up to fleetingly see what looked like a shadow go into the porch. However, at the moment, I thought the street light was casting shadows. She said she lingered because she was wondering what my reaction would be to the person or whatever it was in the porch, but I told her there was nothing there when I entered the porch. Because there had been other unexplained incidents (sounds) at that house over the years, I asked her: now do you believe there are spirits or residual haunting or something paranormal at that place? And she still said no, there is no such thing. I asked her, then how do you explain what you saw? She said she could not explain it, but she definitely saw a man walking up to the front door, but as far as she was concerned, there are no ghosts.

  • profile image


    5 months ago

    I had this conversation just the other day with a Non-Believer who happens to be my better half ... I know ugh ... seems to me it happens all the time - with me - and not him ... quite frankly, he's not in tune, nor a magnet in that sense and how I like to describe. .The good news is we get along famously lol. Interesting artticle, Nicole. Voted UP (even though that fun option was taken away :) Bravo

  • profile image


    7 months ago

    "A theory to this anomaly is that when one expands their mind to the spiritual world, one is opening up a channel to receive more information. This information could include having the ability to see, hear, or sense nearby spirits of different kinds"

    Yes... that is a theory... but nothing more. Certainly not a scientific theory, one that can be proven in a presentable way. I used to believe in ghosts, mainly because I read about them all the time as a child, I even heard voices at night, and saw eyes in the dark one time.

    However, science was something I was increasingly taking an interest in, and I've since realised every 'paranormal' experience I've ever had / heard about is either explainable, or a lie / exageraton. I've now turned my back on the paranormal, that is, until something convinces me otherwise (I'm still amount of photos or ghostly footage has convinced me yet...) So i've got my own conclusion (and there's actually science behind it)

    People who believe, WANT to see ghosts - and they will. Those who don't, simply don't care for them and won't. Does that mean the spirit it attracted to the believer? Short answer - no. The believer has simply deluded themselves into 'seeing' or 'sensing' it.

    I know that will rub some people the wrong way, so forgive me. But that is exactly what I was doing as a child, and I can see that now in hindsight And for the record, choosing science didn't make my world any smaller, if anything it has opened me up to the vast wonders around us, for anyone to explore and see. Life is rewarding enough, wihtout saddling yourself with silly ghost stories.

  • profile image

    Tabs Mckenna 

    9 months ago

    Very interesting article as it has provided many answers to alot of my questions..Thank you

  • kittythedreamer profile imageAUTHOR

    Kitty Fields 

    11 months ago from Summerland

    Soul Journee - I do not fear what others think of me. And yes, I've had mild clairvoyance for many years...sometimes it's stronger than other times. I also believe I have clairsentience, as well, as I can walk into certain places and feel the energies there. Be they spiritual or emotional or otherwise. Thanks for reading and sharing, too!

  • profile image


    11 months ago

    I'm so glad that there are people out there who truly understand these little experiences or gifts ( I might add) that many do not like to share for fear of judgement by those who do not understand. I've always had the sight, a bit of clairvoyance and clairsentience, but mostly precognition through dreams ... little stories here and there, and a few powerful experiences that I hope to share. The man's voice over the baby moniter hit home with me in lieu of my experience in Germany with the baby swing violently rocking back and forth! Thank You so much for sharing this article.

  • profile image

    Janie reece 

    11 months ago

    I never believed in ghosts or any of that sillyness until 4 yr ago.... now I know without a doubt in my heart that there are... I will go to my very grave knowing and telling my story to be true...and there isn't a person alive that will ever convince me other wise...

  • Mary Phelan profile image

    Mary Phelan 

    11 months ago from London

    I believe in ghosts but have utterly failed to attract one - what could I be doing wrong?

    Fascinating hub, by the way.

  • kittythedreamer profile imageAUTHOR

    Kitty Fields 

    11 months ago from Summerland

    Heidi - That movie was so good! Thanks for reading and commenting.

  • heidithorne profile image

    Heidi Thorne 

    11 months ago from Chicago Area

    I can't verify that I have or haven't encountered one of these beings, but everything's possible! And I do think there are presences of all sorts around us.

    I'm reminded of the movie, The Sixth Sense, as I read the bit about children.

    Have a blessed week!

  • Peggy W profile image

    Peggy Woods 

    11 months ago from Houston, Texas

    This is a very interesting article. There is no denying that some people are more sensitive to the 'other side.' There are cases where psychics have aided police departments in finding bodies of people murdered, etc. It makes sense that those who are more open to the possibility of contacts from spirits would experience them more than those who have closed minds.

  • MizBejabbers profile image

    Doris James-MizBejabbers 

    11 months ago from Beautiful South

    Very good article, Nicole, in which you present both scenarios as to why certain people seem to attract ghosts. I believe both are true. I also think that people who don't believe in ghosts or spirits shut them out. Of your categories of sensitives, I'm a clairsentient.

  • profile image


    11 months ago

    I've had a dream in which my ex comes to me holds my hand and talks to me about why our relationship ended and says that we both still love each other and in the end we hug eachother and cry.

  • Stephen C Barnes profile image

    Stephen Barnes 

    11 months ago from St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador

    Interesting article Nicole, and very interesting premise. I have often wondered myself if ghosts were attracted to different types of people, or if it came down to one's openness to seeing and believing. I found when talking to people, while researching of my own articles, that two people in the exact same place at the exact same time can have two completely different experiences, one seeing and/or hearing something paranormal, and another experiencing nothing at all.

    In one case I was speaking with two sisters who had grown up together in the same house. One sister swears the house was haunted, and recounted numerous personal experiences of the paranormal in that house to back up her claim. The other sister claimed to have no such experiences what ever, and does not believe in ghosts or the paranormal. I don't know if it is because ghosts are just more attracted to one sister over the other, or if, as you say, one sister was just "blocking them out". It is an interesting question.

  • msshandriaball profile image

    Shandria Ball 

    11 months ago from Anniston

    Yes,i believe certain people attact ghost. People are hunted just like places

  • Seafarer Mama profile image

    Karen A Szklany 

    11 months ago from New England

    Hi Kitty,

    Great hub, and very important. I see Ouija boards for sale in the board games section of stores shudder. Won't allow one in our house and warned my daughter against playing with one. Only once have I witnessed a friend creating a makeshift "safe" ouija circle at our UU church during breakfast after a church sleepover, but didn't really participate. Still somewhat traumatized by "The Exorcist" and "Poltergeist."


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