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Demon Sightings Explained: Are There Real Demons Here on Earth?

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With interests in science and nature, the author explores topics from a unique and sometimes controversial perspective.

Are stories of demons drawn from sightings of real-life creatures, or are these strange beasts proof of demons here on Earth?

Are stories of demons drawn from sightings of real-life creatures, or are these strange beasts proof of demons here on Earth?

Are There Demons on Earth?

Are there real demons here on Earth, and do sporadic sightings of strange and elusive creatures provide the proof? Speaking in a religious sense, demons are usually depicted as agents of evil. They’re supernatural beings that come from the spirit realm, forms of darkness that lurk in the shadows. Some say they’re fallen angels, banished forever from God’s light.

These are demons in the traditional Judeo/Christian model, and there are plenty of alleged accounts of such creatures throughout history. Sometimes they are said to haunt homes and inflict suffering on the people who reside there. Other times they may actually possess a person.

We are all familiar with these stories. Whether you believe them or not is, of course, a matter of personal opinion. But let’s consider another theory: Is it possible there are strange creatures here on Earth, rarely seen and undocumented by modern science, which have inspired mankind’s fear of demons?

Perhaps they are entities from another dimension, visitors from a spiritual plane, or real flesh-and-blood animals. Their appearance is terrifying, nearly as much so as their behavior. Possibly they simply wish to exist on their own terms and mean us no harm. Or maybe they are messengers, who appear only to pass on important information. Maybe, they are really evil after all.

The world of cryptozoology is filled with strange, mysterious creatures. In this article, we’ll take a look at several cryptids that have baffled the public, the authorities, and academics for decades.

We’ll examine the stories behind the sightings of each, and see what similarities exist. In the end, we’ll try to answer the question, Are they real-life demons here on Earth?

Demonic Traits and Behavior

When we look at these monsters we can see they have a lot in common. They also have a lot in common with the stereotypical description of demons. Here are a few of the shared traits:

  • Bipedal: All three of the creatures are said to walk upright like a person. Demons, of course, generally take some sort of humanoid form. The Jersey Devil is said to have cloven hooves, an attribute often linked to the Devil and demons.
  • Wings, and/or the Ability to Fly: Demons are often depicted with wings, a characteristic of at least two of our monsters. There are some reports of El Chupacabra being capable of flight, though reports of wings are rare.
  • Sharp Claws: Another stereotypical demon attribute, two of our creatures are said to have sharp claws. Little mention is made in reports of the Mothman’s hands or claws, other than that it takes a humanoid form.
  • Glowing eyes: Witnesses of all three of these beasts report glowing eyes that struck terror into them. Of course, we’d expect nothing less from a demon!

Looking beyond the physical traits, they also exhibited similar behaviors, such as:

  • Attacks on pets and livestock, sometimes for food and sometimes simply out of aggression
  • Revealing themselves to humans in plain sight before flying or running off without a trace.
  • Appearing to many people over a relatively short period of time of weeks or months, then vanishing.

Looking at these facts, we seem to have three very similar creatures here in both appearance and behavior. What does this tell us? There seem to be three possibilities.

Explanations for Demon Sightings

  1. Perhaps they are real, flesh and blood animals that are rarely seen by people and gave rise to the legend of demons.
  2. Maybe they are visitors from some other universe or dimension who only appear for brief periods of time.
  3. Maybe, they are real demons, fallen angels from Hell itself.

The Jersey Devil

The Jersey Devil is a horrifying supernatural entity that came to the public's attention during a brief period of mayhem in the early part of the 20th century. But it has been around much longer, and its presence has spawned numerous origin myths to explain what it is, and where it came from.

People are seeing something strange in the Pine Barrens. Is the Jersey Devil some kind of unknown or misidentified creature, or is it really a demon here on Earth?

Below is an artist's rendition drawn from eyewitness accounts back in the early 1900s. What is this thing?

The Jersey Devil may have the most direct claim to demonship by name alone, but there are also those who think it could also be a real flesh-and-blood animal. It has haunted the Pine Barrens of New Jersey for hundreds of years and is said to be a bipedal creature with the head of a horse, bat-like wings, cloven hooves, and sharp claws.

Some cryptozoologists believe it may be a rare animal that resides in the dense woods of New Jersey, but legend says it is something far worse.

Stories that attempt to explain the Jersey Devil vary, but most of them revolve around the pregnancy of a woman who curses her child, which then turns out to be a demon. It’s likely these tales were fabricated to explain a creature that was already well-established in the Pine Barrens before Europeans began to populate the area. Native American tribes referred to the Barrens as the Place of the Dragon, and a dragon is certainly a fitting description for the Jersey Devil.

The Devil most notoriously made its presence known during an outbreak of sightings back in 1909 when over fifty separate incidents were reported during a one-week period. In several cases, the Devil was seen by law enforcement officers, government officials, and large groups of people.

The Devil was said to attack livestock and even exhibited aggression toward people. In one story it was shot and proved impervious to the bullets.

For a week the Jersey Devil terrorized small towns in New Jersey and was even spotted as far west as Philadelphia. Just as suddenly as the beast appeared, the sightings stopped. The Devil is still seen on occasion today, but for one week in 1909, it seemed to be on a mission of some sort.

Like the Mothman, was the Jersey Devil attempting to communicate with humans for some reason? Did it have an agenda, good or evil?

Do sightings of the Jersey Devil prove demons are real?

Do sightings of the Jersey Devil prove demons are real?

The Mothman

Of all the cryptids alleged to exist in this world, the Mothman is one of the few that some say has been responsible for real human suffering. This is a winged creature with all the hallmarks of what might be typically called a Devil. With a humanoid form and an apparent ability to either foretell or cause disaster, the Mothman may well be a demon here on Earth.

The events that occurred in a West Virginia town back 1966 to 1967 have cemented the Mothman's reputation as a terrifying supernatural being. But what is this creature really, and what role did it play in those events nearly half a century ago?

The story of the Mothman started on November 15th, 1966, when two couples in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, reported seeing a man-like creature with huge wings and glowing red eyes near an abandoned World War II munitions factory. The beast chased them home, and the couples reported the encounter to the police.

That same evening, a man nearly 90 miles away was rustled out of his house by a strange whining noise. In his backyard, he discovered a large, terrifying creature with glowing red eyes.

The man went inside and found his rifle, but hadn’t the courage to go out and confront the beast. In the morning he discovered his hunting dog had gone missing.

Local authorities united and scoured the land in a search for the creature, particularly the vicinity of the abandoned TNT factory where it had been first sighted. As they searched, many more people had their own sightings of the bizarre and frightening creature. Each told the same story: A large, flying man-like entity, with big, glowing eyes was reported in each case.

The Mothman began to appear in nearby towns, and then around the state. The creature seemed to be everywhere. Reports of attacks on pets and domestic livestock skyrocketed, and many attributed these attacks to the Mothman.

Sightings only subsided with the tragic collapse of the Silver Bridge in Point Pleasant, which occurred on December 15th, 1967. Some believe the Mothman had come to warn the town of the imminent disaster but was unable to communicate its intentions. Others believe it may have caused the destruction of the bridge.

Occasional encounters with the Mothman continue, and today the beast is celebrated with the annual Mothman Festival. But sightings never again reached the level they had back in the late 1960s.

The Mothman seemed to appear for only a short time, then vanish. Why was it here? What did it want? Will it ever return on the scale of the 1960s encounters?

More to the point, is the Mothman truly evil, a demon here on Earth?

El Chupacabra

Alien. Demon. Genetics experiment gone wrong. There seems to be nothing that can truly explain the terrifying Chupacabra. This is a monster that defies science and logic, with a winged, humanoid build that makes it reminiscent of cultural depictions of a devil.

But accounts of this creature vary, depending on who saw it and where. Does that mean witness accounts are unreliable? Or, could it mean El Chupacabra is some kind of shape-shifter with supernatural abilities?

Does the presence of this being and others like it explain alleged sightings of demons around the world?

In Puerto Rico, back in 1995, something began preying on local livestock in strange ways. It came in the night, terrorized local villages, and left without a sound. Like a vampire, this creature appeared only to be interested in the blood of its victims and would leave the rest of the animal behind.

Farmers and ranchers were dumbfounded and could do nothing to stop it. Then one night the terrifying culprit was finally spotted, and it was like nothing anyone had ever seen before.

Now known as El Chupacabra, the Goat Sucker, the monster is described as short and bipedal, with large eyes, sharp claws, and a line of spikes running down its back. Soon El Chupacabra was spotted all around Puerto Rico, and then other Latin American countries.

Everywhere it went there were tales of frightened people and exsanguinated livestock. Speculations of its origin ranged from top-secret government projects to alien involvement, to some bizarre and unknown animal just now seen for the first time.

The initial sightings eventually died down. There were more reports of El Chupacabra in America and Mexico, but these seemed to be of a strange canine creature unrelated to the original sightings. Whatever El Chupacabra was, it took its secrets with it

Today El Chupcacra is sighted infrequently. Some cryptozoologists believe it may be an unusual species of bat, rarely seen and undocumented by modern biology. But witnesses know what they had seen was no bat.

What was this unusual being, and where did it come from? Stories of similar creatures on the island of Puerto Rico could be traced back some 20 years prior, to 1975 when a similar rash of livestock attacks occurred. Are these outbreaks cyclical, and if so will the Chupacabra return?

Is This Proof of Demons Here on Earth?

Taken as a whole, what do we make of the sightings and evidence behind the Jersey Devil, El Chupacabra, and Mothman? Some would say they are legends built on the power of mass hysteria and suggestion

It has been speculated that the story of the Mothman began with the sighting of a large, white owl. Many say the Jersey Devil may be misidentified Sandhill Cranes. Certainly, humans are fallible when it comes to our senses, and many a rumor has begun based on half-truths.

Then again, stories of demons here on Earth and ghostly spirits tormenting humans have been with us for thousands of years. Who is to say what form they may take, and how they may appear to us? All three of these creatures have done their share of torment and terrifying people. Would this not be on the agenda of the average demon?

Until we have better knowledge of why they are here and what they want, El Chupacabra, the Mothman, and the Jersey Devil can be explained as real demon sightings just as well as anything else.

Are Demons Real?

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


Della on February 10, 2020:

i see this demon in my dreams, and sometimes when I'm alone very briefly, his name is taxi he use to be a actor in my dreams, does this mean anything? I'm not joking so if you can help please do.

Kc tiptoft on January 03, 2020:

I seen a black snake skin horned winged sharp claws three big claws toes red glowing snake eyes and it had it arms crossed and staring into my eyes and made my eyes look like his it like it was studying me and it was interested in it like know what it was and who he was and what can you teach me it happened when I was 12 and see weird stuff all the time after that but I'm crazy no one believes me I still search to find him can't hide forever even in after like I going get you

Silas777 on November 28, 2019:

I think demons are either fallen angels- like religion shows- inter dimensional beings, or an extremely dangerous species that is unknown to scientists.

Mamie V Davis on November 18, 2019:

I saw a similar creature. I’m not crazy I swear. I saw it in daytime. It stood upright like a human and appeared to be a male. I couldn’t see it’s body because it was in a cape or robe type clothing. It turned to me and smiled and I did not expect to see what I saw. It had long sharp scary teeth when it smiled. It was at a vacant house in Longview Washington standing in front of the front door of the home. It was so creepy and I could only see it on a video camera monitor not with regular sight. It was so wierd and puzzles me to this day. I can’t figure out what it was but I got this msg or thought that it was bringing death and waiting for people to occupy the house so it could bring death inside it had other small creatures with him who had creepy smiles also. They could see me through the video camera and were looking directly at me. I also saw a figure hanging from the tree next to them. When the creature bent his ulbows upward behind him long wings hanging to the ground appeared. It was so scary I had to turn and not look but when I looked again it was still there. Any thoughts on this ??

Oliver on June 22, 2019:

I say when i was about 6 or so ,i shared a room with my older brother my bed was located on the left side of the room when you entered and to the right side of my bed was a window after that was my brothers bed.well late at night my window would open and a large monstrous hand arm would grab me and try to pull me out of the window this would happen just about every night, for god knows how long .i never spoke of ut till i was much older and i just now am remembering it.but i have come to the conclusion that my parents put it in my head that if i was bad the boogie man would come get what i think is i would stay up as long as i could then when i felt to sleep that's when the nightmare would begin, i mean even to this day it brings tears to my eyes just speaking about it.i truly believe i would have died in my sleep if that demon would have succeeded in pulling me out the window i would hold on for life he never did pull me out. Anyway i guess the moral of the story is don't go telling kids about the boogie man .lol. i am sorry but i do believe in god and i will never dought a persons experience. P.s i did see a ufo.

Austin on April 24, 2019:

Long ago I had woken up from a good night's rest to find a green demon watching me sleep I still search for the demons name and why I was being watched sleep I have seen shadow people before and they all would stay in one side of my house. Idk could I possibly be crazy cause I don't believe in the bibical God I believe in the universe and I mean if demons are real what else is?

tyler on April 16, 2019:

no, i think there real, but not like the chupacabra, which isn't real

Deborah Dugger from Colorado on December 29, 2018:

Anyone unrepentant is open to many demons

THe oNE EmO kID on December 18, 2018:

I swear they are all real. You can feel there spirits when there close, and you can also use a Ouija board to tell. Trust me, they are here.. they wont hurt you unless you do something to make them angry, or annoy them.

Ann on August 28, 2018:

As they say in the video, any distortion of the face or body can be seen as demonic or monstrous. I really feel sorry for the poor woman Jeff saw. Not only homeless but problems with her face and having to bear people's reaction to that...

Otherwise, there are no demons. People with not really well-functioning brains are real, though. Schizophrenia, depression, other illnesses can cause hallucinations.

The problem occurs when these people attack others thinking they are demons.

Jeff on August 04, 2018:

I witnessed a demon face to face, about 15 feet away, im glad my buddy was with me to validate the experience. A girl in her 20's, homeless, walking in front of our vehicle shading the left side of her face walking into a fast food place. Got to the door and very slowly turned her head to make eye contact, omg, looked like someone had jammed que balls into her eye sockets, my buddy said said are you seeing this, i said lets get the hell out of here

Kristina on July 31, 2018:

Has anyone hurd of a demon that resemblance is of a rubber man with red eyes

Psp13 on May 30, 2018:

What demons actually are is the disembodied spirits of the nephilim. Do you know the story of goliath? When goliath died, his spirit is a demon. Goliath was an abomination creature. Meaning he is an offspring between human and angel. The fallen angels did this in an attempt to thwart Gods plan of salvation via a messiah. They couldn't corrupt the savior like we are born with sin because sin passes through the seed of man. So the tried to alter the DNA of the entire human race. This is why the flood of Noah took place. Noah and a few others was the only pure humans left. The Bible is much more wise than a lot of fools realize. You here people say the God of the Bible is a tyrant or monster because he kills innocent people. Well they do so but what they don't realize is He had a real and good reason. They was not a creation of his. They was one of the generations of the abominable creatures. The later generations appeared as human but the earlier generations was more obvious and these are the ones the Bible refers to as giants. They was huge in stature and some where deformed or to some degree monstrous looking like say cycloptic. Nephilim , look it up if you want to know the real history. These beings are demons not fallen angels. Angels do not need to posses anyone to interact with our world. Demons do.

Shiiasan on May 21, 2018:

Here's a couple of stories and things I experienced at my old place.

I used to live in a 15 year old caravan. I don't know who else had lived in in apart from the landlord, me and my mother.

So I would experience 'supernatural' occurrences. It wasn't anything that major Things falling when they shouldn't have (one time my Wii remote fell from my shelf. It was behind some books.) etc. But, quite often, I would feel as if someone was watching me. Especially if I'm alone. I'm not paranoid, since I'm home alone quite a lot where I live now and I don't get it anymore. I always felt as if some sort of entity was like watching me or something. I don't really know how to explain it if I'm honest.

But, there's something that really creeped me out, and I've only now thought to finally look into it. I haven't really told anyone because they probably won't believe me. I still remember it as if it was yesterday.

My mother was working late again, so she would come home at 9pm. I was used to that. Anyway, I was playing on my PS3. Probably Skyrim or something. I don't exactly remember. But, I suddenly felt a strange feeling of dread and fear for no reason at all. I was terrified of going out of my room but I didn't know why. I soon became hungry so I wend to make some food.

I thought 'what could go wrong?' so I opened the door to go to the kitchen. When I stepped out of my room, I heard a deep, demonic laugh and I saw a tall, shadow-like figure There was nobody the same height as him that I knew lived close by. But, he also had huge demonic horns.

I have no idea what that thing was or what it wanted, but it still sends shivers down my spine to this day. And here I am now, nearly midnight on a school night, researching what it could be.

JJ on March 18, 2018:

I'll chime in here and share my story that is 34 years in the making. It's a long one so I apologize ahead of time and just want to say I believe every one of you that has seen or felt a demon in your presence. Some accounts happened when I was too young to remember but my parents told me about them and the latest when I was an adult (I'm 41 now).

I was born in Central America in the late 70's, in those times we did not have all these "channels" of information that could influence a young mind like today where we are surrounded by fantastic images through movies and cgi. Keeping that in mind consider the following:

When I was 3 1/2 years old, my father was driving down a winding path in a thick fog when I suddenly told him to slow down or he would run into the dead man. My mom got the chills and told him to slow down.

About a mile down the road we encountered a procession....carrying a coffin. Had he not slowed down there would have been a lot more dead than the person in the box.

We then moved to Jersey in the early 80's and things started to get really strange. One morning when I was about 6 years old I saw an old lady walk into the kitchen...I ran after her and only saw my mom cooking. I asked her where was grandma (strange thing is I did not call my grandmother that). So my mom freaked out and asked me what I had seen so I told her just that. Two days later my grandmother came over to tell my mom that my grandmother's mom had passed two days ago and she just found out.

Age 7, it very was early in the morning and no one was awake at the time. I was lying in bed staring at the door (that was half open) when the most paralyzing vision of what I believe to be a demon stuck its head into the room. The thing was about 9 feet tall and had a flat, flesh colored cylindrical head that was covered entirely with eyes of all sizes and colors. It just stood there looking at me and in my terror I just threw the blanked over my head for a few seconds, when I peeked over the covers it was gone. Till this day I can not get that image out of my brain and I have always wondered what it was until now...but I'll get to that in a bit.

Age 9, One of my favorite things to do was drawing...on still is. During the winter months the windows in those old Jersey building fog up so they make for perfect finger drawing surfaces. The way the street lights hit the water beads made for an even better drawing (to an 8 year old I guess). So I began to draw buildings over and over and over again. Since our apartment had so many windows I was at it all night. When I was done my mom came over and asked me about one particular drawing so I explained why I did it. I told my mom this was a drawing of the Twin Towers breaking in half (exploding) and that we had to leave this place because the same thing that happened in our country was going to happen here. We left our country running from a cival war that destroyed the backbone of everything my parents had worked so hard to achieve. We moved the next year....freaked my mom out yet again.

This sort of thing happened over the years into my adult hood. I was able to sense the death of my brother-in-law's best friend about a week before it happened. I saw an accident in my mind from looking at a car just to find out a couple months later it belonged to a co-worker that had gone missing and was almost decapitated. I was able to feel the agonizing experience my parents and sister went through when they decided to revisit Central America after almost two decades...they almost got lost in the mountains and thought they were going to die out there....I felt it all and even told my wife about the horrible sensation as it was happening.

I don't really research paranormal things nor am I very religious but I do believe in God and the Devil. After years of analyzing what this thing could be I believe the demon that visited me was death itself. If it is covered with eyes then it can see everything...the past...the present...the future. Why else would I have been so in tuned with visions of those that had passed (the person in the coffin, my mom's grandma) those that could pass/in death's grip (my family almost getting lost and me feeling their anguish in real time...and visions of those that would pass (the world trade center deaths, my in-law's friend, my co-worker) and many other instances that I will not go into in this already long ramble. I have not been visited by this all seeing demon again but I wonder why, till this day, did it use me as I could not warn anyone...just that one time when the man in the box crossed my path.

Kayla Will on January 23, 2018:

I saw a demon surfacing around my room one night when I was ten. It went on for two nights. I felt like I was awake, and I was, yet I saw it. No one in my family believed me. But it felt so real, I haven't gotten over it to this day.

Trudy carle on January 09, 2018:

Me & my older brother had a horrific simultaneous nightmare when we were around 9 & 10....A lucid nightmare of a demon baby clicking claws like a dogs on linoleum...When I realized I was not awake or asleep looked down off bunk bed to see it snarling up at me--the only thing that snapped me out of it was my brother running into my room screaming "Did you see it too?". I honestly believe he saved my life that night..

bumpy on January 04, 2018:

years ago I was attacked not really understanding what was happening, they several I guess legion for there were many tried to get me to deny CHRIST I would not, I spent years reading the BIBLE and fighting demons through prayer and getting to know Christ I will fight to the end . I look forward to a place in heaven. In the name of JESUS CHRIST GOD in heaven please give me strength and courage and guide me through my life

Awesomely interesting on December 06, 2017:

I clearly think that demons do exist. I do believe that demons exists in physical form and in spirit . Lucifer and his angles were tossed out of the kingdom of god, and he is revengeful. They are not units of unattractive image but they are desirable. They present themselves to be glamorous and irresistible, so they can lower you in to be apart of there suffering. There journey is destruction and death. They are followers of Lucifer and they are destined for hell. There were angles that reverenced god and respected the lord, I believe that god assigned them to us for protection. I believe that God has created them for his own purpose.

thomas on September 10, 2017:

when i was 7year old a demon was sitting on my bed. off course i freaked out.

what he looked like was a normal human. he was smiling but looked weird. its no joke. I still remember the face as clear as day. then it just disapeared in thin air. believe me if there a demon there also is GOD.

Gettys randomness YouTube on June 08, 2017:

I had an encounter 5 years ago now with 3 smaller ones & 1 larger one. A what? Idk. It had the head of a frog and looked like a 5 1/2 foot frog but part human. I say human cuz it stood on its legs. It spoke telepathically & all 4 of them had these fine strings that came from the mouths. I tried to run as I was going thru a woody area dark & rainy up a hill. I heard a smash. I got knocked out. I tried to get up 3x and was put out. Finally I decided not to move & I looked around & seen these glowing strings stuck to me. I followed these glowing strings a weird greenish blue color & they came from the frog man creatures mouths. We spoke back & fourth for a bit. No, this was not the Loveland frogman I live in Duluth Minnesota. That's mynyoutibe above but my names David Guite / Jesus reigns. My wall pic. Anyhow I was lost you'd could say at that point in my life and seen many different things b4 from shadow people to transparent demons but these things were of solid matter and they basically kidnapped me. Well, in a sense as they wouldn't let me go for bout 15 minutes this went on. Not until my prayer to God then the one leader got furious. They let me go. Bout 4 blocks later I tried as I was walking to tell myself I was just hallucinating but I knew better. Then I seen it appear across the street standing on it legs. It gave me the biggest grin ever and I was almost crippled with fear I tried not to look at it & kept walking. It wasn't green it was silvery black wet looking shiny like rubber skin or like a frog I guess. It's eyes were si Iliad to a frog only they were big big and almond like alien pic eyes. Webbed hands & feet. Had a glowing energy about it and appeared in a few different places after that within a few minutes as I walked. Less then 100 yards from me. I felt that night they were trying to kill me & shock me & stop my heart and take me to Hell

joshy on June 06, 2017:

As michelle said demons are indeed fallen angels that were thrown out by god for betraying him and rebeling against him. And truth be told i think that are here just to make us suffer and maybe they do it to show us the pain that they feel.

rton on June 02, 2017:

demons are not fallen angels, this is a misconception put by demon himself,demons were living on earth before man and they hate man due to this fact.Angels are spirtual creatures that dont have any kind of disobedience of God inside them and they are agents and servant of God,

Cheryl Hudnall on April 04, 2017:

I believe these strange animals could possibly be here on earth because fallen angels may have mated with beasts and created these animals.

Trevor on January 23, 2017:

I am pretty much a non believer of god angles or devils but when I was 5?years old I got electrocuted with an exposed electric wir and saw a dozen demonic figures very ugly flying around me.,I blacked out I guess and when I revived they were gone. I was too young to have preconceived ideas about demons and wonder where they came from or why I saw them . I dismissed my thoughts about them until recently now 70 years old and that aspiration came back to me when I had a fall. Are they real?? What did I see?? Anyone had a similar experience??

DreamzofBliss on December 09, 2016:

I recently have been seeing beings which is what led me here today. I am trying to figure out what they are. They come for a few days and hang out in the back area of my home. It is wooded area. They watch us, for sure. They watch thru the windows. They also have the ability to come thru and form within curtains, or anything that will contain their body. Some are huge. Some are small. I believe they come thru a portal and are of many different ages. Some have bluish/green skin. Some look exactly like the alien pics that you see all over the web. Some look like demons. I seen one particular one that was quite charming, it seemed. From a womans point of view....quite handsome. He was huge and had beautiful black wings. In my mind I refer to him as a fallen angel. He could be the mothman this author writes about, idk. They all hang together, leading me to believe that demons and aliens are in definate cahoots with each other. Upon observation they seem to like cats, tigers and other animals. Often odd pets. LIke alligators. They also seem to like sexuality. The sexuality often is dark in nature. I fear them and am very intriqued all at once.

Delta Tom on December 04, 2016:

I know this a way late reply but 18 years ago right before the birth of my daughter while traveling down an isolated road next to an an old Navy ammo storage facility I encountered a 4 ft white owl in the middle of the road when I got within 20 ft it flew away it's wing span was at least 12 ft and yes I was sober scared the crap outta me.

Cynthia Harmon on December 02, 2016:

No aliens did not build the pyramids fallen angel demons did.

Samuel graves on October 18, 2016:

Supernatural is a fictional show and I don't understand what I am supposed to be surprised about. Also Matthew 518 what,s the deal? I've seen demons with my own eyes and in visions and they come in various forms not just one. Demons are evil . Some might live on earth you don't truly know if they don't.

Luke 10 :18 " I say satan fall from heaven like lightning ". And revelation 12: 7 " then a war broke out in heaven . Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, and the dragon and his angels fought back. But he were not strong enough , and they lost their place in heaven . The great dragon was hurled down the serpent , the devil or Satan who leads the world astray. He was hurled to the earth and his angels with him.

DemonologyRocks on May 16, 2015:

ok so if ANYBODY has seen a fallen angel!!!!!!! Plz tell me cuz I've seen a fallen angel before on YouTube . And demons ARE real!!!!!! This might surprise most Christians but, i KNOW demons are out there SOMEWHERE in conflict with God. And if so , why hasn't there been recent sightings of demons in the news?????? I MEAN COME ON U GUYS!!!!!! Why hasn't ANYONE seen demons lately?!?!?!?!?! Well , sorry Christainity I don't mean to rain on ur parade but I ACTUALLY know and believe demons are real!!!! ( Sorry Christainity and Christians but people have seen AND hunted down demons like on Supernatural or something like that...... So uhhhh yeah I bet I'm probably an " nerd who studies demons"

cryptid (author) from USA on March 07, 2015:

Wow! That is definitely one of the best comments anyone has ever left on one of my articles. Thanks Phoenix. Very insightful.

Phoenix on March 07, 2015:

cryptid my brother my friend

sorry for being so late in

reading this article

i don't know wether any one of u will ever read my comment..

well that doesn't matter as someone someday will read it..& give a reply..

that's what we call Hope,Faith & Belief

History Channel tells us all Gods Angels Demons Bigfoot Yeti Dragons has something or the other to do with UFO's..& Aliens..

if u go by christainity..

Then The creators of History Chanel's show Ancient Aliens are Followers of Devil as Christanity who manipulates people & make them think that God doesn't exist is a Devil


If we say That everything we know about God is false & he is just an alien then What is that we feel when we hurt someone why that Feeling of Guilt takes birth..

what is the feeling of love

what is happiness..

what is hate

may be everything is related to harmones & brain & yes Genes..

& may be those creators of ours too feel the same things..

whoever they are..

Aliens Gods Demons Angels

The thing is They are There..


We Humans are not alone..

Being Alone is scary all the time..

some times Kids who live alone Develop an Imaginary Friend or an imaginary Guardian

This can also be a reason behind God & Angels

They are human's Imaginary friends

Just like imaginary friend there can be imaginary Enemies..

Or say Devil & Demons

We always wanna know who are our creators..

as humans can create.they think they too can be created or say they believe they were created by someone God/Alien

but birds n animals too can create


what i know Nature itself is a creator

N a destroyer too..

I don't what's behind this Nature

science or God

There are many possibilities

I have read Hindu mythology..

Most of the stories or say historical events in Hinduism gives indication of many Alien Lives..planets having life..

use of science & technology in Wars

Aero planes


Bio weapon

Nuclear weapon

Clones mutation

Alien help

everything if u are a student of science specially the science which creators of Ancient Aliens use.

All religions say

we have God in Us..

It might mean we all have the dna n genes of Our Creator an Alien race..

Sooner or later

Truth will be found

till then

Do something Good for your planet

as both will please ur creator whoever he is..God/Alien

n u might get a chance to visit his place Heaven/Planet

or it can be all about us

timetravelling in the past

n getting misjudged as Aliens Gods demons Aliens..

That will be humourous for our Grand grand kids :-P

Deborah Dugger from Colorado on January 15, 2015:

What did Jesus do when he was on earth ? He cast them out of people

they are in Millions and Millions of people

Revelations 12:9 among many other verses

cryptid (author) from USA on November 30, 2014:

Food for thought, Adam. I think what you're saying makes a lot of sense.

Adam from Overland Park, Kansas on November 30, 2014:

I guess I'll chime in on the subject. I was raised and taught in a Christian home. I've done quite a bit of research through the years off and on. I often flip flop in my head whether ghosts are just demons or if they are spirits of the dead. Most of my studies surround the book of Enoch and the parallels with Ancient mythologies from Sumer to Ancient rome. It's possible that many of the entities we see today are remnants of the grand deception created by the fallen angels mentioned enoch, which also carries through ancient mythologies. Have you Ever wondered why mythology was so chuck full off supernatural beings? My theory about mythology, is that there is it derived from something that happened in the past

cryptid (author) from USA on September 16, 2014:

Interesting thoughts, Christopher. Thanks for sharing!

Christopher on September 15, 2014:

All right, here's the deal.

I can't say if Demons are real, but for people who "Encounter" them, those people will most likely want to pretend that the whole thing was nothing more than some acid-induced hallucinatory trip. In other words... like it never happened. I mean such ugly, nasty things... disrupts your happiness and gets you Thinkin' too much. :)

I mean, if Demons are real, than all that stuff from the Bible would also have to be legit.

But it's better to distance yourself from the Supernatural. The more you are in ignorance of it, the less likely you'll be burdened with such... unpleasant little truths. Things you have NO business messing around with.

cryptid (author) from USA on September 12, 2014:

Josh: Apparently you haven't seen my other posts on Bigfoot and Mermaids. Lost City of Atlantis, though? Come on, man, that's crazy talk!

cryptid (author) from USA on August 12, 2014:

Thanks for catching the typo, WVgirl. Fixed.

Wvgirl on August 11, 2014:

Point Pleasant is in WV not Virginia and the original sighting occurred in Clendenin WV. Nothing tragic happened there so it is never mentioned.

cryptid (author) from USA on June 22, 2014:

Thanks Amy!

Amy Delong on June 21, 2014:

This stuff is spectacular just the way you make it all seem real... VERY, cool!!

cryptid (author) from USA on March 13, 2014:

Good question Bob. I assume you are referring to the Judeo-Christian explanation for demons. The more I think about stuff like that the more questions I have.

Bob on March 13, 2014:

Why would something that was an angel be pure evil

cryptid (author) from USA on March 04, 2014:

We sure do cause a lot of pain for each other on this little planet. Perhaps demons aren't necessary.

Marc Hubs from United Kingdom on March 03, 2014:

Haha, I think I agree with wyndi. People have hurt me much more than any demonic entity ever has!

cryptid (author) from USA on March 03, 2014:

Chilling, wyndi, but I think you could be right!

wyndi on March 02, 2014:

If you are looking for demons, take a closer look at your fellow man. I have had encounters with people I know to be demonic and it is far scarier than any of these creatures you are all talking about.

Matthew518 on January 16, 2014:

I also study a bit on UFO's and aliens. I know El Chupacabra is generally considered an alien. I doubt it's a demon, there's a big difference between them.

cryptid (author) from USA on January 15, 2014:

Interesting indeed.

Marc Hubs from United Kingdom on January 15, 2014:

In response to the UFO/alien comment by Ceegen, you may be interested in 1996 Varginha, Brazil UFO incident during which hundreds of people testified to seeing El Chupacabra-like creatures which came from a crashed UFO that was tracked on radar coming into Earth's atmosphere from outer space. One of the soldier's who accompanied one of the alien entities to hospital died from 8% unknown toxic substances.

cryptid (author) from USA on January 15, 2014:

Matthew: I see where you are coming from. All I can say is I have an open mind about these things, as I hope you can see from this article, and I welcome the opinions of others, Christian and otherwise. I do think people naturally have different definitions of "demon" depending on their religious and cultural perspective. I also think you are correct that the Christian view tends to dominate, but there is always room for other opinions and ideas. You may not convince people who are truly firm in their opinions, but your thoughts can certainly provide great food for thought for those of us who are still exploring and looking for answers.

Matthew518 on January 15, 2014:

Cryptid, if the Christians didn't come on these articles and insult demons according to "scripture", I wouldn't say a word. The problem with demons, we always look at them from a Christian perspective. 99.9 % of Christians have never had an encounter with demons, they just hate them based on what they read and hear. Many of the ancient civilizations, such as the Greeks, looked to them as a combination of good and bad, some could actually be beneficial. Demons vary as much as humans do. And I've studied spirit keeping for a couple years now, people have had very positive experiences with them. We need to stop being so judgmental.

cryptid (author) from USA on January 14, 2014:

Matthew: Thanks for your input, and I agree that there may be several types of spirits misidentified as demons, or, as the subject of this Hub discusses, even real-world creatures that may have led to demon legends. Just out of curiosity, I too would be interested in hearing more from Brenda and Deborah on the their experiences, but only if they'd wish to elaborate. However, this Hub isn't going to devolve into a religious argument, so please let's refrain from criticizing anyone's religious views too harshly.

Matthew518 on January 14, 2014:

Deborah, according to scripture, angels are "inherently good" even though I could have sworn they are credited with destroying a couple cities and everyone in it all because "God" asked them to. Keep in mind, the bible is one of a large variety of views on demons and angels, and no more accurate than the rest. If a being lives on Earth, it's not a demon. Demon's don't live here, they exist on another plane, and can influence life here, for good or bad, but they don't actually live here.

Brenda, what was it you encountered, and how do you know it was a demon? Christians are totally ignorant on what a demon is, and there are a large variety of spirits who are labelled "demons", but clearly aren't, such as the djinn and the succubus, among others.

BrendaJames2 on January 09, 2014:

I've encountered a demon and they are very real. Nice hub that is well written

Deborah Sexton on January 09, 2014:

Interesting hub. According to scripture, demons are fallen angels and very evil. I'd hate to meet any of them but supposedly they are on earth, so it could happen. People all over the world don't just make this stuff up, especially the sightings of the same beasts around the same time by trustworthy people.

cryptid (author) from USA on December 17, 2013:

Interesting, Shirley. I'd imagine many such reports are similar mistaken identity.

bshirley on December 17, 2013:

A year or so ago there was a 'chupacabra' found near my hometown. Turns out it was a severely beaten raccoon with mange.

cryptid (author) from USA on December 12, 2013:

Interesting thoughts, Ceegan!

James from Maine, USA on December 11, 2013:

Fallen angels do nothing but get people to doubt God, so these things are either elaborate hoaxes or real.

But look up the link between "aliens/UFOs" and demons. Way more evidence that these things are not what they claim to be!

Matthew518 on September 26, 2013:

Our current view on demons comes from Christianity. Like your hub points out, there are a variety of beliefs regarding these beings, and many don't look at them as evil in any way. Dark, yes, but not evil. Some even give them credit for helping mankind build modern civilizations, and teaching them "forbidden" arts, such as magick. I don't think most demons have a truly negative view on humans, but humans can do things that anger them.

Petroley from Zenica, Bosnia on July 01, 2013:

Very interesting hub, thank you!

cryptid (author) from USA on June 11, 2013:

Thanks Michele!

Michele Travis from U.S.A. Ohio on June 10, 2013:

These have to be demons, the angels that were thrown out of Heaven. They are evil and all they do is harm. There are many of them and they can take on a number of forms.

Great hub!

cryptid (author) from USA on February 08, 2013:

Wow! Those are some other great examples of possible demons here on earth. Thanks for adding that, and you're right: It can indeed be a frightening world.

anonymous on February 07, 2013:

Mothman the Jersey Devil and the Chupacabra may be what we call demons. There are other entities that can be loosely called demonic and they are called It Boneless and Devil Tiger and they reside in the British Isles China and Australia. Author Karl Shuker mention them in his book Mysteries of Planet Earth. These are fog like entities which seem to have consciousness and intelligence and which attack and chase people outdoors and have an unknown ability to injure and kill. They could be elemental life forms or atmospheric life forms or theycould be demons in disguise or mdemons using fog to terrify injure and kill. Either the fog itself is ka demon or the fog is a vehicle used by a demon to do its evil work. These entities shun the light. These entities exude pure evil and malevolence. One woman in China was attacked and killed by these entities and her remains were never found. It's a frightening world out there.