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One Woman's True and Terrifying Experience With a Black Mirror

Cindy is a paranormal enthusiast and author of over twenty books on the subject of true supernatural phenomena.

Black mirrors are thought to possess the power to allow one to see into other planes of existence.

Black mirrors are thought to possess the power to allow one to see into other planes of existence.

Delving Into the Unknown

The practice of scrying, or using a reflective object to predict future events, is something that I had little knowledge of until a woman in Oregon contacted me with a story she thought might be of interest. She explained that she had attempted, on a whim, to seek spiritual guidance using a tool known as a black mirror. The bizarre series of events which ensued was not what she, or anyone else, would ever have expected. Her name is Teresa Farnsworth,* and this is her chilling tale.

Teresa made it clear from the beginning that she was raised in the church and believed that anything to do with the occult was akin to devil worship. That being said, she admits to always having had a fascination with palm reading and fortune telling; as far as she was concerned, these practices were harmless fun that did not fly in the face of her religious beliefs.

In 2001, Teresa suffered a series of misfortunes that left her questioning her path in life. She had lost her job of nearly a decade, a long-term relationship came to an unexpected end, and her mother passed away suddenly following a brief illness. The onslaught of bad luck had thrown her into a state of depression so intense that it threatened to consume her.

Teresa admits that she felt lost at the time and had no one to turn to for comfort. She had spent weeks praying over her situation, but the answers she needed were simply not forthcoming.

As a last resort, she began researching means that would allow her to foretell the future. She can't explain why, but she felt a strong desire to make contact with something that existed on a higher spiritual level than herself. In her mind, only then would her questions be answered.

It was during this quest that Teresa learned about the power of black mirrors. She discovered that they could be used to reflect the past, present, and future—much like a crystal ball. The mirrors were, for all intents and purposes, like any other except that the reflecting surface was black instead of the traditional silver.

Willing to try anything at that point, she ordered a mirror online that she hoped would give her a window into what life had in store. Within days, her means of communication with other realms would arrive in the mail. Teresa would soon learn the frightening consequences that can arise when one looks to the darkness for answers.


An Unintentional Invitation

Although she felt confident in her abilities at the time, Teresa now realizes that she was woefully unprepared for what she was about to undertake. It was her understanding that if she posed questions to the black mirror, the answers would be reflected in the glass. The whole process seemed safe and fairly straightforward. She would learn, too late, that the simplicity masked a terrifying reality.

Having familiarized herself with the basics of scrying, Teresa knew that she had to position the mirror so that her own reflection was not visible when she posed her queries. She was to concentrate on whatever questions were troubling her and if things went according to plan, the answers would emerge from the mirror.

Teresa remembers that she had waited until late in the evening to begin the session. Just before the sun went down, she collected her thoughts and positioned herself off to the right of the mirror as she inquired what career path she should pursue.

Several minutes ticked by with no response. Undeterred, she went on to ask several other questions, most of which dealt with job prospects. Although Teresa concentrated with as much focus as she could muster, the gleaming surface offered up nothing. Frustrated with the lack of results, she decided to change tactics and attempt to contact her mother by way of the mirror.

Clearing her mind once again, she thought only of her departed loved one. She called her mother by name and told her how much she missed her. She then asked that she show herself in the mirror. By that time, darkness had begun to swallow the room, making it difficult to see, which prompted Teresa to get up and turn on a small table lamp.

As she was settling back onto the chair, she caught a glimpse of something in the mirror. She couldn't be sure, but it looked as if a shadow had moved across the surface of the glass. She recalls feeling joyous at the prospect of having reached her mother from across the great divide between this world and the next. Her elation, however, would prove to be short-lived.

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In an effort to determine if she had truly made contact with her mother's spirit, Teresa began asking personal questions that only she could answer. After receiving no response from the mirror, she inquired if she was ever going to settle down and find true happiness in life.

As she stared into the black void, she says that forms began moving around. She remembered feeling as if she was falling into a trance as the images swirled before her. As she was drifting off into a place she believed existed only in the dark recesses of her mind, a loud cracking sound suddenly snapped her back into reality.

At first, she had feared that the mirror was about to shatter. Instead of the crash she felt sure was coming, the room fell eerily silent. Unsure of what had just happened, Teresa examined the piece and found it perfectly intact.

Later that night, as she was getting ready to turn in, she noticed a long fissure running the length of the wall behind her bed that had not been there that morning. Assuming that this was probably connected to the sound she had heard earlier, she decided then and there that this would be her first and last session with the mirror. Unfortunately for her, the damage had already been done.


Something Unnatural

In the weeks to come, Teresa began to suspect that she had inadvertently allowed something to enter this realm that had no business here. Her once relatively quiet home was now alive with unexplained activity.

It was around this time that the sound of piano keys being tapped one by one could be heard at all hours. The tuneless 'ping, ping, ping' would soon become a constant in Teresa's life. The disturbance was made all the more maddening by the fact that she didn't own a keyboard of any sort and never had.

As annoying as this was, it was only the tip of the iceberg. Teresa recalls that a low-pitched humming that she could never pin down would start up at random and go on for hours on end. At night, she would hear something scratching inside her bedroom closet. When she checked the area, she could find nothing that would account for the noise.

One night while she was sitting in the living room watching television, she saw something that immediately grabbed her attention. On the other side of the sheer curtain that covered the window facing the sofa, she could see the outlines of what appeared to be dozens of spiders, many of which were the size of quarters. The sight, illuminated by streetlights, gave her quite a start.

Hoping that the invaders were on the outside of the glass, Teresa got up and slowly pulled back the drape. When she did so, she saw that there was nothing there. No spiders, or any other insects, were anywhere to be found.

On another occasion, she was awakened from sleep by the sound of the bedside telephone. When she answered, she was greeted by thick static. Still half-asleep, she hung up and returned to her slumbers. A few minutes later, the phone rang again. This time, when she picked up, there was no sound at all on the other end. Stranger still, the phone kept ringing even though she was holding the receiver in her hand.

Teresa says that there were other minor disturbances occurring during this time that convinced her that she was sharing space with an unknown entity. The taps would turn on by themselves; the closet door in her bedroom would be open when it should have been closed; a framed portrait of her mother that she kept on a dresser in her room somehow toppled to the floor, shattering the glass.

Since she had never experienced anything out of the ordinary prior to her attempt to contact the spirit world, Teresa put two and two together and decided that the trouble lay with the mirror. Unfortunately, she was at a loss as to how to reverse the process that she had set in motion.


Putting Things Right

Having come to the conclusion that something had entered her home by way of the black mirror, Teresa decided that her only hope of a return to normalcy was to send it back where it came from. Accomplishing such a feat was something else entirely.

In the days to come, she spent countless hours reading up on ways to rid one's home of undesirable energies. After consulting several different sources, she felt she had gained the confidence to put her newfound knowledge to use.

Following the instructions as best she could, Teresa propped the mirror against a corner in her bedroom and encircled it with prayer candles. Once everything was in place, she began reciting some of the incantations she had copied down from the reference sites. As a way of hedging her bets, she also added in Bible passages she thought would aid in banishing whatever evil had taken up residence under her roof.

She says that, at first, things went pretty smoothly. The room was dark except for the candlelight and a lamp located across the room. She spoke the words meant to lead the entity, or entities, home over and over again. The proceedings had been uneventful until she repeated one particular passage that dealt with demonic forces being returned to the netherworld.

As soon as she began speaking the words, Teresa relates that she was overcome by a coughing fit. Unable to utter a sound without choking, she had to leave the room and drink a glass of water before being able to continue.

While the ritual was taking place, Teresa kept her eyes on the mirror, taking care to ensure that her own image was not visible. For well over an hour, she had seen nothing to indicate that her efforts were having any effect. Still, she was determined to forge ahead, come what may.

The first sign that something was happening came when the closet door suddenly flew open by itself. Teresa stresses that it was a deliberate act, not a faulty latch or anything else that could easily be explained away. Shortly thereafter, she saw movement reflected in the glass.

As she watched, praying harder than ever before, a shadowy figure hovering several inches above the floor made its way towards the mirror. To Teresa's horror, although the form could not be seen in the room, its actions were captured in real-time in the mirror.

She recalls that her heart was racing as she urged the entity to leave the world of the living where it did not belong and was not welcome. As she did so, a bang that could have been mistaken for a gunshot rang out as the presence, which had transformed into a cloud of black smoke, disappeared deep inside the makeshift portal.

After witnessing the incredible scene, Teresa wanted to believe that the ordeal was behind her but wasn't ready to celebrate just yet. To be on the safe side, she allowed the candles to continue burning until they fizzled out on their own, just as the websites had suggested. Supposedly, this would signal to the expelled entity that the gateway by which it had been traveling was now closed.

She doesn't know how, but Teresa sensed almost instantly that the storm had passed. A weight that had rested heavily on her shoulders for weeks seemed to have at last been lifted. She claims that when the last of the candles burned out she went to bed and, for the first time in a long time, slept peacefully throughout the night.

The next morning marked the start of a new beginning for Teresa. After bagging up the mirror and depositing it in a dumpster, she pledged to be less concerned about cementing her future. Not long after deciding to let things happen in their own time, she met the man to whom she is now happily married.

Today, some twenty years later, she is a successful entrepreneur, wife, and mother. She has not, to date, experienced anything remotely similar to what occurred after her dalliance with the black mirror. She believes, without a doubt, that the disturbances she endured during that time were a direct result of her attempt at scrying.

In the end, Teresa found out the hard way that one shouldn't venture too far into the darkness. Although she was able to find her way back into the light, the same is not true of everyone. Sometimes, doors that are opened can never be closed—a lesson that, for some curious souls, comes too late.

*Name has been altered at the request of the individual involved.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


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