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Do Ghosts Exist? Five Paranormal Videos With Footage of Ghosts

Arthur is a blogger, writer, and author with an avid interest in the otherworldly and paranormal.

Five videos that show possible encounters with ghosts

Five videos that show possible encounters with ghosts

Could Ghosts Be Real?

The existence of the paranormal is a hot-button issue. Many people simply don't believe in ghosts, and those who do believe in them often disagree on whether sightings are real or not. It doesn't help that there are so many fake sightings out there—documentation that is just meant to get a little attention or to make money off of believers. I am not an expert, and I cannot say that any of these videos are the real thing for sure, but they are a lot more convincing than some. It is up to you to decide if these videos are real and if ghosts do, in fact, exist.

1. The Visitor

This one is going first on the list because I have my suspicions that it may be doctored. Nonetheless, if it was doctored, they did a pretty decent job at it. You can see a shadowy figure walk up toward the door, then pause for a few seconds before going back toward where it came from. Eventually, the shadow disappears altogether, leaving behind nothing but questions and a shiver down your spine.

2. The YouTube Poltergeist

Again, this video may be just a couple of teenage girls looking for attention, or it could be some real paranormal activity caught on camera. Not to be offensive, but this girl does not have the best singing voice, so maybe the ghost just really wanted her to stop. If this is real life, it is proof that ghosts can be a little scary when they want to be.

3. The YouTube Poltergeist (Number Two)

This one I find to be slightly more convincing because the girls are younger and look genuinely confused as to what is happening. Of course, this could just be an older sibling messing around with their younger sister and her friend. It could also be a documented case of paranormal activity that was lucky enough to be caught on film.

4. Heck's Kitchen

This video leads me to believe that it is real because this guy seems so adamant about getting what he calls "his poltergeist" to perform on camera. The doors do appear to move by themselves without any form of manipulation. If this is real, then this guy has a fairly playful spirit who is more of a light annoyance than anything.

5. The Girl in White

This one intrigues me because the girl in white is rather clear, which is usually a red flag for a hoax. The fact that she only appears in the headlights, and that the driver of the motorcycle shows no indication that he saw anything, lends to its authenticity. This, like many others out there, has a strong chance of being fake, but that doesn't stop us from being mesmerized by the paranormal.

The thought of real ghosts moving among us is an invigorating thought to some, a scientific anomaly to others, and downright creepy to the rest. Maybe someday science will be able to explain the existence of ghosts and if they are really spirits roaming the earth or just unexplained forces of energy. Until then, we will have to rely on CCTV and Ghost Hunters for our paranormal voyeurism.