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3 Stories of Spirits Using Household Objects to Communicate

Cindy is a paranormal enthusiast and author of over twenty books on the subject of true supernatural phenomena.

The introduction of artificial intelligence into households has opened up a world of opportunities for visitors from the spirit realm.

The introduction of artificial intelligence into households has opened up a world of opportunities for visitors from the spirit realm.

1. Notice Me

In 2019, Ashley Summers* had an experience she can't explain while spending the night at the home of her recently deceased Aunt Marilyn. Since Marilyn had lived alone, family members were taking turns housesitting until the estate was settled. On this rainy Monday, it was Ashley's turn.

She remembers lying on the couch, immersed in a movie, when an automated voice suddenly announced from the adjoining room: "Sorry, I can't find a device called kitchen light."

Her heart pounding, Ashley got up and crept into the kitchen. She could see that the device housing her aunt's virtual assistant was lit up on the countertop. She knew from experience that it had to be addressed by name before it acknowledged requests, something she, the only person on the premises at the time, had not done.

Just as she was about to pick up the unit, a set of wind chimes hanging from the awning outside the kitchen window began to move so violently that she feared they would break the glass. At the same time, the neighborhood dogs started barking as the streetlights shut off, plunging the entire block into total darkness.

Ashley says that after about twenty minutes, the wind chimes settled down, the lights came back on, and the dogs fell silent. In fact, things were so quiet that it was as if the chaos of the preceding half-hour had never happened.

Although she didn't know for sure, Ashley's gut told her that whatever had activated the electronic assistant had also been responsible for the ensuing ruckus. In order to ensure that it wouldn't happen again, she disconnected the device from the outlet.

To this day, she remains perplexed by what occurred that night. The one thing of which she is certain is that an outside force of some kind was at play. When she shared details of the goings-on with her mother Evelyn, she suggested that her sister—Ashley's dearly departed aunt—may have been the one behind the disturbances.

Having known her better than anyone, Evelyn stated that she wouldn't have put it past her sibling to have engineered such an elaborate scene. As she recalled, Marilyn had always gone out of her way to be the center of attention.

Some departing souls see to it that the moment of their passing does not go unnoticed.

Some departing souls see to it that the moment of their passing does not go unnoticed.

2. Time Stands Still

This odd anecdote involving a series of unexplained events that occurred in the home of an unnamed woman and her family was first introduced to the public in 1913 by noted parapsychologist Louisa Rhine.

It had been the evening before Thanksgiving when, all at once, three timepieces: a pendulum clock that hung on the sitting room wall, a table model that played music, and a pocket watch all inexplicably stopped working at the exact same moment.

Upon noticing the phenomena, the woman had asked her husband to reset the devices, which he did without question. Each one had resumed keeping time without further incident. The couple tried not to read too much into the baffling incident, but they did agree that it was a bit strange, to say the least.

Two weeks later, they received word from Austria that the husband's father had died unexpectedly. The correspondence gave the date of his passing as having been the day before the American Thanksgiving holiday.

In the coming days, a relative who had been with him when the end came would fill in some of the blanks, including the time of death. It matched, right down to the minute, the instant in which their timepieces had simultaneously ceased functioning.

Memories of the past aren't reserved solely for the living.

Memories of the past aren't reserved solely for the living.

3. Hidden Treasures

In 2009, a woman we will call "Priscilla," lost her husband to a debilitating illness that had kept him bedridden for three years. After the initial grieving period had passed, his widow decided that it was time to start sorting through some of the odds and ends he had collected over the course of his life.

She began by dragging his old storage trunk up from the basement. After hauling it into the bedroom they had once shared, she sat on the floor staring at the contents, each one a reminder of times gone by.

Faced with the dreaded task at hand, Priscilla wasn't sure if she was mentally prepared to part with her husband's possessions. Before going any further, she asked him to give her the strength to do what had to be done. The words had no more than escaped her lips when the sound of music erupted from deep inside the chest.

Her curiosity piqued, she dug around until she found the source, which turned out to be a small clock that was playing one of her favorite melodies. When she picked it up for a closer look, the music abruptly stopped.

Priscilla was familiar enough with the device to know that it was a basic model that boasted no special features and, as such, was not capable of producing sound. Even so, she had clearly heard it play a song that she had recognized instantly.

As the realization of what was happening set in, she asked her husband if this was his way of telling her that it was okay to let go of his belongings. As if in answer, the music started up once again. It continued for several minutes before trailing off, leaving her in silence.

Thirteen years have passed since Priscilla received what she believes were messages from her deceased husband. Although she ended up donating most of his things, she held onto the clock, which she keeps close to her as a reminder of their final interaction. To date, it has never again played a single note.


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*Name has been altered for reasons of privacy.

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