10 Best Books about Past Lives and Reincarnation

Updated on April 17, 2016
Cycle of Life
Cycle of Life

Examples, case studies, and explanations of past lives and reincarnation

This is a brief list of some of the best books giving examples, case studies, and thorough explanations of past lives and reincarnation. After the list, I'll provide a brief description of each book.

1. Children's Past Lives: How Past Life Memories Affect Your Child, by Carol Bowman

2. Many Lives Many Masters, Brian Weiss

3. You Have Been Here Before: A Psychologist Looks at Past Lives, Dr. Edith Fiore

4. Children Who Remember, Dr. Ian Stevenson

5. Past Lives, Future Lives, Dick Sutphen

6. Reliving Past Lives, Helen Wambach

7. Edgar Cayce's Story of Karma, Mary Ann Woodward

8. Mass Dreams of the Future, Chet Snow

9. Reincarnation, Sylvia Cranston and Carey Williams

10. Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives, by Michael Duff Newton


1. Children's Past Lives: How Past Life Memories Affect Your Child, by Carol Bowman

This book gives many detailed and specific examples that explain everyday children's behaviors, often answering questions that child psychologists cannot.

From Publisher's Weekly

When her young son's hysterical fear of loud noises is cured by past life regressionist Norman Inge, and her daughter's fear of house fires is likewise laid to rest, Bowman, who had already been regressed by Inge, began to explore past-life regression techniques and theories, particularly as they relate to young children. Part memoir, part guidebook for parents, part summation of the works and philosophies of such respected authorities as Jungian therapist Roger Woolger, psychologist Helen Wambach and psychiatrist Ian Stephenson, among others, this book argues passionately for the existence of past lives and for the special abilities of young children to recall their pre-birth memories. Topics covered include death accounts by children, the way phobias may be connected with death in a past life, particularly a traumatic death, and the signs that indicate that a child is struggling with an unresolved past-life burden.

2. Many Lives Many Masters, Brian Weiss

Many people consider Brian Weiss the foremost thinker and researcher when it comes to past lives and reincarnation. I only listed one of his books. All are worth reading.

3. You Have Been Here Before: A Psychologist Looks at Past Lives, Dr. Edith Fiore

This book is different that many others on past lives. The focus is on how events in our past lives influence our behaviors in THIS lifetime. It was the first book that compared the psychology of reincarnation therapy to all other forms of therapy -- with the conclusion that reincarnation therapy is the only form of therapy that can offer an explanation for EVERY case.

4. Children Who Remember, Dr. Ian Stevenson

For those who'd like a little more proof, Dr. Ian Stevenson's work with children is fascinating. Many skeptics suggest that people's recall of a "past life" is really just them remembering something they've read or discussed. When a very young child details something no way could they have known, the skeptics' explanations are often more farfetched than just believing it was an actual past life. Search on his name or book title for a detailed site.

5. Past Lives, Future Lives, Dick Sutphen

This book takes you through the teachings of Dick Stuphen as he regresses a number of people into their past lives. Even if you just think past lives are intriguing, you will find this book will open your eyes to possibilities you've never even thought of. This book will enable you to have a better understanding of why some relationships are suburb and others are awful.

6. Reliving Past Lives, Helen Wambach

Initially motivated by a desire to debunk reincarnation, beginning in the mid-1960s, Helen Wambach conducted a 10-year survey of past-life recalls under hypnosis among 1,088 subjects. She asked very specific questions about the time periods in which people lived and the clothing, footwear, utensils, money, housing, etc. which they used or came in contact with.

By doing a scientific analysis on the past lives reported by 10,000 plus sessions, she came up with some startling evidence in favor of reincarnation.

Wambach found peoples' recollections to be amazingly accurate and wrote that, ''fantasy and genetic memory could not account for the patterns that emerged in the results. With the exception of 11 subjects, all descriptions of clothing, footwear, and utensils were consistent with historical records.''

One of the most convincing books that reincarnation is a fact of "life."

What do you think?

Do you believe people's past life recollections should always be true and accurate?

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7. Edgar Cayce's Story of Karma, Mary Ann Woodward

A good introduction to Edgar Cayce. But this is only one book. The absolute best place for examples of past lives and the impact these lives have on the current are books of and about the Edgar Cayce readings. There are many to choose from.

For those who are not familiar with Edgar Cayce; he was a psychic who died in 1945 or 1946. He would place himself into a self-hypnotic trance state in order to give what he called "Life Readings." He started out tuning into people for the sole purpose of giving health advice, but one time his trance-self detailed the reason for a person's certain condition was due to past life influence. From there, with much hesitation as he was a devout Christian, he started conducting Life Readings.

Over many years, he conducted over 14,000 of such readings, every one of them transcribed by a secretary who sat right next to him taking shorthand.

(I know about Edgar Cayce because I was once a regular lecturer at The Association of Research and Enlightenment, A.R.E., in Virginia Beach, VA. They have a vast library there that may very well be the largest metaphysical library in the world.)

Google Edgar Cayce for a great site.

Check out the bookstore, then enter a topic in the "I'm interested in..." section.

A markerEdgar Cayce Center, Association for Research and Enlightenment -
215 67th Street, Virginia Beach, VA 23451, USA
get directions

8. Many Mansions: The Edgar Cayce Story on Reincarnation, by Dr. Gina Cerminara

It's rare that I call a book a must-read. This is a must-read. If you're not sure, read or skim the first chapter or two. If you're not intrigued enough to read on, I'd be surprised.

9. Mass Dreams of the Future, Chet Snow

Mass Dreams of the Future is an important book because it characterizes several possible types of futures we might have, based on the individual choices we make today.

Chet Snow (along with Helen Wambach) collected and categorized the descriptions of "future life journeys" of hundreds of people he worked with under hypnosis. Using valid analysis methodologies, he has drawn some fascinating hypotheses about the kind of societies we might be evolving into.

10. Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives, by Michael Duff Newton

When I conduct a past life regression, I sometimes guide people through their death experience and describe the "afterlife." I also take them to the point just prior to entering into their current physical body.

I have found that "heaven" depends totally on the person's background and interests. Deeply religious people often describe it as what most people think of... Jesus, angels, and so on. A singer's heaven was angelic music and voices singing, and was somehow actually physical and could be seen and felt.

This is fascinating, this journey that we experience. The case studies in Journey of Souls are just as fascinating to read.

What happens when we die?

Is there a Heaven and a Hell?

What are ghosts?

Amazon.com Review

Journey of Souls is a controversial yet inspiring investigation of the big question we all face at one point or another: "What happens after we die?" To find the answer, Newton opens cases from his private practice in which he hypnotically regressed his clients to a point between lives--after death, but before birth.

Not only does Newton grapple with reincarnation, the spirit world, and the nature of the human soul, he also tackles equally sticky questions such as "Is there a Heaven and Hell?" and "What are ghosts?"

Readers with a penchant for skepticism will balk at the lack of physical evidence to back up the claims in Journey of Souls, but the book remains a reassuring voice, affirming that our existence is not limited to the boundaries of our mortal flesh. --Brian Patterson

One last word...

Reincarnation may not exist. It is something that is difficult to prove, mainly because when someone recalls a past life to discover the purpose and meaning of this life, it doesn't really matter what their name was, for example, or what street they lived on and how much money and influence they had.

People have been regressed to past lives and have uncovered verifiable facts or described things that existed that there was no way they could have previously known. On the other hand, people have also detailed past lives that are historically untrue. Names and places proved false. Things, apparently, were simply made up much like someone just telling a story.

So, as I stated, reincarnation may not exist.

But something fascinating, something wonderful and very powerful happens when people are regressed: their symptoms, their conflicts, and their issues in almost every case are resolved or diminished or are now accepted and not anguished over. People who discover the reason for migraines, for example, often eliminate the migraines. Others with chemical imbalances towards depression and suicide soon are no longer depressed.

So, SOMETHING happens psychologically when people are regressed. Even if the past life that is detailed did not, in fact, exist, their story, their situation, their life that was described most every time helps psychologically. In other words, a person's subconscious mind is able to create - or remember - things that impact them deeply in positive ways.

So, does reincarnation exist? I believe it does, however, I can't prove it scientifically. What is important to understand is that recalling past lives - real or fiction - benefits people in profound and dramatic ways.

Best wishes on your journey!


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    • profile image

      Andrew Tomlinson 2 weeks ago

      Great summary of books about past lives. Others you may want to read and comment on are my book "Healing the Eternal Soul" about how past lives can be using in therapeutic healing, Reena Kumarasingham's new book "Shrouded Truth" about biblical past lives and Dr Peter Mack's book "Healing Deep Hurt Within" about how a medical doctor switched to working with past lives to bring an amazing transformation of a patient

    • profile image

      bodhi 23 months ago

      i read the book many lives many masters which is insightful worth reading it.

    • talkmary50 profile image

      Mary Guimont 2 years ago from Pacific Northwest

      Great Hubpage

    • profile image

      samantha white 2 years ago

      looking for my mum joan who is a past life hypnotist.from suberb of new york,i am her daughter samantha joan white

    • profile image

      Pinky singh 2 years ago

      I do believe ,I have read two books from the list.I have made a note of others.Thank you.

    • Relationshipc profile image

      Kari 3 years ago from Alberta, Canada

      Journey of the souls was the first book I read on reincarnation and what happens after death. It helped me deal with death at a time I was very scared of it, and I totally recommend checking it out to anyone!

    • Nicholas Fiorito profile image

      Nicholas Fiorito 4 years ago from Northern NJ

      Great list, with succinct and helpful summaries. Thanks for this!

    • profile image

      brij mohan 5 years ago

      can i got that book in hindi also how., in india delhi

    • profile image

      K Beckett 6 years ago

      Thank you for this book list. The comments were so helpful

    • profile image

      hi 6 years ago

      you forgot the greatest love letter ever written!! :)

      The Book of Our Past Lives by K.M. MacKinnon

      available at amazon.com & barnes noble.com

    • JamaGenee profile image

      Joanna McKenna 6 years ago from Central Oklahoma

      I have many, but not all, of these books as well as others you didn't mention. From them, I've gained great insight into my own past lives. "Your Soul's Plan" is new to me and I've added it to my Wish List at Amazon. Thanks!

    • profile image

      RAHUL 7 years ago

      Hi,i am Rahul From India,i Believe our past life & Rebirth.i Believe our ebirth is also on other planets as Aliens; in that planets Aliens Life span is 1,000years,or 10,000years,or 100,000years; in that planets Aliens Live without polution(They use solar energy,not use petrol,diesel Like us);They are Looking so Beautiful compare to us(not Like as Hollywood film Aliens);God created Not only our Dirty planet,he also created,good world's,for who people did good Things,in their past Life;if God is not Here,Then all planets,stars(suns),Asteroids,Black Holes are collapsed (crushed by Accident);

      i Think There is No Hell and No Heaven; God created only Hell Type of planets(Like our planet)& Heaven Type of planets;

      i Think There is No Ghost. if There is Ghost, Then God Didn't created our planets&universe; Because,Ghost Destroy our planets & universe; only ourr past Life karma is Deside our Luck or Bad Luck; But suicide is Not Death,it is Against of GOD.

      Note:There are 9 planets,100 moons in our solar system,There are 10,000crores (100 Billions)above solar systems in our Galaxy,There are above 10,000crores (100 Billions)Galaxies in our Universe; There are Lot of universes in space;

    • Sam9999 profile image

      Sam9999 7 years ago

      The subject of reincarnation is a fascinating one. The concept explains so much about things that cannot otherwise be explained. Good Hub!

    • profile image

      RozaDee 7 years ago

      The Eternal Ones by Kirsten Miller is a beautiful book!!!

    • gmwilliams profile image

      Grace Marguerite Williams 7 years ago from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York

      L loved your article. I have most of the abovementioned books. I find them very enlightening and helpful. I also have DVDs on reincarnation from Edgar Cayce. These DVDs are so inspirational and educational. Thank you for publishing this article! Peace!