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10 Most Haunted Roads in the World

Take care if you ever head down one of these cursed roads!

Take care if you ever head down one of these cursed roads!

You've probably heard of a haunted manor or a haunted castle, but how about a haunted road? Well, they might be more common than you think. You can find stories of ghostly hitchhikers, ethereal pedestrians, and even phantom cars worldwide.

Whatever you think of such tales, you might want to look out for unexpected and unusual hazards should you ever take a trip down one of the following highways, motorways, or lanes.

10. Boy Scout Lane, USA

An old legend goes that this Wisconsin road was named in honor of a group of boy scouts who died there many years ago. But just what killed these children depends on who is telling the story.

Some say they were killed by a manic bus driver, while others suggest that some evil force or beast in the nearby woodland is responsible. Another tale says that one of the boy scouts dropped a kerosene lantern, resulting in a fire in which all the kids perished.

Unlike many other tales on this list, there is not even an ounce of truth to any of these backstories. Nonetheless, people have reported all sorts of supernatural activity while traversing the road, from lanterns appearing amongst the trees to the sound of children's laughter emanating from nowhere. Many have also reported the feeling of being watched despite being alone and small hand prints appearing mysteriously on their cars.

9. A3 Motorway, Croatia

Spanning some 306.5 kilometers (190.5 mi), the A3 is one of Croatia's major motorways. And for the most part, it is much like any other motorway you will find in Europe. That is, but for the small stretch of road between Staro Petrovo Selo and Nova Gradiška that many locals claim is haunted.

Here drivers have reported 'dark forces' taking control of their vehicles or causing hallucinations. And there is certainly no denying that the area has seen many accidents, which some say is either the result or cause of all the paranormal activity.

Adding to the road's fearsome reputation is the number of celebrity deaths that have occurred there. For example, Macedonian singer Tose Proeski lost his life in a road collision on the road in 2007, and Croatian soap star Dolores Lambasa died under similar circumstances in 2013.

8. Shades of Death Road, USA

With a name like 'shades of death,' it is perhaps no surprise that this New Jersey road has gained a fearsome reputation. But creepy namesake or not, the pillars of mist that rise above the waters of the nearby lake ensure that the road often looks like something out of a horror film.

Then there are the legends of murderous early settlers and bandits, not to mention the many accidents and deaths the road itself has reportedly seen. Put it all together; you have a place many assume is haunted.

7. Tuen Mun Road, China

Tuen Mun Road is a usually highly congested road in Hong Kong that links the towns of Tuen Mun and Tsuen Wan. Local superstition holds that the road is home to the ghosts of those who have died traveling it.

And as it happens, these ghosts do not seem content to stick to the shoulders either, often appearing in the middle of the road and causing more crashes. Which, of course, leads to more ghosts.

Is it all nonsense? Perhaps. But there is no denying that the road has seen a lot of accidents, one of the most severe being a bus crash that saw 21 people die there in 2003.

6. N9 Road, South Africa

The N9 road in South Africa is a national route that connects the city of George with the N1 at Colesberg via Middelburg and Graaff-Reinet. And it is also home to a series of different urban legends and tales of the paranormal. The most famous and popular is that of a vanishing hitchhiking girl.

Many people believe that the girl is none other than Maria Roux, who died along with her new fiance in a car accident in 1968. She was sleeping in the back seat while the pair were traveling to tell their families about their recent engagement.

But, of course, those conversations never happened, and many now think Maria's spirit is haunting the road. But whether or not this reported phantom is Maria or someone else, drivers and even motorcyclists have reported picking up a hitchhiker who suddenly disappears ever since.

5. Belchen Tunnel, Switzerland

The Belchen Tunnel in Switzerland is home to a relatively recent haunting concerning a sickly hitchhiking woman who has a habit of vanishing in the tunnel. Sources suggest that the tale originated with a 1981 newspaper article, and the experience has since been re-reported and retold.

Like any good ghost story, a few different versions are floating about. But the tale typically involves a couple of law students who pick up a pale-looking woman who says she is sick and needs help. Once inside the car woman tells the pair something ominous along the lines of "something terrible is going to happen." and then disappears while the group is driving through the tunnel.

Making the feat even more strange is that this all supposedly happened in a two-door car, and the woman was in the backseat.

4. Blue Bell Hill, England

England has never suffered from a shortage of spooky places, legends, and stories. And going by reports, it has no lack of haunted roads either. But the A229 Blue Bell Hill road arguably sees more activity than any other, as there have been more than 50 reported paranormal sightings from motorists there.

The most common sighting is a ghostly bride waiting by the roadside. And legend has it that this is none other than Suzanne Browne, a woman killed in a collision on the eve of her wedding back in 1965.

Others have reported hitchhikers that disappear into thin air or ask drivers to take them to the cemeteries where they are buried and pedestrians that run out into the road and vanish when hit.

Furthermore, in 2019, one eagle-eyed driver managed to catch a picture of a ghostly figure during a snowstorm which has only added to the road's creepy reputation.

3. Wakehurst Parkway, Australia

When you think of Australia and haunted roads, you might imagine big empty highways heading into the outback. But it is a busy road north of Sydney that has earned the reputation of Australia's most haunted road, primarily thanks to a mysterious female figure called 'Kelly.'

No one is quite sure who this Kelly is, but many believe she has been terrifying motorists for over five decades now, often appearing on the road and causing them to swerve off to the side, only to disappear into thin air.

Many describe her as wearing something akin to a nun's outfit or wedding dress. However, some have theorized she may be wearing an old nurse's outfit and that she is the ghost of someone who worked in a nearby hospital where sick travelers were quarantined in the 19th century.

2. The A75 Kinmount Straight, Scotland

The A75 in Dumfriesshire, Scotland, may seem unassuming, but it is said to be one of the most haunted roads in the world. And the stretch known as the Kinmount straight is the most notorious part of all, with witnesses reporting eyeless phantoms, screaming hags, and all manner of demonic creatures. There have even been reports of phantom furniture vans and giant cats!

Other sightings on the Kinmount straight include medieval camp followers, strange parades of phantoms that last for hours, and old-fashioned horse carriages—al things that are pretty out of the ordinary, to be sure. But whether any of it is real or just imagined, many have been left traumatized, with one lorry driver even quitting his job to avoid traveling on the road ever again.

1. Clinton Road, USA

Another New Jersey road here (make of that what you will), but this time it is not just ghosts haunting the road, but cults and Satanists too.

Named for the town that once stood nearby, Clinton road is narrow, mostly deserted, and runs through a heavily wooded area. But head down there, and you will find such former satanic hot spots as the 'Clinton furnace' and 'Cross Castle,' which refer to an old iron smelter turned druidic-like temple and now burned down castle-like structure, respectively. Furthermore, a nearby reservoir and bridge have allegedly become the home of a phantom boy who enjoys throwing coins at people.

Then there is the road itself, where motorists have reported seeing strange cross-bred creatures said to once belong to a local enclosure. There have also been reports of ghost vehicles and phantoms in strange old-fashioned attire.

As if that all was not bad enough, the place is also known for once being a popular spot for the Ku Klux Klan. Oh, and it has been used as a dumping ground for bodies by the mafia.

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