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The Paranormal


Top 5 Most Haunted Roads in the USA

In the United States, there are roads like no other—these are roads roamed by ghosts where getting out of the car is not recommended. Read on to find out more about the eeriest and most haunted roads in the U.S.


3 Things You Shouldn't Do If You Suspect Your Home Is Haunted

Those who have an inkling that something paranormal is afoot in their homes often make missteps that, rather than banishing the unwanted presence, only serve to exacerbate the situation. The following are a few of the pitfalls to avoid if you ever hope to return to normalcy.


Top 7 Most Interesting New Jersey Ghosts

The ghosts of New Jersey are some of the most interesting in the entire United States. Learn about seven of the most interesting ghosts found within the state.


7 Allegedly Cursed Objects That Do Actually Exist

From vexed chairs to creepy dolls and killer cars, discover the real cursed objects that you'll probably do well to keep your distance from.


6 Things You Should Never Do in a Cemetery

Burial sites of any kind are solemn places that should be treated with reverence. Unfortunately, either by accident or on purpose, the lines of acceptable behavior are sometimes crossed. These are a few things to avoid when visiting cemeteries and graveyards, lest you offend a spectral caretaker.


4 Popular Thai Ghost Stories

There exists an enduring fascination with ghostlore in Thailand. Read on to become acquainted with four of the most popular—and strangest—of ghost stories.


The Disturbing True Tale of Baltimore's "Vampire Boy"

One might think that vampires—undead creatures who subsist on the blood of others—are products of imagination with no basis in reality. While this may well be true, there have been instances in which individuals have presented with symptoms of vampirism. The following is one such case.


3 Stories of Spirits Using Household Objects to Communicate

Earthbound spirits are masters of finding ways to engage with those they left behind. Some choose to make their presence known outright, while others take a more subtle approach. The following are three intriguing examples of the latter.


The Mysterious Guidestones of Georgia

In 1980, four granite megaliths were erected in eastern Georgia and nobody seems to understand their purpose.


Raising the Dead: Can Whistling Call Forth Spirits?

If one wishes to draw the ire of those who inhabit the land of the dead, there are few more effective ways than to whistle. For unknown reasons, some spirits take offense to the shrill sound and will not hesitate to make their displeasure known, as evidenced by the following accounts.


Can the Paranormal Ever Become Intellectually Reputable?

It is often argued that paranormal claims are too irrational to ever be granted serious consideration by the guardians of the established intellectual order. There are reasons to think otherwise.


Three Creepy Dog Stories to Tell 'Round the Fire

There is a British tradition going back centuries of telling scary ghost stories around a log fire on Christmas Eve or a campfire in summer. Here are three tales of phantom dogs that are bound to send a chill down your spine!


Our Stay in America's Most Haunted Hotel

Many years ago, my wife and her family visited Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Recently we returned and stayed in the famously haunted 1886 Crescent Hotel. Here is my account of our stay in America’s most haunted hotel.


Unexplained Phenomena: The Painting That Came to Life

We all know that inanimate objects are incapable of functioning independently. While that may be, the following account flies in the face of that belief. It tells the true story of a man whose stay at a roadside motel introduced him to a painting that he is convinced had magical properties.


Home Alone: The True Story of One Teenager's Weekend of Terror

Having the house to themselves for a few days is normally a teenager's dream come true. For one girl, however, the experience evolved into a nightmare when a series of unexplained events led her to believe that she wasn't alone after all. This is her harrowing story.


Britain's Most Haunted Castles

A look at ten of the most haunted castles within the British Isles and the legends behind them.


The Top 10 Scariest and Most Haunted Places in South Carolina

This article ranks the 10 scariest and most haunted places in South Carolina. It provides a brief overview of each site's history, ghost sightings (when applicable), as well as local legends that pertain to their haunted pasts.


Time and Again: The Story of a Haunted Bedroom

It is said that energies of the past, especially those involving trauma, linger long after the incident itself is forgotten. The following is the true account of a woman whose home not only retained memories of a devastating event but replayed it in perpetuity.


Something in the Darkness: Is It a Sleep Paralysis Demon or Waking Nightmare?

Sleep paralysis is our body's way of preventing us from acting out our dreams. In some cases, however, this protective mechanism does more harm than good. The following is a real-life account that is either an example of this phenomenon or a demonic visitation that affected two people at once.


The Tragic History of the White Lady in Filipino Folklore

The Woman in White is a ghost with a sordid past. Many legends are told about this apparition, but the roots of her misery are often overlooked. Why is she always female? And what is the meaning behind the color she wears?


9 Examples of Vampire Folklore and the Reasoning Behind Them

Vampires have a special place in the realm of the supernatural. Stories revolving around these mysterious beings have circulated since the 1600s. The following are a few snippets of lore dedicated to these fascinating creatures of the night.


Mysterious Places: The Institution of the Damned

Places that house those who have been removed from society for any length of time have been known to harbor negative energies that are often difficult to dispel. This is the real-life story of one such location in which the tortured spirits of the past quite possibly still linger.


Haunted Passageways: Tales About the Infamous Tunnel 19

Some areas attract spirit activity more than others. One such place is an abandoned tunnel in West Virginia. Nestled deep within a state park, it has been the site of many a tragic death in the past. It is also a place where unexplained phenomena and ghostly sightings have been reported for decades.


An Unlikely Vessel: The Haunted Storybook

When tragedies occur, trapped energy is often left behind and can manifest in a number of ways. This is the story of an innocent-looking children's book that is thought to contain the tortured souls of those who once perused its pages.


Can Mannequins Come to Life? A Tale of Living Mannequins

We all know that mannequins are manufactured objects that do not possess souls, hearts, or brains and cannot function on their own. Be that as it may, the following story deals with a series of bizarre encounters a young couple had with mysterious beings they say closely resembled living mannequins.


One Woman's True and Terrifying Experience With a Black Mirror

We have all had rough patches in life that we normally work through with the help of family and friends. Not everyone, however, has such a support system. This is the real-life story of one woman's ill-conceived attempt to seek guidance from the other side, resulting in a terrifying brush with evil.


One Renter's Paranormal Experience in the Sourland Mountains

Read one person's spooky experience in the desolate Sourland Mountains of New Jersey.


Cursed Objects: The Antique Hutch

Objects that have been around a while often have stories to tell. Not all—as one can imagine—end happily. The following is a real-life account in which a woman unknowingly brought something sinister into her home via an antique stand-alone cabinet.


Spirit Encounters: A Story About an Imaginary Friend

It isn't unusual for a child to enjoy the company of a playmate only they can see. Sometimes, however, the possibility arises that this invisible friend is something more than a product of imagination. Such was the case in the following true account, which straddles the line between life and death.


Ghosts of the Past: The Haunted Apartment

This true account tells of a woman whose life was turned upside down after signing the lease on a new apartment. The frightening disturbances that followed would ultimately convince her that she was sharing space with entities from a bygone era who were unwilling to let go of the past.


The Dark Secrets of the Most Haunted Place in India

The Bhangarh Fort in the Rajasthan State of India is officially recognized as the most haunted place in India. The locals believe that anyone who has entered the fort in the dark has never been seen again. This fear was the very reason why the entire fort city was abandoned.


The Mysterious Room Inside India's National Library

A mysterious room was discovered in the National Library of India in Kolkata. No one knew about this room and no one could enter. What was its purpose? Is it haunted?


Final Goodbyes: Reaching Out From the Afterlife

These true tales recount visitations from beyond. The first involves a woman who received a message from her deceased mother, reminding her that love changes but never dies. The other tells the story of a troubled man who defied fate in order to say a last goodbye.


Nine Lives Are Not Enough: True Tales of Ghost Cats

It has been said that cats are more connected to the other side than any other living creature. Perhaps that explains their reputation for lingering between worlds after death. The following are two of many instances in which these mystical beings refused to go gentle into that good night.


Know My Wrath: A Curse Comes to Pass

Most would likely agree that wishing misfortune upon another is seldom a good thing. Even so, there are those who do just that in order to right perceived wrongs. This true account details the devastating losses an innocent family suffered after dark forces were called upon in the name of vengeance.


True Tales of the Unexplained: The Ghostly Neighbor

Choosing a suitable dwelling is an endeavor not to be taken lightly. After all, one never knows who might be residing next door. The following story involves a couple who moved into a quiet suburban neighborhood only to find their lives turned upside down by an evil that was too close for comfort.


A Devil's Bargain: Myth or Terrifying Reality?

It is said that junctions exist where the walls between this world and the next are at their most vulnerable. These crossroads are portals in which the living can communicate with those who have passed on. They are also places where, for a price, deals can be struck with the forces of darkness.


Deathbed Reckonings: When Demons Come Calling

We've all heard that if you lead a good life and treat others fairly, you will be rewarded with a ticket to paradise when your days are through. What awaits in the hereafter— for those who spend their lives causing misery to others— is not nearly as pleasant. These true tales illustrate.


Almost Human: Three Real-Life Stories of Creepy Dolls

We all know that dolls are manufactured objects that cannot think, feel, or act independently. At least, that's what we like to believe, though the subjects in the following true tales would beg to differ. Sometimes, there is more to these human replicas than meets the eye.


Closer Than You Think: Three True Accounts of Communications From the Afterlife

When someone dies, those they leave behind often long for a sign that their loved one has found peace on the other side. Sometimes, however, the interactions that take place are neither solicited nor desired. The following real-life stories are examples of what happens when spirit contact goes awry.


How to Get Rid of Spirits in Your House

If you have a ghost or spirit trapped in your house, find out how you can get rid of them or release them kindly once and for all. We'll also talk about what to do if there's a demonic entity in your house. Protect yourself, now.


The Mystery of Entombed Animals

For hundreds of years, stories of animals emerging alive from solid rock have intrigued people.


The Winchester Mystery House

The wealthy heiress to a rifle company built a huge mansion in California; it’s said to be inhabited by multiple ghouls and anguished spirits.


A Consideration of Orbs: Are They Real or a Hoax?

Are orbs just a fleck of dust in your camera lens or something paranormal? You decide.


Twelve Eerie and Haunted Places on Route 66

Sure, it's an iconic American roadway. But it also has a history laden with murder, mayhem and hauntings. You can always read about the lighter side of getting your kicks on Route 66 . . . now delve into its dark and supernatural side.


Tulpas: A History and Example of Living Thoughtforms

What is a Tulpa? Discover the origin and purpose of these curious entities.


A History of New York’s Psychic Tea Rooms

In the 1920s and 1930s, New York embarked on a program to shut down the many services that offered a reading of the future in return for money.


A Challenge to Reason: Gustavo Rol and His Prodigies

Gustavo Rol's long and eventful life was constellated by prodigious events whose origin and nature remain mysterious. His commanding personality, spiritual views, and the debate surrounding his paranormal powers are a source of unabated fascination for many in his native Italy and abroad.


Toronto’s Casa Loma and Its Ghosts

Casa Loma in Toronto is the kind of place that ought to have ghosts—and there are plenty of people who claim to have seen some.