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Updated on February 22, 2018
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You Are Mielikki

As Mielikki, you are the goddess of the forest, the hunt, and abundance. In Finnish folklore, Mielikki represents two aspects of womanhood—the independent wild woman who runs free in the forests and the nurturing mother goddess who takes care of wounded animals and those who have lost their way. Mielikki's symbol is the bear, and as a shapeshifter, she can transform herself into a bear.

Just like Mielikki, you always follow your own heart. You are natural and connected to the earth, and animals, trees, plants, the sun, the moon, and the stars are all your friends. You are stubborn, determined, and independent, and you always set high goals for yourself. Because you are also a free spirit, you try to have as much fun as possible while pursuing your goals. Lastly, you channel Mielikki through your motherly, nurturing, and caring nature.


You Are Vellamo

Vellamo was the Finnish goddess of the sea and waters. Her ability to both create giant waves and calm the most stormy waters made her very powerful. Symbols of Vellamo are fish, cows, and seashells. Fishermen often prayed to Vellamo, asking her to provide them with fish and good steady winds for their sails when they headed out to sea.

The name "Vellamo" comes from the old Finnish word velloa, meaning the movement of water. Throughout history, water has been connected symbolically to feelings and emotions. Calm, still waters can turn into a storm in a moment. Just like Vellamo, you are very connected to your emotions. You are highly spiritual, intuitive, sensitive, trustworthy, and reliable. You are good at keeping secrets, a good listener, and you value your friendships a lot. Like Vellamo, you love the sea and the beach, and there is nothing better for you than feeling the sand in your toes and the breeze in your face. Just as the sea heals you, your energy can heal others.


You Are Akka

Akka is the goddess of the earth and fertility. In Finnish mythology, Akka is the embodiment of the earth and her sacred tree is the rowan. Her symbols are snakes and worms, and she was celebrated during Matopäivä (the spring equinox). It was believed that when Akka woke up on Matopäivä after her long winter sleep, snakes and worms rose from the dark soil and started dancing in her honor.

As Akka, you are motherly and nurturing, and you respect the earth and everything it represents. Your heart cries when you see people hurting nature. You like to take care of other people, but you must remember to take care of yourself as well. The symbol of the snake represents two worlds: earth and water. Earth is the element of a practical person who likes to take the lead and get things done. Water is the element of dreams, imagination, and intuition. With both elements playing a part in how you see things, you are a beautiful soul who has lot to offer to this world.


You Are Louhi

Louhi is the Finnish goddess of magic, the moon, and shamanism. Louhi is a powerful shaman in Finnish folklore who is connected to winter, nighttime, drumming, crone wisdom, and shamanic journeying. Wolves are Louhi's sacred animals, and in pre-written times she was honored during Talvipäivän Tasaus (the winter solstice).

As Louhi, you are someone who loves being you. Even when your journey to self-love has its ups and downs, you refuse to let that get you down. You are an independent free spirit and live your life the way that you want. You are strong, powerful, and wise, but also very intuitive and good at reading others. People often come to you to seek your advice because they respect your wisdom and your experiences. You don't just believe in magic—you are magic!

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      • fairychamber profile image

        Niina Niskanen 5 months ago from Wrexham

        Thank you Nicole. Akka is very powerful to work with.

      • fairychamber profile image

        Niina Niskanen 5 months ago from Wrexham

        Awesome. She is one of my favorite goddesses in Finnish mythology.

      • Fay Cooke profile image

        Fay Cooke 5 months ago from United Kingdom

        Mielikki. Love it!

      • kittythedreamer profile image

        Nicole Canfield 5 months ago from the Ether

        I got AKKA....LOVE IT! What an awesome quiz! So fun!