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Ten Crystals for New Moon Intentions

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Claire has worked with crystals and many other aspects of paganism for over 14 years. She has also studied reiki up to master level.

THe new moon is a time of renewal and new beginings.

THe new moon is a time of renewal and new beginings.

The new moon is a time of new beginnings, renewal and initiation. It is an excellent time to make decisions regarding changes in your life and to begin the process of attaining these. This is due to the belief that intentions, promises, wishes and goals set at the new moon will grow and develop as the moon moves through its cycle from new to full.

The energy of the new moon can create a feeling of going within, and so it can be a good time for reflecting on what is happening in your life and any changes that you would like to make. This is the perfect time to consider and work on eliminating harmful and unwanted habits, thoughts and behaviours from our lives. This can be useful for working on harmful thought patterns such as not feeling good enough or constantly putting yourself down as well as breaking unhealthy habits such as excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, not taking enough exercise and eating too many processed or fast foods. The new moon is also a good time to make a start on new projects or goals that you wish to achieve. Many people believe that not only will your project or goal grow as the moon does but that it is in fact easier to stick with intentions made at the new moon.

Positive affirmations can greatly boost the success of our intentions.

Positive affirmations can greatly boost the success of our intentions.

For some people, the energy of the new moon can be problematic in that it can bring a feeling of emptiness and uncertainty as the old passes into the new. Feeling unsettled or anxious at this time can then have a negative effect on your ability to think about what it is you would like to attract to your life and set any intention at all. It can be helpful to spend some time in the days leading up to the new moon considering your goals. If you know that the new moon energy unsettles you, it can be helpful to prepare for this in advance by gathering materials you need for any spell work, meditation or other ritual beforehand. You may also wish to meditate or reflect on why the new moon affects you as it does and if there is anything you can do to help makes this time for comfortable for you.

You may also come across the opinion that the new moon is not a good time for performing magic or setting new intentions. This is largely due to the fact that the new moon is associated with darkness, in fact it may also be known as the dark moon. However, this does not mean that the energy around this time is dark in a harmful sense, only suited to so-called dark magic or unsuitable for magic at all. Darkness does not have to equal negativity or harm. The new moon can also be beneficial in workings concerning negativity or darkness such as clearing negativity from spaces, items and people, curse-breaking or breaking bad habits. To many, the new moon is considered the perfect time to carry out shadow work and working on any less favourable aspects of your personality. If you are happy to do so it is absolutely fine to practice magic at the new moon.

Crystals can be a powerful allies in achieving your desires.

Crystals can be a powerful allies in achieving your desires.

Suggestions for New Moon Intentions

Although moon energy is beneficial any time of the month it is believed to be especially powerful at the new and full moons. There are differing opinions on what is classed as the new moon phase with some people believing that only the night the moon isn’t visible counts. Others state that the day before and after this are suitable for new moon work and in extension to this, some people believe that the new moon phase includes the three days before and three days after the date of the new moon. There is no set rule so feel free to do whichever feels right to you. The moon gradually waxes and wanes through its phases from new to full and so the energy too gradually changes.

Suggestions for workings to carry out at the new moon include:

  • New beginnings
  • Starting new projects
  • Setting new goals
  • Renewal/restarting
  • Abundance
  • Clarity
  • Courage to face new challenges/adventures
  • Prosperity
  • Success
  • Good luck
  • Releasing/Letting go

Crystals for the New Moon

However you decide to work with the energy of the full moon, crystals can bring a great additional boost. There are several crystals that have strong connections to the moon and these can be great tools in harnessing its energy. You can also choose stones based on your intentions or use a combination of both. Crystal grids can be a powerful way to work on your intentions but crystals can also be used in small groups, singularly or combined with other methods such as meditation, candle magic or magical sachets and bags.

Peacock ore is a beautiful iridescent crystal.

Peacock ore is a beautiful iridescent crystal.

1. Peacock Ore

Also known as Bornite, peacock ore is a stone of many colours. It is thought of as a protective stone that not only repels negative energy but helps you in recognising where it is coming from. It is a stimulating stone that can help you in working towards needed changes and reaching new goals. Peacock ore is a common crystal for use in rebirthing rituals and may also help in balancing the chakras. This crystal is beneficial when we need guidance to identify new opportunities and find ways around obstacles that block our chosen path in life.

This iridescent stone helps in recognising the negative aspects in our lives as well encouraging us to feel joyful about our achievements and positive aspects of our lives. Peacock ore is said to attract positive energies and aid in bring our emotions into balance. It also inspires us to live in and enjoy the present rather than constantly looking to the future or past.

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2. Citrine

Citrine has a long history associated with success, wealth and abundance. This yellow variety of quartz is an excellent stone for manifestation and helping you to make your dreams and goals reality. It can help in removing negative energy from your home and other spaces and protecting against the negative energy of other people. Citrine is said to increase self-esteem and personal power making it ideal for striving to improve your life and achieve your goals. This energising crystal is a good choice for increasing motivation and creativity and enhances concentration.

Also known as the merchant’s stone or success stone, citrine is perfect for any intentions and spell work related to gaining success in financial or business matters. It aids in increasing productivity and in making good judgements when it comes to spending money.

Selenite is a water soluble crystal so should not be placed in or near water.

Selenite is a water soluble crystal so should not be placed in or near water.

3. Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is an excellent crystal for filtering out distractions during meditation or as you go about your daily tasks. It brings clarity to the mind and aids concentration and memory retention. This crystal clears confusion and helps to see to the heart of matters.

This stone is known by many as the master healing crystal and can be used in place of any other stone. It has a powerful energy that can amplify the effects of any other crystal used with it. Clear quartz will absorb and store any energy around it and so is excellent for programming with intentions for the coming month and beyond.

4. Selenite

Named after the Greek moon goddess Selene, this crystal has a strong connection to the moon. It is a powerful cleansing crystal that it a good choice for cleansing your aura as well as cleansing other stones and tools. Selenite dispels all negative and stuck energy and replaces it with a calming peaceful energy. This is a useful crystal for clearing mental confusion and gathering scattered and distracting thoughts. It is also beneficial for use in meditation and enhances intuition.

Selenite can be used to help you figure out what really matters in life and what can be let go of or left behind. It can then guide you in focusing on the matters and projects that most require your time and attention.

5. Carnelian

Carnelian is a great crystal for times when you need to take a chance on something new and need encouragement to take the first step. It reminds us that our dreams can only become reality if we take action to make them happen, even if this is in small steps. This crystal encourages you to reach out into the world and seek new and uplifting spiritual experiences, while keeping you grounded and feeling secure in reality.

Carnelian is a beneficial crystal for anyone who is working on improving their lifestyle, whether this is related to what you eat and drink, the people you mix with or improving daily habits. This stone is thought to be uplifting and a great boost to energy levels and motivation. It is thought to be an excellent support in keeping your mind focused and sharp when working to achieve personal and work goals.

Imperial topaz can be used to enhance meditation.

Imperial topaz can be used to enhance meditation.

6. Imperial Topaz

Also known as a stone of good fortune, this variety of topaz is a good choice for manifesting success in personal and business-related matters. When used in meditation it can aid in find the best path in reaching your goals, leading you to suitable mentors, places and lessons along the way. Imperial topaz has a supportive energy that can be beneficial when you need help in forgiving yourself and other people for mistakes and past behaviours. This crystal is ideal for visualisation, manifestation and creativity giving a great boost to all you undertake. This golden crystal is believed to help strengthen resolve and aid in keeping your thoughts and actions in line with your intentions.

7. Blue Kyanite

Blue kyanite is a powerful crystal for clearing blockages that keep you from achieving your goals and dreams. It encourages you to take an honest look at your life and whether you are putting in the effort needed to create the reality you wish for. As a blue crystal it is linked to the throat chakra and so is a good choice for honing communication skills and supporting you through difficult conversations or in speaking up for yourself.

This blue stone aids in creating a link between your mind and heart enabling you to better see the connection between what you think and how you feel. Its energy encourages the exploration of new interests, skills and knowledge. Blue kyanite is thought of as a luck stone that can attract good luck and opportunities your way.

Celestite is closely linked to angels and the angelic realm.

Celestite is closely linked to angels and the angelic realm.

8. Rhodonite

This crystal has a soothing energy that aids in restoring physical and emotional strength. It can help you find the strength to look at situations honestly and figure out how to resolve them to the best of your abilities. Rhodonite aids in making decisions about whom and what you want to remain in your life, giving you the confidence to take the steps necessary to ensure this.

Pale pink rhodonite crystals are believed to excellent in spiritual matters and for those seeking harmony, peace and healing. Brighter pink stones are thought to be the best choice when used in decision making or increasing confidence and optimism.

9. Celestite

This delicate blue crystal is often associated with heaven, the angelic realms, and divinity. It is sometimes known as the stone of the angels and is commonly used when working with the angelic realm and guardian angels. Celestite has a loving gentle energy that reminds us that we are always being watched over. This crystal can be used in developing spiritual awareness and self-confidence as well as in fostering a more positive outlook on life. Celestite relieves stress and tension and encourages you to go with the flow of life.

10. Opal

This vibrant stone will encourage you to express your true self and to feel confident in your words, thoughts and actions. Opal is a reflective crystal that helps in recognising the things in your life that are not good for you and aids in lettings these go. It is a protective stone that wards off negative energy and attention from negative people. Opal will boost positive affirmations and guide you in manifesting your desires through hard work and dedication.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Claire


Claire (author) from Lincolnshire, UK on January 30, 2020:

Carolyn, anything that helps you focus on the change you are making should help. It can take some time to change habits especially if they have been longterm, so don't be too discouraged if you make mistakes along the way :)

Thank you Dreen. For some reason, I can't reply to the individual comments as usual.

Dreen Lucky from St. Paul, minnesota on January 17, 2020:

Very Nice! I like the content ideas and the work that went into it.

Carolyn Fields from South Dakota, USA on January 17, 2020:

I am encouraged by this. I'm going to find my opal necklace, and start wearing it again.

Anything else I need to do? I'm trying to let go of a bad habit.

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