Seven Crystals for Ostara

Updated on February 2, 2018
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I have studied crystal healing for many years and have studied and been attuned to reiki levels one, two and masters.

A beautiful Ostara-themed altar
A beautiful Ostara-themed altar | Source

Ostara is also known as the spring equinox and is a celebration of fertility, rebirth, and renewal. At this point in the wheel of the year, day and night are of equal length and in perfect equilibrium. The Earth is coming to life as the sun gains strength and brings us warmth and longer days. At Ostara the abundant fertility of the Earth becomes clearer, and symbols of this festival include hares, eggs, dragons, and hot cross buns. Colours commonly used at this time of the year include green, yellow, and purple, which are often used in pastel shades.

It is thought that the origin of the name Ostara came from the name of a Germanic goddess of spring, Eostre. In earlier times it was traditional to hold celebrations and festivals in her honour during the month of April. It was from these that the Christian celebration of Easter evolved.

At this time of balance, new beginnings, actions, and fertility crystals can be used in many ways. Do not think of fertility and growth as just relating to the creation of new life. This can refer to the mind and spirit as well as the physical body. This is an excellent time to cultivate new ideas and plant seeds for your personal and spiritual growth as well as for work, educational, or business success for the coming year. There are many varieties of crystal that can help and support you with these.

Orbicular jasper
Orbicular jasper | Source

1. Ocean Jasper

This variety of Jasper is also known as orbicular Jasper or Atlantis stone. This is an unusual Jasper that is found only on the coast of Madagascar. Its colours vary and it can be found in shades of white, green, pink, red, black, and blue. This crystal sometimes has wavy lines and multi-coloured floral patterns. It is a powerful stone for uplifting negativity and helping you to fully appreciate your blessings. Ocean Jasper can be used to bring relaxation and cooperation to the home or workplace. This crystal is said to aid positive communication and loving expression. It is a crystal of joy, happiness, and good spirit that can offer support in the process of moving on from past bad experiences.

Azurite | Source

2. Azurite

This is an excellent crystal for transformation and increasing communication skills, intuition, creativity, and inspiration. Azurite is a beneficial stone for anyone studying for exams or other tests as it helps open the mind and greatly aids the ability to retain information. This is a good choice of crystal for anyone working in governmental departments, museums, libraries, and universities and for anyone who needs to maintain their independence and mental alertness. Azurite activates the third eye chakra and resonates with the crown chakra, helping to strengthen the energy in the higher chakras. This in turn can enhance or awaken gifts such as clairvoyance, precognition, and intuition.

Raw and polished citrine crystals
Raw and polished citrine crystals | Source

3. Citrine

Citrine has been called the stone of the mind and many people believe that placing one on the forehead of an elder will help to increase their psychic powers. This is an excellent choice of stone for drawing money, wealth, and prosperity of all kinds towards you, especially when combined with positive affirmations. Place a citrine crystal in places associated with money such as cash drawers, purses, and money boxes. In feng shui it is considered an excellent addition to the wealth corner of your home. This is a good choice of crystal for anyone who needs help or support in being more decisive in life.

A slice of ddendric agate
A slice of ddendric agate | Source

4. Dendric Agate

Sometimes known as the stone of plenitude, this crystal will attract abundance into all areas of life. It is an excellent choice of crystal to enhance the growth and yield of crops or to maintain the health of houseplants. Dendric agate is strongly connected to the plant kingdom and the Earth and so is excellent for any work with these. It can also be used to help deepen your own connection to the Earth. However, patience is needed when working with this crystal as it carries out its work slowly and takes time to be fully effective.

Polished lapis lazuli
Polished lapis lazuli | Source

5. Lapis Lazuli

This is an excellent choice of stone for all types of spiritual growth and development. It opens the third eye and balances the throat chakra. Lapis Lazuli can be used in dream work, channelling, in contacting spirit guides, and in developing spiritual abilities such as clairaudience. This blue crystal can help to balance the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. Use this stone to create strong and lasting bonds in friendships and relationships as it also aids the expression of feelings and emotions.

Chrysopase is an excellent crystal for personal growth.
Chrysopase is an excellent crystal for personal growth. | Source

6. Chrysoprase

This pretty green stone induces deep meditative states and promotes hope. It can help in discovering your talents and provide a boost to any creative skill, hobby, or venture. Chrysoprase is a calming stone that helps you to accept yourself and others as they are. It is a useful stone to choose in healing emotional co-dependency and will support the development of independence, security, and trust. Chrysoprase has a strong detoxifying action on the physical body and can be used to help remove heavy metals from the body.

Amazonite crystals can be used to balance male and female energies.
Amazonite crystals can be used to balance male and female energies. | Source

7. Amazonite

This is a very soothing stone that will calm and balance the brain and body. Amazonite can be used to help in healing emotional trauma, soothing worries and fears, and also aids in balancing a person’s masculine and feminine energy. This crystal opens the heart and throat chakras, enabling honest and clear communication. Amazonite can be helpful to anyone who has difficulty showing or talking about their true feelings and beliefs, whatever the reason for this may be. It can also aid you in remaining calm and rational when discussing topics that are uncomfortable or that you feel strongly about.

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