Sea Magic: Ways to Use the Power of the Ocean in Manifestation

Updated on February 26, 2018
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Kitty has been following an alternative spiritual path for seventeen years. She encourages others to follow their souls' calling.

The sea is powerful. The sea is magical. Use its power to aid in manifestation.
The sea is powerful. The sea is magical. Use its power to aid in manifestation. | Source

The Sea Calls

Since the beginning of mankind, the sea has captivated us. The sound of the waves soothes us. The sand beneath our feet grounds us. In ancient times up until modern times, those who work and live on the sea will admit they are drawn to it. They feel its call when they are not near the sea. Our ancestors believed the ocean waters were powerful and bridged the gap between our world and the world of the spirits. There are numerous superstitions, myths, and tales on this topic.

The beach, be it on the ocean, sea, or lake, it is a liminal space between this world and the next. A place where the spirits meet willingly and unabashedly. A place where earth, sea, and sky meet in one gloriously beautiful conjunction. It is a place that can be used for powerful manifestation and magic in your daily life: abundance, healing, love, friendship, release, and more. The sea calls to all of us at some point in our lives. Will you listen to its call?

Magical Sea Treasures: Seashells, Sand, Feathers and More!

One of my favorite things to do on the beach is to go beachcombing. This is similar to foraging in a forest or field, except it yields different kinds of magical elements. In the forest we find plants, barks, berries, wildlife, flowers, rocks, and more. But on the beach? We find magical tidbits like seashells, coral, hag-stones, driftwood, feathers, and sea glass. Many of us collect these things and never use them to aid in manifestation. We let them sit around in a drawer or photo album to serve as mementos. And that's okay, too! But don't forget the power of the ocean is imbued in these items we find on the seashore and can be used just as well as foraged or bought magical ingredients.

Seashells gathered from the beach have various magical properties, including: love, fertility, healing, emotions, intuition, and dreams. You can look up the seashell online and dial down exactly what kind of shell it is, which might make it more powerful! For example, the shell of an oyster could be used to draw love into your life. After all, oysters are known as powerful aphrodisiacs. Or maybe you found a perfect spiral shell - spirals are the symbol of eternal life and therefore this seashell can be used in past life work.

Sand gathered from the beach can be kept in a jar or a bottle and can be placed anywhere around your house to bring the ocean's essence into your space. Set it on your altar. Or use the sand to draw a magical circle for a powerful sea ceremony or midsummer sabbat. The sand can also be put in bags, along with herbs, and charged to aid in manifestation of your goals.

Feathers are always a fun find, no matter the location, but when they're found at the beach? They are powerful representations of seabirds such as the gull, heron, osprey, egret, sandpiper, pelican, etc. Look up what bird the feather might have come from for added oomph in your workings. Add feathers to your altar, to a dreamcatcher, or wear it as a charm in your hair or jewelry. Feathers are reminders that we have someone on the other side watching over us, and they also represent our connection to the heavens. An especially large feather can be used as an old-fashioned quill to write out wishes or goals on paper.

Driftwood and seaglass are two other common things found on the seashore, depending on what beach you visit. Driftwood can be used to make chimes or decorations for your house. It can be placed on your altar or decorated and made into a wand/staff, depending on the size and shape. Seaglass can be put in bottles, jars, or woven into jewelry. Sea glass is a representation of transformation by the elements, a "return to the sea", a return to nature. Use it in times when you need to change your direction in life.

There are other magical sea treasures to be discovered and used in your sea magic. But please remember, don't take anything that might jeopardize the ecosystem of the ocean or body of water. This means don't uproot the plants along the shoreline, as many are put there to help curb erosion, and many are also homes to sealife such as turtles and birds of various kinds. For whatever you take from the ocean, be sure to give something back. For example, if you collect seashells from the beach, give of yourself by picking up some litter you might find strewn about.

Seashells are a representation of the sea's love, fertility, and healing abilities.
Seashells are a representation of the sea's love, fertility, and healing abilities. | Source

Simple Sea Magic: Sand Castles, Swimming, Writing in Sand

If you're not one for beachcombing, and you enjoy living in the moment, don't forget that some of the most basic activities at the beach are magical in and of themselves! By swimming in the ocean, you are becoming one with the element of water. You are also purifying yourself energetically from built-up negative vibes and worries. While swimming, visualize all of your anxiety and negativity being washed away and absorbed by the ocean's healing waters. While laying in the sand and sunbathing, feel the sun's warmth on your skin and give thanks to the sun for its life-giving light. By simply visiting the beach, you are connecting with all four elements (water, earth, air, and fire).

Another fun beach activity is building sand castles. Who didn't enjoy building sand castles as a kid? They're still fun to build for adults. While you build your sand castle, charge it with your intentions/wishes/goals. Let it get washed away by the ocean, along with your wish, and ask the ocean to help that wish manifest in reality. Writing your wishes or dreams in the sand can also have the same effect. Trust the ocean with your intentions.

Don't forget to tread lightly - don't leave cigarette butts, plastic wrappers, cans, etc. on the beach. These can serve to pollute the environment and make it dirty for the next visitor, but more importantly pieces of litter can physically harm the wildlife at the beach! Straws have been found stuck in the noses of sea turtles, just to name one issue with beach litter. Pick up after yourself. Don't take anything that could hurt the ecosystem at the beach. Be thankful and only leave your footprints in the sand...or say someone wise once said.

The element of water rules the following: femininity, purification, healing, love, the moon, intuition, dreams, emotions, and pleasure.

— Nicole Canfield

Magical Sea Creatures

Another fun way to incorporate sea magic into your life and spiritual practice is by studying and connecting with sea-life. You can really dive into it, so to speak, and call upon an undine or mermaid to aid in manifestation. Mermaids are great for dream-workings, but be careful not to trust them too much, they've been known to be tricksters according to folklore. They can open a portal to the spiritual world for you, but don't trust that they won't close it once you've swam inside!

Decorate your home in dolphins, whales, or turtles and bring more of the energy of the sea to life in your sacred space. Or spend time connecting with these amazing sea animals by studying them and maybe even donating to a sea-life conservation fund. If you live near the beach and can aid in returning sea turtle babies to the sea, join a local group and help out!

Mermaids can be called on to aid in your dream-workings.
Mermaids can be called on to aid in your dream-workings. | Source

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    • JoannaBlackburn profile image

      Joanna Blackburn 3 weeks ago from Inleside On The Bay, Texas

      I found this article three days after arriving here in the Coastal Bend. This explains so much to me. I have always been called back home to the ocean front and finally decided I will stay. I feel at peace here. I feel centered after all the chaos in my life. I feel like I belong here. Thank you for another awesome article.

    • Seafarer Mama profile image

      Karen A Szklany 2 months ago from New England

      Think I'm most drawn to sea and forest magic. Thank you, Nicole!

    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 2 months ago

      There is so much beauty to enjoy. The sounds of the beach is the best music of them all. Thank you for writing such a detailed and beautiful hub.

    • kittythedreamer profile image

      Nicole Canfield 2 months ago from Summerland

      Heidi - You're so sweet! Yes, be sure to take some piece of Florida home with you next time!

    • heidithorne profile image

      Heidi Thorne 2 months ago from Chicago Area

      When I was in Florida recently, I got to spent some time on the Atlantic coast which I haven't seen in many years (decades?). It was wonderful. But I'll have to remember to pick up some treasures the next time. Thanks for sharing more of your lovely insights!

    • kittythedreamer profile image

      Nicole Canfield 2 months ago from Summerland

      Sue - It calls to many people. And to Pisceans, no doubt!

    • Marsei profile image

      Sue Pratt 2 months ago from New Orleans

      Lovely hub. I long for the ocean when I don't go often. It answers something for me. Maybe being Pisces has something to do with it. I like what you said here.



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