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How to Use Crystals to Boost New Year’s Resolutions

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Claire has worked with crystals and many other aspects of paganism for over 14 years. She has also studied reiki up to master level.

With January fast approaching many people will be thinking about making New Year’s resolutions. While we often have good intentions and feel positive about setting these kinds of goals, they can turn out to be hard to stick too or be unrealistic in the long term. Not being able to stick to a goal or resolution can leave you feeling low and defeated as well as giving your self-confidence a knock. The feeling of having failed can also make you feel discouraged from setting goals in the future.

There are many methods that can help us in working towards our new year’s resolutions including setting shorter-term goals, making sure that the goals set are realistic and attainable and setting and working on our resolutions with friends or family members. Crystals also have many properties that can help us in setting and working towards the goals we set at New Years. For example, stones that have motivational, empowering or courage boosting energies can be ideal choices, along with those suited to new beginnings and commitment.

Crystals can help to increase motivation, luck, dedication and more.

Crystals can help to increase motivation, luck, dedication and more.

In order to determine which crystals will help you it is important to identify why you have failed to stick with your resolutions in the past. This can be due to setting unrealistic goals for yourself in the first place or that the goal you set was very long term or based around things outside of your control. It can also be the ease that when combined with the stresses and commitments of everyday life it becomes hard to work on personal goals or begin to lose motivation. Loss of motivation or feeling like there is no point trying can also be the result when the fruits of working towards our New Year’s resolution are slow to materialise.

Figuring out what is holding you back can provide us with helpful insight into how we can be more successful in future attempts. It also helps in selecting the crystal or crystals that are best suited to our needs. If you feel that you slowly lose motivation to stick to your resolution as the year progresses, regularly working with a motivational crystal or carrying it with you each day can be just the boost you need. Whereas if the difficulty is in setting unattainable goals, a crystal that aids in realistic thinking and recognising your true needs may be beneficial. Crystals associated with new beginnings can be useful, especially when making resolutions that related to lifestyle choices such as diet or exercise or when making big changes such as moving home.

Crystals for luck can come in handy if you have resolved to find a new job and stones that are used to boost our love lives can be great choices for finding new love or working on self-love and self-acceptance. For those of us who start out well but begin to slip away from our goal after a few months stones linked to dedication, commitment and being able to see the bigger picture can be helpful choices.

Setting your Intention for the Year Ahead

A good way to incorporate crystals into making New Year’s resolutions is by setting an intention or programming a stone to assist and support you. This is not necessary in order to work with a crystal but can lead to improved results as it focuses the crystal's energy on what you wish to achieve. Taking the time to set an intention can also serve as a useful reminder when you feel yourself falling away from your goal.

The first set in setting your intention for your crystal is to identify a stone whose properties match your needs. This can be done by reading crystal guide books, using internet search engines or visiting crystal shops in person. Some people like to read up what crystals may help them and others prefer to see which stones they feel drawn too naturally. It often turns out that if you feel drawn to a crystal, it will have benefits for you and this does not have to be carried out in person.

It is possible to feel this attraction through books and or learning about crystal varieties. Once you have chosen a crystal it is important that is cleansed to remove any energy and programming that it may already be carrying. This then creates a clean slate for your own intention. You will need to think carefully about what your goal and intention for working with this crystal is before beginning the process. In general the clearer and more precise you can be, the better your results will be because clarity stops there being any confusion in what you wish the crystal to assist in.

There are many methods of connecting with and programming a crystal with your intention and none are really better or more effective than others, it is more down to personal preference. What they all have in common is taking some quiet time to relax and connect with the energy of your chosen crystal before clearly stating how you wish to work with it moving forward.

Once your stone is cleansed you will need to sit or lie down in a quiet place and have some time in which you will not be disturbed. Make sure that you are comfortable and take a few slow deep breaths to help you relax. While holding your crystal, focus your mind on your intention and the goal that you are setting. Visualise yourself working towards this goal and reaching your desired outcome.

You can also state this out loud if you wish. Spend several minutes or as long as you feel is necessary on this exercise before slowly bringing your awareness back to the room. You can now go about your day as normal and may wish to carry your crystal with you. Alternatively, it can be placed at home somewhere you spend a lot of time, for example next to your favourite chair. Your crystal can also be put in a place that is associated with your New Year’s resolution, for example if you are aiming to earn more money this year it can be put in a money box, purse cash box. One advantage to keeping your crystal with you is that anytime you feel you are not on track for your goal, you can hold it and be reminded of the intention you set.

Carnelian can help to boost motivation and self-confidence.

Carnelian can help to boost motivation and self-confidence.

Seven Crystals to Boost New Year’s Resolutions

1. Chrysocolla: A motivational stone that can help in moving past negative thought patterns and behaviours. Chrysocolla encourages you to work towards improving your life and to trust in your instincts in relation to these. It is a great crystal for new beginnings such as new projects, starting a business and working through emotional hurts and difficulties. This crystal has a gentle harmonious energy that can help build hope while easing fear, anxiety and guilt.

2. Bloodstone: Also known as heliotrope, bloodstone is a great stone for increasing endurance, energy and determination. It helps bring insight on whether to retreat or continue to push forward with your ideas and actions. Bloodstone is a protective and grounding crystal that helps in looking forward to your next steps while still keeping your feet firmly planted in reality.

3. Carnelian: Carnelian is a stabilising crystal that is useful for increasing motivation and self-confidence. Its energy is beneficial in times when events take us by surprise and force us into changing our lives or actions. Carnelian is also a good choice of crystal in helping us adjust natural changes in life such as becoming parents, growing old and dealing with the death of loved ones.

Obsidian can help you manifest your wishes in life.

Obsidian can help you manifest your wishes in life.

4. Hematite: This is a good choice of crystal for practical and logical thinking and decision making. Hematite can help to wash away negative thinking that impairs self-esteem and the ability to see success in your future. It is an excellent crystal for anyone that is looking to advance their career or obtain a pay rise or promotion. Hematite is a respected grounding crystal helping to increase focus and determination.

5. Tiger’s Eye: Tiger’s eye has long been believed to increase courage and strength. It is a good choice for realising and exercising your personal power without it having a negative impact on those around you. This crystal can help to strengthen willpower and keep you motivated to work towards your goal.

6. Sunstone: This sunny crystal can help lift your mood and is thought to be beneficial for anyone that suffers from seasonal affective disorder (S.A.D). It helps boost determination and is a useful supportive stone for leaders who don’t feel they are up to the job. Sunstone is a good choice when you feel stuck or unproductive and is great for creative endeavours. Sunstone’s energy brings enthusiasm, optimism, and encouragement.

7. Obsidian: Obsidian is a strong protective crystal that can help to increase self-control and focus. It is a good crystal to have as support through changes in life. Obsidian helps to remove emotional blockages that prevent you from manifesting your true wishes and needs.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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Claire (author) from Lincolnshire, UK on November 26, 2019:

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O my. This is all very new to me, really. I have bookmarked this so I can reread several time. There is so much to digest. thank you for sharing with us. Angels are headed your way this afternoon. ps