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What Is the Celtic Month of Oak?


What Are the Celtic Tree Months?

The Celtic Tree Months are a 13-month lunar calendar. This calendar is also referred to as the Beth-Luis-Nion Calendar. Some believe that the Celts and Druids followed a 13-month calendar, but there is no proof. This can only be speculation. The Celts did not leave substantial written records. The Celtic Tree calendar is not related to the historical practices of the Druids.

The Celtic Tree Months sprang out of the work of a writer by the name of Robert Graves. His work has remained popular despite being heavily criticized by academics. His book The White Goddess should be considered more of poetic work rather than authentic Pre-Christian Celtic religion.

Despite this calender being inauthentic to the ways of our ancient ancestors, we can gain inspiration from it. There is a logic in how the tree months relate to cycles in nature. It can be fun to be mindful of the Celtic Tree Months and incorporate these plants into our rituals at the appropriate time of the year.

Oak is a valued tree in Celtic society.

Oak is a valued tree in Celtic society.

The Celtic Month of Oak

The Ogham letter Duir means door and is synonymous with oak. The month of Oak takes place from June 10th until July 7th. Oak is an important and valued tree in Celtic society. It is the most sacred tree of the Druids and is a symbol of strength and vitality. This tree represents what is most needed to get you through this heated phase of the year.

These are the longest days of the year. We experience solar energy reaching its peak and then its descent. Though imperceivable in the hot, sunny weather, our days gradually become shorter.

This is a time of growth in the plant world. Any work done now should pay off later. It is best to make use of the long hours of daylight to accomplish the goals you set out to achieve. This is a great time to go back to your New Year's Resolutions and recommit. Since it is a time of high energy and vitality, you may find great success.

Oak's Magickal Correspondences


Mars, Jupiter




Thor, The Green Man, Zeus

The oak is sacred to The Green Man.

The oak is sacred to The Green Man.

Born in the Month of Oak

As oak is a strong wood, those born in this tree month are also known for their strength. They are wise, nurturing, and like to fight for the underdog. Their creative skills and determination allow them to bring many positive things to fruition.

With these individuals around, everything will always work out great. They have the confidence to pull their weight and put their plans into action.

Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice occurs during the month of the oak. Modern Druids refer to Summer Solstice as Alban Heflin. Summer heat presents us with many challenges. Character strength can be built at this time of the year as we work hardest to create fruit for our labors.

Find ways to bring the energy of oak into your Summer Solstice festivities. Have a picnic beneath an oak tree and give it a hug while you are there. Let its spirit enter your soul. Pick up some of the beautiful rounded leaves and bring them home with you. You could use them to create a wreath or dry them to crush up into an incense.

The Sun is at its peak at this time of the year.

The Sun is at its peak at this time of the year.

Oak for Luck and Prosperity

Oak is a good choice for magick pertaining to luck and prosperity. Who doesn't need more of both of those things? You can use oak bark and leaves in an incense or carry an acorn for good luck.

Acorns are also known for being potent magick makers for fertility. If you wish to conceive a child or creative project, you may wish to employ the in some way. They certainly aren't all that challenging to find. Charge them in the same manner that you would charge crystals and put them in a charm bag or your pocket. They are also great for working magic for protection and strength.

Sometimes in order to prosper, all we need is that little bit of extra strength to persist with our goals.


Father of the Woods

Oak possesses wisdom, strength, and the power to protect us. These are all qualities associated with a great father. Perhaps this affinity is why oak is thought of as the Father of the woods. It is also sacred to such paternal deities as Zeus and Thor.

Oak's strength allows it to weather storms. The bark has deep grooves and can be used in decoctions. The tree is also fatherly in that it produces acorns and mistletoe grows on it.

It is most popular for its lumber. Oak lumber was used to build naval fleets. Sadly, many forests were cleared so it could be used in this endeavor. Viking longships were made of oak, not to mention furniture and flooring. Oak barrels are used for wine and bourbon. That's not the only way it was used to enhance food. The wood was also used to smoke fish. Oak wood makes a particularly hot fire, and that obviously has many great advantages.


Robin Hood and The Major Oak

The Major Oak is believed to have sheltered Robin Hood and is located in Sherwood Forest. The tree is thought to have a 30-foot circumference. It is a historic landmark that is believed to be between 800 to 1100 years old.

Below I have included a link so you can learn more about this highly fascinating tree. This tree requires support to maintain its branches and is protected as it draws throngs of visitors each year.

  • The Major Oak - Visit Nottinghamshire
    Sherwood Forest, a 450-acre country park and nature reserve, is home to the well-loved veteran oak tree the Major Oak, which is known throughout the…

Tree of Life

Oak is the World Tree or Tree of Life. The Druids held rituals and ceremonies in oak groves. They are a safe haven for fairies. One fascinating fact about oak trees is that they are struck by lightning more frequently than other trees. Lightning is illuminating, and there is a connection to spiritual awakening. Perhaps this connection is one of the reasons Oaks are so revered.

'Derry' is a common name for locations in Ireland. It is an anglicized version of doire which means 'oakwood'. Obviously, you can hear the phonetic similarity to the word 'Duir' in these words. Oak has been discovered at many prehistoric sites.

Tree of Mugna

The tree of Mugna was an oak. Eo Mugna is one of 5 sacred trees. It was reputed to produce apples, acorns, and hazelnuts. It was a son of the Tree of Knowledge and is said to have fallen sometime around 600AD.

Oak is the Tree of Life.

Oak is the Tree of Life.

Connection to Mars

Oak is thought to be connected to the movements of the planet Mars. It is said that when Mars is close to the earth, it stimulates the growth of the oak's roots. When Mars is further away, the Sun encourages the oak to grow upward. This is why oak is one of the strongest, tallest, and most powerful trees. Since the wood is so strong, anything of importance is built out of it.

How Does Oak Resonate With You?

I hope I have inspired you to incorporate Oak into your life. It is a tree most sacred and important to our ancient Celtic ancestors. Anything of importance was built out of this strong wood. I encourage you to get out in the wild and hug an oak today! It can only do good things for your soul!

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