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Seven Signs You Are a Pagan

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Born in deepest Cornwall, now living in wild Wales, Bev has been practising her personal brand of eclectic witchcraft for years and years.

Is this where you feel at home?

Is this where you feel at home?

Could You Be a Pagan?

Are you still searching for your life path? Does modern life appear shallow and superficial? Perhaps you believe that life has more meaning and that it should be sacred yet deeply joyful. Do you wonder if you can ever find a community that shares your values and feels right for you? Maybe you are a pagan.

Paganism is a spiritual nature-based path. It may or may not be religious, depending on the tradition followed. What they all have in common is a reverence for the life force in everything: a belief that life, in all its diversity is sacred, and that everything in the Universe is interconnected and interdependent. People called to the pagan path undertake to live life with honesty and integrity.

Above all pagans acknowledge we are all perfect, flaws and all, and that human beings are privileged to live on this beautiful planet. They understand that it is our duty to revere and take care of the Earth and the life upon it.

And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet, and the winds long to play with your hair . . .

— Khalil Gibran

Seven Signs You Might Be a Pagan

  1. You love being outdoors, you experience joy in all weathers.
  2. You enjoy observing the seasons change.
  3. You believe all life is sacred.
  4. You believe there is a higher intelligence or force, but you are uncomfortable with the accepted notion of God, the Almighty.
  5. You could describe yourself as ‘eclectic’; having an interest in many things.
  6. You see magic and wonderment in people and in nature.
  7. You are concerned about several aspects of modern life and despair at cruelty.

What Is Paganism?

Paganism is an umbrella term for many religions and paths. It’s confusing in a way, so once you have determined that you’d like to delve deeper, you will need to understand the various kinds of pagans there are:

  • Witches are pagans and they may, or may not be, religious.
  • Wiccans are pagans and Wicca is a modern religion.
  • Druids are pagans and Druidry is an ancient religion.
  • Some pagans do magickal workings, others do not.
  • Many pagans follow specific traditions, such as Celtic, Nordic, Faerie, or incorporate eastern or classical practices.

Generally speaking, people who define themselves as pagan, follow an earth-based, polytheistic religion. Some honor many deities, others prefer the more general ‘God and Goddess’.

However, not all pagans are religious in the accepted sense. Some take a little from this religion and a little from that. Others simply celebrate or mark the seasons in a secular way, and call themselves atheists. Paganism is truly a pick ‘n mix path. What they all have in common is a deep respect for nature, our planet, and the divine beauty in the natural cycles which form the structure of life.

I did however used to think, you know, in the woods walking, and as a kid playing the the woods, that there was a kind of immanence there—that woods, a places of that order, had a sense, a kind of presence, that you could feel; that there was something peculiarly, physically present, a feeling of place almost conscious . . . like God. It evoked that.

— Robert Creely

Pagan Deities

Pagans honor deities from so many traditions that it would be impossible to list them all here. However, here is a small selection.

  • Goddess - usually represented by Mother Earth.
  • God - usually represented by Father Sky
  • The Green Man - a Celtic personification of a nature god.
  • Diana - Roman goddess of the moon and hunting.
  • Aphrodite - Greek goddess of love and sexy stuff.
  • Zeus - Greek god of everything.
  • Artemis - daughter of Zeus and goddess of forests, hills, and hunting.
  • Baba Yaga - Russian goddess, who takes the form of an old woman.
  • Ceridwen - Welsh enchantress, Goddess of rebirth, transformation, and inspiration. She has a fascinating story.
  • Brigid - a multi-faceted, Gaelic goddess, honored at Imbolc, usually the 1st February, which is sometimes called St Brigid’s Day.
  • Freya - Norse goddess of love and fertility.
  • Hecate - the Dark goddess, associated with the dead and dark magick.
  • Odin - The Norse main man.

Pagans also honor the keepers of the four directions, who are in turn connected to the four ancient elements: fire, water, air, and earth. The fifth direction which crosses vertically through the horizontal plane is Divine Spirit, which connects Earth to the heavenly realms.

Natural objects themselves, even when they make no claim to beauty, excite the feelings, and occupy the imagination. Nature pleases, attracts, delights, merely because it is nature. We recognize in it an Infinite Power.

— Karl Wilhelm Humboldt

How To Become a Pagan

You don’t have to do anything to become a pagan. You simply have to know it. It feels right to you. You can develop your own tradition as you learn what it means. For you, garden witchcraft might be perfect. Perhaps you will choose to acknowledge nature as your connection to the divine. Or perhaps you’d rather the structure of a Wiccan or Druidry group in order to study a formal tradition.

There are many resources and groups online and, if you want to meet up, you can probably find information about local ‘moots’ (meet-ups). Pagans are generally friendly folk and welcoming to newbies. However, there is often a bit of political infighting among members of groups—the same as in any other organization.

  • Paganism - An Introduction to Earth- Centered Religions” by River Higginbotham and Joyce Higginbotham.
  • Paganism: A Beginners Guide to Paganism” by Sarah Owen
  • To Walk a Pagan Path” by Alaric Abelson
  • Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner” by Scott Cunningham
  • Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft” by Raymond Buckland

There's sunshine in the heart of me, My blood sings in the breeze; The mountains are a part of me, I'm fellow to the trees.

— Robert W. Service,

So, how about you? Do you think a pagan path might be the right one for you?

Blessed be.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

Questions & Answers

Question: I have a very strong interest in Paganism and Wicca, but I believe in God. Is this generally accepted?

Answer: There are many Christian witches, but they tend to keep their beliefs secret -- after all, it is sometimes said that Jesus was a very powerful witch.

Wicca is different because the whole premise of the religion is based on the God/Goddess. It is not really possible to be both Wiccan and Christian.

Question: What's the difference between a pagan and a witch?

Answer: All witches are pagans, but not all pagans are witches. Witchcraft is just one path of paganism. Other pagan paths include Druidry and Discordianism. Any earth-based religion or way of life can be labelled paganism.

Witchcraft is classed as paganism, and can also include many varied paths, too many to mention here.

It's a complex topic and well-worth exploring if you are interested.

Question: I think I am a pagan, but don't believe in witchcraft. I only feel connected to nature. Does that count as a pagan?

Answer: If you identify with most, or all, of the seven signs given above, then you are a pagan.

Question: How did you learn that you are a pagan witch? How did you choose this path?

Answer: I've been fascinated with witchcraft since a child. My mother had a huge encyclopedia of witchcraft, and I used to read it all the time even though I didn't understand it. Then I put it aside for studies and boys, and then marriage and kids. When I was older, I kept thinking that there must be more to life and I found a book on Wicca in the local bookshop. And that was me launched on my new path.

Question: Can I just call myself pagan? I believe that everything happens for a reason and am very connected with nature but I'm not sure about the gods. Also, I feel drawn to witchcraft but don't think I'm Wiccan.

Answer: You can call yourself anything you like. There aren't any rules in paganism or witchcraft, apart from doing your best not to harm anyone. You might like this article that describes 60 witchcraft traditions:

Question: I think I’m pagan, but I’m not sure what religion in paganism. I believe that the earth is sacred. I think people can be witches. But I don’t believe in a god or goddess. I have picked some things out of the religions under paganism. So what would I call myself? Just a pagan?

Answer: You can simply be a pagan, if you wish and just follow your own path. If you are drawn to witchcraft, have a look at all the different traditions. I've picked out 60 in this article... but again, you don't have to label yourself anything:

Question: I’d like to call myself pagan, but I’m not sure I can. I’ve looked into it for a while and I believe in a higher entity, but don’t believe in deities. I believe the earth was gifted to us, it’s our job to look after it, and that’s it’s sacred. I don’t know of a pagan religion this fits into?

Answer: Firstly, if you feel that the word 'pagan' best describes you, then that's fine. Secondly, not all pagan paths are based on deities (Gods and Goddesses). The main one would be Wicca. Thirdly, you don't need to shoehorn yourself into any prescribed system at all; you can simply be your own unique person on your own unique path.

Question: What are the difference between witches, pagans and Wiccans?

Answer: Paganism is an umbrella term that covers most earth-based religions and traditions. So that means all witches and Wiccans are pagans.

Witchcraft is a pagan tradition that utilizes ritual and magic in its practice. Witchcraft can be quite 'cottage industry' based, and include such things as herbalism, cartomancy, healing, etc.

Wicca is a religion. It is a specific (and modern) path of witchcraft that recognizes the God and Goddess (or named versions of them).

You might find this article interesting. It covers 60 different witchcraft traditions:

Question: I'm very interested in paganism. People know me as an atheist as I've considered myself one for a long time, but have recently been doubting it and have just started to learn about paganism, although I've known about it for a long time. Now, I don't want to practice magic, I don't like magic, but I love the Earth and nature and I'm so torn between what I should believe because both are bad and good in some way, and I'm just so confused. I'm not sure what I should do?

Answer: My suggestion is that you don't do anything. Simply enjoy your connection to nature. No one needs to know. And you don't need a label. The thing is, the earth is there. It supports you and nurtures you, that doesn't mean you have to believe in any kind of religious system.

Question: I call myself pagan, but I believe in God (or Jesus), but don't follow most Christian rules. At this point, I'm not sure anymore if I'm pagan or not?

Answer: That's okay. A lot of pagans believe in a divine force. I suggest you give it a bit of thought and see if you can reconcile your beliefs. Perhaps writing things down would help? Journaling can enable you to work out a lot of ideas and problems.

Question: I believe I am pagan, but I wonder do pagans have more empathy for nature and animals than for other people?

Answer: Firstly, you are either pagan or you are not. It's a choice you make. Pagans are normal people with normal emotions. Some may care more for animals and nature, others might be nurses in an ICU ward. Pagans are as varied as people generally are varied. The only difference is that they hold a certain set of spiritual beliefs and values.

Question: Recently felt I am pagan but stumped with the magic part. I believe magic can be found by just creating things like by cooking; anything that gives life or fills me with passion. No spell work at all aside from love in my heart and good energy as I do them. Every time I try to do “real” magic found in books I feel like a fraud, even though I’m very drawn to it. Am I still a pagan witch?

Answer: Yes, you are a witch. You don't have to do all the things associated with witchcraft - not all witches cast spells. A witch's work is exactly as you describe: doing anything with love and good energy. It's living a magickal life.

Paganism is an umbrella term: all witches are pagan, but not all pagans are witches.

Question: I'm not sure if I identify as Wiccan or specifically Pagan. I really feel a deep connection to the earth, and I've always had a sort of clairvoyance. I hate crowds, and usually when I dream about something it comes true. A lot of things in the modern world do concern me. I honestly want to treat Wiccan or Pagan as a way to connect myself with the earth and past lives. So how do I know?

Answer: You need to do some research. I have many articles on the topic of witchcraft. Try these:

Question: I’ve inherited some psychic abilities from my ancestors. Does that mean I’m pagan by blood?

Answer: No, it means you have some psychic abilities. Paganism is a path you choose to follow. You cannot be born pagan unless your parents decide to raise you that way. It's a lifestyle, not an inherited trait.

Question: I am drawn to paganism because I love the changes of the season. I believe in like attracts like. I'm not interested in the Wiccan side, more just nature and the turning of the wheel of the year. Does this make me Neo, Eclectic or just simply pagan?

Answer: Paganism is an umbrella term for a multitude of traditions. You can choose just to call yourself pagan, or you can go more niche and choose a specific path. Wicca is a faith-based religion that comes under that pagan umbrella, together with many other witchcraft trads.

Question: My friend doesn't believe in a higher power or in gods and goddesses. Is there a path that might be better for her?

Answer: Your friend certainly doesn't have to subscribe to the religious aspects of paganism, but she does have to completely believe that there is a universal energy, especially if she wants to practice witchcraft. The whole premise of living a magical life depends on it. Of course, she might not want to do any of that, and that's okay too.

Have a look at this article, something there might resonate:

Question: I believe in Jesus and love nature, animals, and believe in the God/Goddess. Male and female energies. Why do you say it is not possible to be a Christian pagan?

Answer: I don't say it's not possible; anyone can call themselves anything they like. However, from the perspective of Christianity, it is not acceptable to follow the path of the God/Goddess. There is only one God in Christianity. Many Christians (Roman Catholics in particular) get around it by revering Mary, Mother of Jesus. It's quite possible to be a pagan and adhere to the teachings of Jesus.

You may be referring to my statement that it's not possible to be both Wiccan and Christian. The two are separate faiths and there are too many differences for them ever to work together. It would be like trying to play for two different football teams. For example, Christianity holds the devil up as the ultimate evil; Wiccan worship the Horned God who looks exactly like the Christian devil. Wiccans practice such things as fertility magic; Christians would be horrified at the idea. So while you might uphold the principles of Christianity but practice Wicca, you can never really be both.

Question: I am pretty sure I am a witch but I do not know where to start learning, and how to tell family members?

Answer: Becoming a witch is a choice you make. It is rare that someone is inherently a witch; usually, they feel drawn towards witchcraft. You can start right where you are. I have lots of articles that will help you get started.

If you are young, and you think your family wouldn't approve, then you should hold off with the whole witchcraft thing. However, that doesn't prevent you from learning as much as you can until the time is right. If your family is easy-going, then you can just gently slide into being a witch by small actions: leave a witchy book lying around, ask for a tarot deck as a gift, wear slightly more witchy clothes (if that appeals). Practice visualizing getting a good parking space for whoever's driving, then joke about it and tell them it's witchcraft. Keep it light.

© 2017 Bev G


Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on October 23, 2019:

Well, Oldwaterman, maybe you could put your gift to good use - volunteer work for a dog shelter, difficult dogs, etc. Those animals that might otherwise be doomed may benefit from your gift.

Oldwaterman on October 22, 2019:

Due to my position and a very stringent drug and alcohol policy (in the USA) , i cannot use cannabis or other drugs otherwise i would. Sometimes knowing things about people is good , but also bad. You learn not to trust anyone, sadly even my own family is deceptive, This is why i dont let people know , but i know they have the nagging feeling they didnt get away with with the perfect crime, and i always take away what is stolen. There is a lot of paranoia in this, and knowing the truth isnt always satisfying. I often wonder why people try to develop these skills, when those who genuinely have them dont want them. Had i the choice, i would live in ignorance. Another odd thing about me is i ruin electronics, like watches namely, and cellphones last about a year, which is expensive. Plus they , like laptops have an unusual screen burn in, even though i always set them to turn off after a minute. Animals all seem to like me , even trained trained ones , thats why i was looking up familiars,. I have never been bitten by any animal and i can calm them down., even guard dogs.Everyone always said i should have been a veterinarian. i dont claim to be psychic or anything like that, and if i could predict lottery numbers i would have years ago and saved me a lot of work. Thanks for your help and time. In the meantime, ill just keep looking for a way to deal with this annoyance

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on October 22, 2019:

Oldwaterman, thank you so much for sharing that fascinating account. I can understand that you are simply weary of the whole thing now.

I don't think (only my opinion) that you can just switch it off, however you might be able to fade it a bit. You'd have to find some mental technique that can turn down the 'volume'. One thing that occurs to me is to try something like CBD (you know what I'm saying, right?).

Hope you find something that works for you.

Oldwaterman on October 21, 2019:

Since i was a kid, strange things were always happening to me. I smell roses on people about to die, and sure enough within 2 weeks they are dead. Even at 4 years old, i told my friend johnny, he was was going to die , and he did of some rare disease. I see shadow people and know things are about to happen, and what people are going to say prior to them telling me. Naturally this gives me an effective edge in business where i am.very successful. I have freaked out several psychics when i was young, who from that forward refused to be in the same room, and i have some very weird recollections of places i have never been to prior , which several i knew little hidden places at. I have seen events in my life, including my passiing. Now this seems all great and wonderful to most, but to me it isnt. Each decision i make , does change my life, but i still see the general outcome as it is changed, no matter what it still is a crappy end on my part. I was always told by my great grandmother i was a reincarnation, as i knew things like the location of my greatgrandfathers blacksmith , and walked out to the location and described it in full detail, in german (english speaker only) to her., i also knew things that i shouldnt , or couldnt. That was the end of my long visits there as a child. How is it that i rid this "gift" that has been a nuisance all my life? It seriously takes joy and mystery out of my life, which i now have less than a decade left (I have never been wrong, neither at someones passing , not even my own parents). I dont practice any sort of witchcraft, although i do believe there is something to it. Same with ghosts, any place that is suspected of haunting , i show up, and seem to really antagonize whatever is there. Currently in my new home, the cats freak out and stare at walls fixed on the same spot, and somethimes the spot moves with all 3 looking at it synchonised and are suddenly scared of rooms in which they have no issues with an hour ago. I wish this was a joke, but isnt. I just want to have a happy and quiet life for once, something most take for granted. Any suggestions that can help?

Jane pusecker on October 20, 2019:

I have always considred myself more electic spiritualist/ christo-christian druid many people dont understand my spiritual path and im ok with that .

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on October 17, 2019:

To Heather, nothing in that bag can cause harm to you. There is no 'big guy' coming for you on Halloween. You are getting yourself all worked up and anxious for nothing. Someone wanted to frighten you and they have succeeded. Don't hand your power to them. If you are being bullied, then deal with it on an everyday level. Report them.

If you want to protect yourself psychically you can try some of the suggestions given here:

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on October 10, 2019:

Well, by definition, witchcraft is a pagan path, but yes, there are Christian witches. Some say that Jesus was the greatest witch that ever lived.

Kay on October 10, 2019:

Not all witches are pagan. You can be a Christian witch.

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on September 30, 2019:

Enjoy your new adventure, Christopher.

Christopher on September 30, 2019:

Looks very much I’m a pagan...not disappointed at all.

KBuchanan4853 on September 23, 2019:

Thank you. I am intrigued by fairies and anything celtic... i will continue to be

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on September 23, 2019:

Hi KB, the thing is, you don't need a label at all. You can simply be yourself. Attaching a label doesn't mean anything. Just do your thing. One day, you'll have an 'a-ha moment' when you discover a tradition that resonates with you. Good luck.

Kbuchanan4853 on September 23, 2019:


I am trying to decide if I am simply just pagan or what type of pagan I am... I do not practice the craft altogether I have dabbled and am very curious.. I do have an interest in crystals and herbs and meditation.... I have been meditating long before i realized that is what I was doing... Candle magic has a pull for me...

I have spent most of my life in a. Organized Christian Non Denomination religion with some Catholic ways thrown in.... i guess i am trying to find me not just what my parents are... I ultimately insist on peace and harmony and nature

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on September 22, 2019:

What kind of advice are you looking for, KB?

I have a ton of other articles here:

KBuchanan4853 on September 22, 2019:

I believe myself to be an empath... while witchcraft has always been something im drawn too i will admite that i have not studied in any way shap or form... only what i have read that stuck my interest... i do believe in the faries ... always had a fascination... when I visited my Ireland I fell in love all over agai. With all things earthy and pagan... i want ro know more about it all

I have often questioned as to if i had powers to heal...once while dating this man he was having much pain in his sholders... with candle and oils i summoned peace and meditation and as i put the oils in my hands i could feel a pull i let it guide me to the spot on his sholder and back and he insisted he immediately felt relief. Just advice would be helpful.

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on September 07, 2019:

Wise words, Pat. Earth magic is my thing too. Thank you for sharing your story.

Pat G on September 07, 2019:

I used to have a neighbor next door (she moved to Washington State), but as time went by, we realized we had a lot in common, not only Irish, but yep, a touch of witch craft was in there. I was not practicing witch craft but on and off I did a bit of "candle magic". When she was moving to Washington to be with her son (cause she was in her 70's and had health problems). She gave me her books. After reading them I realized that pagan was really my true nature. I never was comfortable with "traditional church" teachings. You know, one step out of line and you're shipped off to the "Big Barbecue". I've always been an "outside girl" and I actually thrill at the sight of a fresh plowed field (sounds nuts, I know) but all that black soil is just holding so many promises. If you watch carefully enough, you can almost see the land breathe. When I finally came to terms with myself over a year ago that this was probably always my true nature...I now have peace. I respect other people's religion (was long as they're not twisting my arm to join their group). This is cool...any road to a good road.

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on August 12, 2019:

I'm not far from there, and you are right. It's still a great place to visit though.

Limpet. on August 12, 2019:

I live in Glastonbury, Somerset where this haws become a growth industry.

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on August 10, 2019:

Yep, that's what it says :)

Ian Stuart Robertson from London England on August 10, 2019:

Pagan an 'umbrella' word covering a plethora of topics.

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on July 27, 2019:

Okay :)

Ian Stuart Robertson from London England on July 27, 2019:

Some I.T. servers block this content.

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on July 27, 2019:

Of course they can, Will. It's true they need to have an affinity to nature and the willingness to learn, but people are not born witches - they have to make the choice to become one by actually 'doing' witchcraft.

Will on July 26, 2019:

Witches just cant choose to be a witch, its a natural thing.

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on November 14, 2018:

Hi Laura, I like to think of God (all of them) as energy. People can call them whatever they like, but I am certain all they are describing is 'universal energy'.

Laura C Parlin on November 14, 2018:

I want to believe in a god but the one thats the popular with christians is jesus or the lord. I want to think that all religions come together as one if those all do exsist

EMSS on November 05, 2018:

Hi Bev G.

Very good article I have seem to be on the pagan path my whole life . I always like being outdoors, and like nature and I would feel strong energy to nature felt part of me in all seasons.,I felt there is intelligence life or force I always believe in magic it felt part of me. When I starting reading article on witchcraft I felt drawn to the article on pagan

How do you know you are a pagan witch did you feel drawn to the path,

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on October 07, 2018:

Most sources say that Zeus was the 'King of the Gods of Olympia'.

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on September 20, 2018:

It's possible, Brandon, but lots of people were curious about Ouija boards back in the 70s, and thousands were sold. Birthmarks aren't signs of being a witch.

BrandonMC10 on September 19, 2018:

My mom told me that i had a strawberry birthmark on my nose but it wasn't very noticeable. I do remember my grandparents having an Ouija Board. Is it possible that they were pagan and possibly witches?

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on September 18, 2018:

I have to agree with you Hellen; no one needs a label to know who they are.

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on September 17, 2018:

Thanks, CJ.

I have seen Baba Yaga referenced as a variation of a Goddess of Death and the Underworld. I think it's because she has been adopted into modern pantheism as an Eastern European version of Hecate and Kali. I've done a little digging and, apparently, she started out as a Slavic Goddess and then things went downhill from thereon in.

CJ on September 17, 2018:

Great article, but Baba Yaga is not a goddess and has never been considered one. She is a character from Russian fairy-tales. She is perceived as evil and cunning. She can capture children and often is an antagonist to the main male character.

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on November 13, 2017:

Happy to shake hands, HT.

herr tampert on November 13, 2017:

If the pagan path doesn't need the martial arts of war by defending himself I can be in tune with the Green Man once more.! Or simply put by Jackie Chan : Just shake hands ( Sorry for any confusion, I am leaving footsteps everywhere..! )

Thank you so much for your article! So glad I stumbled by

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on August 19, 2017:

Thank you, Sean. Love is all there is. Happy to meet you.

Ioannis Arvanitis from Greece, Almyros on August 18, 2017:

Eighth sign, I love the way of life that Native Americans lived. I knew that I am a Pagan from my early days. I studied all the religions, and I found that Love is my religion. I believe in The Way of Life that Jesus taught, and I think that he was a Pagan too. Thank you, Bev, for this article.

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on July 28, 2017:

That's really good to know, limpit. Imagine how much more our great grand-kids will have access to.

Ian Stuart Robertson from London England on July 28, 2017:

Oh! my previous posting the new technology being used at out heritage sites.

Apparently it is imaging devices that can x ray the ground without having to disturb the artifacts there in. We hardly knew a portion of what we know now.

Also there were a chain of Neolithic hilltop forts across southern England used as a precaution when needed. Likewise, they are being looked at as well.

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on July 24, 2017:

That's good to hear, DG. I hope I can do it some more :)

Richard Green from New Mexico on July 24, 2017:

Another fine article. You are making me think about stuff I haven't thought of in years. I like it! Thank you.

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on July 24, 2017:

Hello Limpet :) It's a double-edged sword isn't it? It's interesting that new technology is helping us to know and understand more about the past, but on the other hand, you wish they'd leave it/them in peace.

Ian Stuart Robertson from London England on July 24, 2017:

Limpet here, from 'olde London towne'. Although i've commented on this topic on the many previous hub pages, i find it rather refreshing to see newer content appearing. I might take the opportunity to mention the ongoing archeology 'digs' occurring at Stonehenge on Wiltshire's Salisbury plains. Modern methods have allowed to be revealed much more than we ever knew about neolithic era activities.

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on July 23, 2017:

Thank you, my friend xx

Lady Regina on July 23, 2017:

I was raised Catholic and stayed that way until I was about 40. Then, things stopped making any sense to me. Just felt wrong. Then someone gave me a book about Wicca by Amber K. And my new life just went from there.

I felt like I was "home."

I am more accurately described as an Eclectic Pagan. No one label fits me.

I've followed that path ever since. I feel better about myself. I feel happier. But I can also feel very sad about the cruelty on this Earth and how we are destroying our home.

The "harm none" aspect is perfect for me. I make every effort NOT to kill something just because I can. My home is a "no kill" zone. I don't always succeed, but I do give "fair warning" to creatures that don't belong in my home but for some reason or other find themselves there anyway! lol I do my best to catch and release them back into the wild.

Of course, if it's a situation of me or them, that's a different story, for example, I'm allergic to wasp stings and it can be fatal.

If I MUST kill something, I apologize first. "I'm sorry, but you have to go!"

I respect a person's different belief system as long as they don't try to tell me I am wrong or evil, or whatever, because I don't share their beliefs.

This is a very good article Bev (as usual!) Lots of interesting information.


Lady Regina

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on July 23, 2017:

I really love that we can create our own spiritual path, Jean. And I love that it can change direction as we change and grow. x

Jean Bakula from New Jersey on July 22, 2017:

It took me a long time and study of many religions before I realized I was a Pagan. I take a bit from Buddhism, a bit from Hinduism, and love the Earth, feeling such despair when I see how people are destroying Her.. I identify with certain goddesses too. And thanks for reminding me of Kahlil Gibran.