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Witch Reclaims Christmas with Traditional Yule Decorations for Her Tree

Christmas is just repackaged Yule.

Getting festive for the season with traditional decorations means taking it back to winter solstice celebrations of Yule. Here are some tips for decorating for the holiday with witchcraft from a crafty, merry witch. The foundation of decorations is the evergreen tree, which is brought into the home to represent continual life, rebirth, and renewal. She recommends decorating this tree with things you wish to invite into your life for the new growth cycle that will come with spring.  

Dried orange garlands and strings of lights are used to represent the return of the sun and lengthening days. These little slices of citrus are said to attract abundance, success, and wealth. Cinnamon sticks are used to bring prosperity and protection to the home, and she adds rose quartz to bring love.

Why are bells such a common theme throughout Christmas decorations? This tradition actually traces back to pagan beliefs that ringing bells could call in ancestors and spirit guides, and so many bells are hung on trees to invoke one’s ancestral line. Holly leaves are said to repel negative spirits so these were often combined with bells to make sure the right spirits were being called.  

Most importantly, remember to decorate with things that bring you joy - you will, after all, be the one looking at your decorations the most!

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