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Woman Reimagines Christmas Songs as Spine-Tingling Yule Ballads

This is so hauntingly beautiful!

Tired of the same old Christian Christmas carols? This brilliantly talented woman sings a beautifully reimagined version of We Three Kings to reflect the ancient goddess triumvirate of maiden, mother, and crone and sings them with such haunting beauty you’ll be left wanting a whole album of her Wiccan Yule carols.  

The inspired lyrics are as follows:

“Maiden, mother, ancient crone,

Queen of heaven on your throne,

Praise we sing the, love we bring thee

For all that you have shown.

Oh, moon of silver, sun of gold,

Gently lady, lord so bold,

Guide us ever, failing never, 

Lead us in the ways of old.”

The Triple Goddess representing the cycles of a woman’s life is often associated with Hekate, an ancient deity referenced in both Greece and Egypt. This valuation of all stages of womanhood being equally important was a common theme among ancient peoples that often became washed away with the patriarchal assumptions that came with colonization.  

Many consumers of all faiths are returning to the pagan Yule roots of Christmas to fight the materialistic capitalism that has swallowed the deeper meaning of all winter holidays into a purchasing frenzy, instead of a connection with our communities in real and impactful ways like it should be. 

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