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Women Are Testing Their ‘Third Eye’ By Sticking Bobby Pins to Their Forheads

Apparently, you can feel it “catch”

The wonderful thing about TikTok is how easy it is to join in on whatever the hot new dance or stitch is. Trends pop up and go viral at an astounding rate. The horrible thing about TikTok is how easy it is for disinformation and foolishness to spread as everyone jumps in on the hot new trend.

One trend that’s on fire on the app is the claim that an “activated” third eye will be magnetic, and so there are tons of videos of people sticking bobby pins, paperclips, or other small metal objects to their foreheads and being astounded when they stay up.


“I’m all about the third eye,” the woman says in the video, “but this is BS.” However, immediately afterwards, she is stunned to find that the trick works.

Hey, I’m all about the third eye too, but I have bad news for these folks. Human magnetism is a myth. If she had tried to stick a non-magnetic penny to the middle of her forehead, the rest would be the same. She’s not magnetic, she just has sticky skin. Oils, sweat, and plain old friction all play a part in allowing small objects stick to “smooth” and flat places on your skin, one of which just happens to be the center of your forehead.

Go ahead and try it for yourself. I’m sure you’ll be able to stick bobby-pins to your head, but you’d probably also be able to stick a plastic bread clip or other small, light object. If you’re looking to improve the power of your third eye, there are better ways to train your intuition than lifting bobby pins.