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Woman Films Herself During Terrifying Spirit Possession

She was on a ghost hunt...

Some people believe that there is more to fear from the popular activity of “ghost hunts” than catching chill or filling up your camera’s memory card with pictures of blurry orbs. Some people believe that spirits can and will possess human bodies, and so arm themselves with blessed items, exorcism manuals, and even “safe words” to help alert others in the chance of their possession.

For this woman on a ghost hunter a haunted military ship, too much paranormal activity in recent days seemed to make her especially susceptible when it came to the influence of invading spirits.


In the video, the woman smiles unnervingly at the camera. Her companions are taken aback, claiming the look on her face and in her eyes are nearly unrecognizable. They ask for the agreed upon “safe word” that a possessing spirit is not supposed to know, and she replies that there is no “safe word”. She giggles nervously, and they tell her to stand up and come with them, presumably on their way out of the affected area and do do some sort of purification ritual.

In the comments, she says she felt “out of control” of her body, and was trying to scream the safe word but could not. She said she was feeling dizzy, which was why she sat down on the ground.

According to experts, sometimes leaving that area is enough to clear the person’s mind of any spirit who has “jumped” them.

After viewing this video, many might think twice about their innocent ghost hunts.