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Woman Accidentally Lets Fae Into the House and Now She Can’t Get Them Out

She’s so confused.
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The popular internet clapback “touch grass” is a way for folks to signal to their target that it’s possible that person has been spending entirely too much time online and needs to get out into the real world before social media rots their brain.

But what if the brain rot is convincing them that there is very serious danger in their own yard, and that touching a plant, indeed, even opening the door, will result in evil spirits invading the house?


In this video, a woman who has clearly spent entirely too much time in the spooky and folklore-oriented corners of TikTok is convinced that she has “invited the fae into her home” due to the unforgivable sin of…. having a welcome mat.

No, seriously. According to some strict folklorists, the words “welcome” on your doormat (or, in this woman’s case “Oh, Hello”) are clear and universal invitations to anything that might want to step foot inside.

So is even opening the door when someone knocks on it. Apparently, if you open the door after hearing a knock, whatever happens to you after that is entirely your fault.


I have a lot of sympathy for this woman and her troubles. She opened the door to an apparent “ding dong ditch” (fae-related or otherwise) and then found a spider crawling on her neck! Yikes!

That and a bush stump in her backyard with a couple of gemstones on it has grown back into a bush. (Sometimes stumps grow back. Life finds a way.)

But that doesn’t mean she has a fairy problem, does it? Just some gardening issues and an arachnid infestation.