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Mysterious Woman Shows Up at New Homeowner’s Door Asking to Chat with the Ghost in the House

But there's no evidence she ever visited.

Weird things have been happing to TikToker Gina Soave ever since she moved into her haunted house. From the Amazon Alexa repeating her name to weird bumps or moved items, she is convinced that there is some kind of entity in her home. But in her entire collection of videos chronicling the strange things she’s witnessed, this might be the most chilling. 


In the video, Soave relates an incident in which there was a knock at her side door. When she answered the door, she saw an elderly lady who claimed that she was there to visit the woman who used to live in the house. Soave kindly explained to the woman that the previous owner had passed away, at which point the woman said that was impossible, that they had just spoken on the phone and her friend had told her to come visit. Soave was astonished. She tried to explain to the woman that the previous owner was definitely dead, but though the woman was not exactly argumentative, it was not an easy conversation.

Soave reports that her fiancé came into the room to ask who she was talking to, but by the time he reached the door, the lady was gone. Shaken, and wondering if the visitor was perhaps suffering from some form of dementia, Soave headed over to her neighbor’s house to see if her neighbor’s Ring doorbell camera might have caught any identifying information about the woman or perhaps the car she had come in.

But there was nothing on the Ring video, either. And now Soave is left wondering if the woman at the door was real, or another manifestation of her haunted home. 

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