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Woman Exchanging Presents With Crows Gets Another Surprise

It's like they were waiting for her.
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Ravens and crows—the best known birds in the family known as corvids—have long been considered a creature of spiritual significance. Important in cultures in both Europe and the Americas, they can symbolize anything from misfortune and death to wisdom, divine messages, and spiritual power. Biologists will tell you that corvids are among the smartest birds, and can do everything from solve puzzles to bring gifts in thanks to people who help them.

This has led some folks to befriending the crows and ravens in their neighborhood, exchanging gifts and forging a relationship, sometimes with wildly unexpected results, as this woman recently discovered.

In the video, she explains that she has been leaving gifts for crows in hopes that they will reciprocate. They did, leaving her a quarter in thanks for all the attention she is showing them.

But here’s where it gets surprising. When she and her child discovered the quarter left behind in the water dish, they were very excited, whooping and squealing with delight. And the crows, waiting in a nearby tree, definitely picked up on it. When they picked up the coin, the crows all started cawing loudly, as if laughing at her excitement.

It’s a mistake to think that animals don’t have emotional lives. A bird smart enough to leave thank you presents in exchange for food is also smart enough to know that their present was received and appreciated. Understanding and connecting to other beings on this Earth is always a good thing.

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