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Fun and Festive Witchy Activities for Winter

Embrace the season!

This witch has some quick tips on holiday activities to keep you busy in the coldest months of the year. She likes to gather pine needles, pine cones, and other seasonal ingredients to store for use in spells the rest of the year, as many are used year round. Many natural tree decorations such as dried orange garlands can double as charm spells during the preparation, and enjoying a cup of hot chocolate with cinnamon can serve as a prosperity potion.  

Freshly fallen snow is the perfect place to draw runes and sigils, letting the sun melt them away instead of flame to paper in the more traditional style. Personalized sigils can be fun to design while warm inside next to some candles or a toasty fireplace, but in a pinch standard runes or common sigils will do. Natural wreaths can be made of pine boughs and your brand new dried orange spell charms, and witch balls can be made to decorate your holiday tree or windows. These decorative glass balls are essentially spell jars, and many believe them to be the foundation that began the modern tradition of round, blown glass ornaments.  

Just because the weather has turned cold and snowy doesn’t mean your nature practices have to come to a pause for the season!

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