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This Is What a Witchy Wedding Looks Like

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Weddings are supposed to be fun and tailored to the couple making vows, see how this witch personalized her ceremony to be grounding and uplifting at the same time.


First the traditional table seating arrangement was abandoned for a large circle of chairs to facilitate group socializing. Every guest was given a lit black candle so there could be a communal herbal circle ceremony. The couple had custom made bride and groom zodiac oils, as well as enlightenment oil for the crown chakra. There were also plenty of edible treats such as frosted death cookies with things like “RIP to our single lives” written on them. The wedding cake and accompanying cupcakes featured tarot card toppers like a neat twist on fortune cookies

Some consider a Wiccan handfasting ceremony to be the equivalent of a witchy wedding, but there are unique differences of note. Handfasting originated as a Celtic betrothal ceremony, like an engagement agreeing to be married at a later date. Popular culture romanticizes this as a trial period of a year and a day in which the couple can decide to break off the engagement if it’s not working out or can continue on to wedded bliss if all goes well. This is a point of contention with some historians who view the agreement as more contractual and resembling an arranged marriage due to spreading christianization. 

Many witches planning marriage look beyond the traditional flower arrangements and seek to use magical herbalism in their decorative displays. These arrangements are intended to have beneficial properties bestowed upon the couple for future happiness. Orchids are commonly thought to be associated with love charms and sachets, cyclamen is often associated with fertility and love for those seeking to have children with their partner, and bamboo is thought to bring luck and wealth to the new couple.