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NJ Dad Takes Toddler On Forest Witchy Scavenger Hunt in Support of Magical Mama

How precious are these two?!

Hold on to your hearts for this one, it’s too adorable for words. In this video, a dad and his son go out for a little nature walk, and to pick up supplies for the boy’s mother, who needs them to work her “craft.”


“We’re looking for some sticks, some rocks with good energy, and some s___ called yarrow,” the father, who posts under the TikTok handle @beneaththecrescent_ryan, tells the camera. “She said it’s very important to get permission from Gaia before we take anything.”

His son, Declan, is eager to help.

“This big rock is perfect and I love my mommy!” the toddler exclaims, holding aloft what I’m sure is a phenomenally special, flat brown rock. Y’all, my heart.

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Most viewers found this video as enchanting as I did. “I don’t even want a man if he’s not this supportive of my passions,” said one commenter. Another cooed, “little man understood the assignment.”

Others warned this baby forager and his baby to be careful looking for yarrow with so little experience, as there are several lookalikes that are toxic. Hopefully, his wife was able to double check for him when they got home.

It’s important to instill in children a love of nature from a young age. Getting your kid out into nature to pick up interesting rocks, poke around with sticks and pick the occasional flower is an awesome activity, whether or not you are looking for witchcraft supplies, or just out to enjoy the woods. 

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