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Real Witch Shares Best Ways to Welcome a New Month

From cinnamon to chamomile, how to bring luck in your door this month.

Perhaps you are already familiar with some witchy ways to welcome each new page on the calendar. From cleaning out the old to setting an intention for the new, there are many superstitions and rituals that guide people on the first day of the month.

One trend that’s taking over TikTok is the idea that blowing a handful of cinnamon in your front door on the first of the month will bring wealth, prosperity and protection to everyone who lives within. But what if you’re not the world’s biggest fan of cinnamon, or someone in your family is sensitive or allergic to the spice? Don’t worry, real-life witch meaghan.dowling has got you covered with alternatives.


In the video, Dowling helpfully explains that there’s a wide variety of herbs and spices you can use to create a meaningful ritual to ring in the new month. She recommends clove for protection, banishing, and to bring in wealth and abundance. With thyme, you get the benefits of wealth, abundance, protection, and a new sense of happiness. Chamomile covers all of the above, with the added benefit of being a stress reliever.

 All it takes is a tiny handful and a big breath. In all cases, make sure that the herbs and spices you choose are not blown into anyone’s eyes or noses, and that they are safe for any pets that might be prowling the area and become curious enough to taste your good luck spell.

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With all these options for cleansing your threshold, you are sure to not only get a great-smelling entryway, but also a prosperous month to come. For as Oprah Winfrey once said, “Cheers to a new month and another chance for us to get it right.”

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