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Witch Gets New Car and Loads It Up With Protection Spells

This is actually pretty brilliant.

This woman goes all in on spiritually protecting her new wheels. Maybe these rituals will help ease anxious drivers. 


First, she places a small protection jar pendent on her rearview mirror. This contains black salt, garden sage, rosemary, clove, calendula (for positive energy), juniper berries (protection against accidents), bay leaf (with a sigil on it), and black obsidian. Next, she puts protection sachets in the back doors. These contain bay, cinnamon, cedar, and juniper. 

Then it’s time for crystals. She places smokey quartz in the sunglass nook, fluorite beads on the turn signal, black obsidian in the passenger door, and finally tigers eye in the dashboard console.

Spell jars are an old and easily customizable form of folk magic. The contents are decided by the intended effect and commonly contain magical herbs, plants, crystals, sigils, and written spells. These ingredients are then sealed into the jar with melted wax, oftentimes in a color associated with their end desire. 

Protection stones and crystals have been utilized throughout the ages in hopes of keeping loved ones and homes safe. They are often said to enhance and focus spiritual energies, and if all else fails they make for lovely decor. There are also crystals associated with protection while traveling, which might come in handy when choosing stones to keep in one’s car.