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Woman Discovers ‘Witch’s Well’ In Forest

This is an eerie find...

New Jersey has its fair share of supernatural occurrences, from haunted lakes to tales of the Jersey Devil. This wooded area in Mount Holly, Burlington County is home to the legendary Witch’s Well.


Officially, the “Witch’s Well” is an old pump house, but local legend holds that it was once a well that had big part in an infamous eighteenth century witch trial. According to the story, a woman was thrown down into this well in order to test if she was a witch. Despite the fall and the water, the woman, being a witch, survived, and stayed at the bottom of thee well, knocking and calling to be let back up. And she apparently still does it to this very day.

It is said that if you go out and knock on the door of the building now, she will knock back, and this became a popular pastime for local kids ever after. The spot became so popular with midnight adventurers that a huge fence with security cameras was put up around it.

Fans of the legend claim that even Benjamin Franklin wrote about the witch trial in question in the Pennsylvania Gazette, though critics claim that Franklin wrote about all kinds of nonsense in order to sell papers and that the entire story is nothing more than a hoax.

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But here’s my question: if it’s true that this is nothing but an old pump house, why wouldn’t they just knock it down and fill up the well? Why the fencing and security cameras? And what about all the locals who say that they, too, have heard the witch’s knock?

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