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There Is a Baby Cauldron Toy That's Perfect for Little Witches In Training

It even has a tiny spell book!

It’s important to set kids on the right path early, and this witchy mom is delighted that her daughter’s favorite Christmas gift is a Little Tykes Magic Workshop that lets her pretend to mix potions and spells just like her mommy! The toy kit includes a spell book with with a few different “spells” that each do something different, such as cause a little toy frog wearing a crown to light up different colors.  

The cauldron set is intended for use with water so it is a little wet and requires some cleanup, but none of the parents commenting seem to care in the slightest as this potion kit is nearly as exciting for them as for their children. After all, who wouldn’t have gone wild over this as a kid?

Sets like these can be great practice before inviting children to help with spells around the house, testing their abilities to perform proper cleanup and follow instructions. Before you know it, she’ll be helping cleanse spaces and dispel negative energies! 

Along with potions class, another great activity for kids to practice alongside their parents is creating a Book of Shadows. Providing fun cutouts for a scrapbook style grimoire for the little ones can keep them busy while parents work on their own entries while simultaneously allowing for family bonding over shared rituals. 

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