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Witch Talks to Ghost Through Spirit Box and Learns He Doesn’t Approve Of Her “Ways”

This is why it’s always a good idea to bring a witch on a paranormal investigation.

Paranormal investigators utilize devices to help detect and communicate with ghosts, spirits, or other entities they may find on their search. And when this witch when out ghost hunting with one, her religious beliefs got her some unexpectedly direct answers!


The video begins abruptly with a garbled voice saying “I won’t use it” that is claimed to be coming from a spirit box, sometimes known as a ghost box. The narrator explains the spirits weren’t interacting with the cat ball they were using for testing, and this could be because it’s on stone. She elaborates saying that the stone may be too grounding or have an energy the ghosts don’t don’t want to touch but is interrupted by the spirit box saying “you’re different”. She moves the ball to a patch of grass away from the stone and the disembodied voices asks “who’s there?”

The narrator gives her name and a more feminine garbled voice interrupts saying “she’s a witch”. The woman investigating confirms she is a witch and she is standing in the middle of the Hex Murder Bridge in New York. Another voice chimes in “I don’t like her”. The witch calls for a spirit named George, a presumed warlock who was murdered on this bridge in 1892, to touch the ball. The ghost box asks to be “let in” and then says “the bridge”. Then the cat ball starts lighting up on its own while the ghostly voice repeats “bridge” and “on the bridge”. 

The witch asks who touched the ball and the first answer given is “curse”, followed by “call to them”. The witch asks if the voice means the Heidts, two brothers who committed the murder all those years ago. The disembodied voice confirms by saying “Heidt” and then an otherworldly quiet screeching sound comes from the spirit box.

How do spirit boxes work? These devices, also known as Electronic Voice Phenomenon recorders, randomly scan radio frequencies and present the words picked up as ghostly communications from beyond the grave. Some claim this nonsense raw audio can be manipulated by spirits to form voices to communicate with us. Many paranormal investigations use these boxes in conjunction with a “vibration activated light sphere”. Although it is widely acknowledged that these are repackaged cat toys, that does not discourage the ghost hunting community from incorporating them into their equipment, as they do seem to activate without apparent external stimuli.