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Witch Shares Her ‘Get Rich Quick’ Spell Anyone Can Do

Hey, it’s worth a shot.

When people think about witchcraft, they imagine the stuff from movies—evil hexes, flying broomsticks, dangerous love spells. But real witchcraft looks more like prayers or good luck charms that would be utilized by folks in many different religions. In this video, a witch shows her followers on social media how to make a “money bowl”, which is essentially a spell meant to attract wealth. Let’s see how it’s done.


In the video, the witch sets out a small bowl near a windowsill. To this bowl she adds a handful of rice, and a spoonful each of cinnamon, basil, ginger, and dill. She mixes the spices together with the rice, then puts in a few coins and a rolled up bank note to set her intentions. Then the witch adds a sprinkle of coffee (to “speed things up,” she claims) and a couple of sesame seeds (to reveal blockages keeping you from getting what you’re worth). Into this mixture, she carefully places a tea candle and lights it to ignite the spell’s power.

“I had to ask myself if this was witchcraft or a recipe!” exclaims one viewer. But this just goes to show you that witchcraft is not some terrifying, arcane art, and that you can do spells with ordinary kitchen ingredients.

In this case, the money bowl should be left out for a few days, and then return the perishable ingredients (i.e., rice and spices) to the Earth. She also reminds viewers that if you don’t have certain ingredients, you can omit them or substitute for what has resonance for you. Everyone’s practice is different, she advises. It’s the intention that matters. 

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