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Witch Warns That There Is a Correct Way to Collect Graveyard Dirt

If you’re messing with this kind of magic, make sure to do it right.

With the rise of social media and the popularity of magic practices on these various platforms, it has become important to examine not only how different spiritualities are practiced in different cultures, but to become aware of the possible harm that is done by practicing traditions and performing spells that are not truly understood, or that may be appropriated from other cultures. In this video, a folk witch tries to correct some misconceptions and pitfalls surrounding one particular bit of magic: that of gathering dirt from a grave.


In this video, the witch discusses the practice of gathering graveyard dirt. Though some think of this task as being part of a closed practice (i.e., performed only by certain colonized or exploited cultures whose spiritual practices and beliefs should not be mined for magic tricks by outsiders), in truth this practice is one that exists across many cultures, and different people have different understandings of how it is done and what it ought to mean.

In this case, the witch is making a hex jar, for which she advises practitioners to gather dirt from the grave of someone who had been rotten or evil in life. Dirt from a good person’s grave, to compare, would not work for a hex.

In the comments section, viewers have further tips. For instance, a magic practitioner from the Slavic tradition points out that where she comes from, gathering soil from the graves of your loved ones actually imparts strong protective powers.

This is why it is important to really study where you’re getting your magic tips, and not just try whatever is hot on TikTok that day.