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Woman Finds Witch's Altar Behind Her House

It's actually kind of peaceful?

There are many creepy things that one might find in the woods. People have reported the remains of downed planesscary dolls, stone carvings, and of course, the unmistakeable signs of BigFoot. Films like The Blair Witch Project practically made “signs of witchcraft in the local woods” into its own genre. So it’s little wonder that when this woman went into the woods behind her house, she was a bit taken aback by what she discovered there.



In the video, TikToker @snophic gives viewers a little tour of a colorful wonderland she found “basically in [her] backyard.” Multi-colored string stretches between branches like a psychedelic spider web, and bits of glass, dried flowers, and mushrooms dangle everywhere. Incantations are painted on old papers, which have bee roughly smithed together and hung or stretched across the space. Rocks are arranged in mystical symbols and sigils all over the ground.

But instead of feeling scary, as so many odd things in the woods do, this space seems sweet and magical. (It probably helps that this clip is not set to some scary soundtrack, and is being filmed in full summer daylight rather than in the glow of a flashlight in a bleak late autumn dusk.)

Viewers agree. “It looks like a solstice altar,” says one commenter. "This is definitely someone's sacred working space," says another. They advise the woman not to disturb the space, but not so much out of fear as out of respect for its beauty and the car for which it was so obviously crafted.