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Creature With Too Many Wings Flies Through Park

Why does it have so many wings?

This baffling creature was recorded flying through a park and appears like a transparent white rod with far too many wings. As it flies, the wings lining it’s body seem to ripple in a wave. The creature flies around and can been seen from several different angles as the camera follows it. The footage ends abruptly without showing where it goes or how it disappears, as is often the case. 

Many immediately point to the similarities between this flying cryptid and the Roswell Rods, which are hotly debated to be either aliens, cryptids, or visual artifacts from too-slow cameras trying to capture quickly moving insects or birds. Optical illusions are good explanation for security cameras capturing “rods” but when a person is following them with a phone it would presumably be apparent to the camera person what they were recording. This has led to much speculation in the comments as to what else could be responsible for the creature seen in this video. 

There is no widespread agreement and the suggestions range from things like a kite, origami, or mechanical wind art all the way across the board to mating dragon flies or foreign drone prototypes sent to spy on adversaries. While it’s possible some combination of dragonflies getting their wild thing on and camera lag could potentially cause something like this, it would certainly be known to the person recording. 

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