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Mysterious Winged Bat-like Creatures Spotted Swimming Underwater in a Lake

Is this a creature of Earth or an alien?

These strange bat-like water creatures were found swimming in a lake in Argentina. They seem to have wings and glide through the water but look more like a bat than a water-dwelling animal. The video shows about a dozen of them swimming near the surface using their flapping wings to propel themselves through the water.  

Are these aquatic creatures some sort of alien or hybrid mutation? A commenter sheds some light on a more plausible explanation - the winged sea slug. As unlikely as this creature sounds it does exist! The mottled sea hare is a marine gastropod mollusk with wing-like extensions on either side that it uses to glide through the water and can wrap around itself similarly to a bat. Increasingly bizarre, these animals can also produce a sort of squid-like ink that takes on a purple hue due to a diet of red algae. Not much is known about this colorful excretion as it seems to only be produced when the creature is assaulted.

Many legendary sea monsters were based on real but unstudied creatures of their time, the most recently “discovered” being the giant squid which was thought to be fanciful exaggeration until the early 2000s when live camera footage and specimens proved their existence once and for all.

What strange tales and legends of creatures could have been born from these majestic, beautiful, but truly bizarre creatures?

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