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This "Enchanted" Raven is Actually Windsurfing

They do it for fun, apparently?

TKRavens and crows—the best known birds in the family known as corvids—have long been considered a creature of spiritual significance. Important in cultures in both Europe and the Americas, they can symbolize anything from misfortune and death to wisdom, divine messages, and spiritual power.

Biologists will tell you that corvids are among the smartest birds, and can do everything from solve puzzles, to learn human speech, to bring gifts in thanks to people who help them. And then, there’s this fellow.


In this viral TikTok video, the large black bird is spotted at a beach, where it appears to be holding onto a small flat piece of wood and gliding around on wind currents. “What is this bird doing?” the woman asks in the video.

The short answer is, it is playing. Though this may sound surprising, any animals exhibit play behavior. A more detailed answer is, the bird is actually windsurfing.

“Wind/flight play is one of kinds of play that’s been formally documented in ravens. As is object play. Using large pieces of bark to surf has been observed in ravens previously,” writes corvid researcher Kaeili Swift on Twitter after viewing this video.

Other biologists said they thought this was likely a crow instead of a raven after a closer look at its wing shape, but the answer remains the same. It is a corvid, and it’s playing in the breeze.

“Crows do things for s___ and giggles all the time,” said one observer, in the comments.

No wonder so many people throughout history have viewed them as magical birds.