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Person Filming Wildlife Outside Window Catches Glimpse of Something Creepy in the Sky

That does not move like a plane!

There are several different types of UFOs that people have noted. The most popular, of course, is the disc-shaped “flying saucer” that has, over the decades, become synonymous with the term “unidentified flying object.” But there are also many others, like the cigar or “tic tac” shaped one that military pilots have observed, the triangle-shaped crafts, orbs or eggs that seem to be able to travel above the air and underwater, and the shape-changing “ring of lights.” Lesser known, but no less interesting, is the “squid shaped” type that have been filmed on several occasions, and by some pretty reliable sources as well (like cruise ship captains.) This video might be another one of these so-called “sky squids.”


In the video, a person is filming a squirrel on a tree branch looking for nuts when something very bright wriggles across the sky behind the animal. Though some viewers declare it must be a plane, its wiggling flight path seems to belie that assessment. Others claim that the “wiggle” is just an optical illusion, caused by imperfect surfaces on the glass its being filmed through. Those who fall on the side of UFO point out that even if you can account for the movement, the speed is far too fast for a plane at the distance that it would have to be at for it to look so tiny in the sky.

Almost all agree that it’s not a bug, though, due to the way it moves behind the squirrel.

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With more “squiddies” caught on camera all the time, it might be time to admit the aliens have a brand new model to play with. 

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