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This Tavern in Rhode Island is 350 Years Old and Super Haunted

What a delicious place to spend eternity!

The White Horse Tavern in Newport, Rhode Island is thought to be the oldest tavern in the United States. It was first constructed sometime before 1673, and over the centuries was used not only as a tavern, but also as a general assembly meeting place, a court house, and even a city hall. The name came in 1730, under the stewardship of tavern keeper Jonathan Nichols, and location housed both American and British troops during the revolution. In the 1950s, after years of neglect (some in which the building was little more than a downtrodden boarding house), the tavern was restored to its former glory and is now in use as a restaurant once again.

With all this history, it should be little wonder that the tavern is, of course, haunted by the spirits of its illustrious past.


In the video, a TikToker who recently visited the famous tavern shares stories about the ghosts who supposedly haunt its halls. There’s the older man from the 1700s who haunts the second floor and tells stories by the fireplace. Other employees of the restaurant report hearing the sound of a little girl crying in the bathroom, even when there are no children at the tavern. Another entity supposedly fancies itself the manager of the place, tapping customers on the shoulder as if to tell them it’s time to pay their bills and go home.

Next time you are in Newport, you can stop off at the tavern. Even if you don’t see a ghost, the menu sounds amazing.