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Video Captures Something Mysterious Moving Amongst the Clouds In Broad Daylight

What is that?
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There are lots of theories about what UFOS, or “unidentified flying objects” truly are. Some are sure they are extraterrestrial visitations, aliens come to Earth to scope us out, either for research or planning a possible invasion. Others think that UFOs are merely government spy planes so classified that even Congress has no idea they exist. Some believe that UFOs are the crafts that belong to a secret people, a race of humans or superhuman who live separately from the rest of the world. And a couple believe that UFOs are the vehicles for a trans dimensional species that can zip in and out of portals at will. A species so fantastical, that they might as well be angels.

Wait, angels?


The video begins as a simple ghost of clouds, but when zoomed in, there seems to be a small white fluffy thing that zips across the screen and flutters through the sky.

If it a bird? A plane? A UFO? To me, the object appears to have wings, and to be flapping them as they move. Perhaps it is only a big of some sort, and the scale and distance are distorted in the video. Or perhaps it’s something from much, much farther away.

Those who do believe in angels think the creatures walk amongst us, that they descend from heaven to watch over us and come to our aid in times of need. And if that is the case, then they obviously need to get down here somehow.