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Australian Man Films Strange "Wheels Within Wheels" In the Sky

Is it a UFO or an angel?

In the book of Ezekiel in the Bible, the prophet describes seeing something he describes as “wheels within wheels” covered in “eyes” that move without turning. In Biblical and angelic studies, these objects or beings are called Ophanim, and are classified as a type of heavenly creature or angel.

But the descriptions have long been of interest to UFO enthusiasts who wonder if this ancient priest was seeing the same kind of things that many people note today. Perhaps these wheels within wheels were the workings of a flying saucers, with the eyes all around being what we would consider lights along their edges.

It’s an interesting theory, although Biblical scholars have many other, more metaphorical explanations for Ezekiel’s visions. But then again, many people have reported seeing similar things in the sky, such as this Australian man. 


In the video (which contains some salty language) a man in New South Wales, Australia films an odd atmospheric phenomenon that looks like a series of rings or glowing wheels rotating on each other.

Many in the comments point out its similarity to Ezekiel’s vision, and wonder if this is an angel, or the type of UFO that the prophet mistook for a celestial being.

Others have far more prosaic explanations. For instance, it might be the distant rear view of a jet breaking the sound barrier, which can create a “vapor cone” that would look like a ring from the right angle. The reason there’s no sound is because the plane is going away from the viewer.

Another option is a quick glimpse of a launching space rocket. But without further context, this video will remain a mystery.